Oct 13, 2012

This time travel crap, just fries your brain like an egg...

it was a fateful night. the teammates and i went for this movie right after a volleyball match. so everyone was slightly tired out but still very ON. anyway, basically i'm the person who recommended this movie. 

as per usual, we were late. 

another 10 minutes into the movie, i could hear sounds of "huh?", "what just happened??", "why ah?!" 

and then: 

"who chose this movie?"


my deepest apologies, boys and girls. 

 Looper was one of the most interesting movies that i have seen in theatres for the past few years. Sadly i didn't catch Inception. But this was the closest to making me think. Apart from it's horrible-to-pronounce title, (Looper sounded A LOT like Lupa in Malay!) the director managed to tell a good story on a unique premise. 

My first encounter of time travel in movies is (of course!) Back to the Future, and back then my cranial capacity wasn't up to considering the possible loopholes and logical problems to the concept of time travel.

But being quite a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt (he has good choice in movies), of course i had to watch this! actually i was slowly converted into a fan after watching so many good stories that he acted in. heheh.

just, didn't expect Looper to be such a heavy movie. we went at a wrong time. tired, and late at night samor. should watch something like Hotel Transylvania instead. i couldn't sleep after that. kept tossing and turning and figuring out reasons for some of my doubts in the movie.

anyway, if you haven't done your research on this movie, it's basically about organized murders who utilize time travel. so the employed killers are called Loopers, and they are highly paid in the world of 2044. 

how are they paid? with bars of silver strapped to the backs of their victims, who are sent back by time travel. All the loopers have to do is turn up at the designated spot at the designated time and pull the trigger with a fat gun when the hooded victim appears. then dispose of the body. 

sounds easy enough? 

here's the catch. 

one day, they will kill a victim with gold bars strapped to its back. 

that means that this victim is actually their own selves in the future. i believe the term is called "Closing the Loop". 

Anyway, all of these just creates a very interesting setting for the movie. 
Apart from the very good looking leads such as JGL with weird prosthetics to make him look more Bruce Willis (actually i think he looks really good with a thicker jaw! hahah), there is also the real Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.
The thing i liked most about this movie is its ability to ignore the irritating details about time travel and just give the audience a very very good story to make them think. just read a few reviews and spoiler discussions about the movie.

People, Looper is not a documentary about time-travel. you can find that in National Geographic. it's a movie. from Hollywood. stop nitpicking! :P

there are a lot of WHAT THE X JUST HAPPENED moments throughout. 

too many unexpected developments and twists and turns, its really difficult to predict what will happen next.

better just to sit back and relax. hahaha but i closed my eyes at quite a lot of the parts lo.

movies rated 18 are a bit too queasy for me :(
the director threw questions about choice, how it affects others, and basically, what it means to be human. 

would you do this for the sake of that? 

is that really justified? 

there's a scene in the diner (picture above) where the old Joe tells the young Joe that one day he will meet a girl that is gonna change his life, clean his act and change him for the better. 

old Joe thought that he became good. 

but throughout the movie, he felt that killing the Rainmaker (future mob boss which causes all this trouble)
 when he's still a kid would solve his problems once and for all. 

some people do have the most twisted logic. selfishness to a frightening extent that he would kill 3 kids based on some random clue to get his wife and life back. 

is that really justified? is that really considered as "good"? 

while the young Joe which is portrayed as selfish at the beginning, finally choses the route that enables him to be the good man that he always wanted to be. 

which brings me to. i kinda wonder how my future self in 30 years would be like. 

by then i would be 51 years old. 

probably slathering anti aging masks. lol

although it was a tad bit too violent for me, for example the scene of Joe's fellow Looper who let his older self escape and what happened after that, but it was essential for the plot i guess. 

when they caught the older self and someone said "bring a doctor", liz turned to me and asked "why bring a doctor??"

i had no idea. and was too engrossed in the story then. 

but after that, late at night on my bed, i just realized that with a doctor, they know how to incapacitate the person and make him last till the older self reaches the building in the designated time. 

what the hell weih. 

i hate movies who do this. they don't show you the violence. 

they hint. 

and it's enough to set the imagination wilddddd. 


Bruce Willis had a couple of Expendables moments. gun toting, unlimited bullets,  fires ablazing etc. suits him. 
 they have some very good imagery also! the future world looks believable! 

very good attention to details. 

in short: a work with dedication, with minimal special effects. goodness knows how to find a movie like that nowadays.

anyway, go watch it! in broad daylight! and an open mind!

and do your research beforehand. HAHAH.

a few lame stuff i found. you'll understand it. i thought of the exact same things weihhh XD

bye! it's a beautifully rainy saturday :D

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