Oct 23, 2012

the Bagginses... it steals my Precious....



oops sorry misplaced spine on capslock.

my long holiday has does me wonders, here's a well thought out essay hot off the printing presses of my hedgehoggy brain:

Gollum is placed quite high on my "List of Very Sad Creatures".

He used to be a hobbit, but like any mortal, fell under the spell of the Ring.

and murdered (something unheard of in nice-hobbit world) his cousin who found the Ring first.

He lived under the spell of the Ring for many many years, lurking in darkness, always in fear of people finding him out, always in fear of losing his Precious, always, always, alwaysss...

He forgot who he used to be, eating eyeless white flabby fishes in the dark with his hands.

He could not let go of his Precious; it became all he is.

When his Precious was taken by Bilbo Baggins, it finally uprooted him from the caves to the outside world, braving the sunlight, unknown elements, dangers, just to find it.

When he found it on Frodo, Gollum followed Frodo to Mordor, bit off Frodo's finger when he realized that Frodo meant to destroy his Precious, and smiled in happiness as he was reunited with his Precious at last before death, falling into the Cracks of Doom.

Can you imagine that? loving something for so long, when the thing is so toxic so as to change your core as a human, going through all for it, then finally dying with it. is this worth it?

Throughout the whole Lord of the Rings, Tolkien described various treasures that Middle Earth has to offer. Lovely woods of the Elves, earthly magic of Tom Bombadil, Beorn's flower fields (the honey! yum), the impressive caves and mines of the Dwarves, and many, many more. How could it be that Gollum could only see the simple gold band as his everything?

How sad is it that one gave up so much for something so small?  

All Gollum did was a common mistake that all humans do at one time or another; the inability to let go.

luckily we hedgehogs don't have that problem.

When something becomes your all, it literally becomes EVERYTHING.

whatever you do, you do for it.

whatever you see, you will only see things that are related to it.

whatever you hear, you will only hear about it.

it might not necessarily be an object, creatures are all too easy to become the center of one's life too.

i know hedgehogs are cute, there's no need to pay so much attention to us.

anyway, the phenomenon described above is something like selective attention.

you will only select things that you want to know.

which will be things related to what you have put at the center of your life.

you ignore everything else that tells you otherwise.

can digest?

example: you want buy car. everything related to car, you will notice. brochures, billboards, posters, newspaper ads, neighbour driving car. your attention is selectively concentrated on things you want.

on a more serious level, you start ignoring motorbikes, lorries, buses, tuk-tuks.

then you say "motorbikes actually exist?"


ok lah lame example. but that's the gist. try to apply what i have just said in your life. lol.

oftentimes i notice people around me, all trying to get on my "List of Sad Creatures".

i feel immense sadness for them.

putting something unsuitable as the center of your life is plain suicide.

money. material. people.

acorns, daisies, lettuces.

all too unreliable. all too easy to disappoint.

(only God doesn't change and loves you forever, you know, even i will hate you someday. but that's another story for another day)

i have made some very bad decisions lately, and became a bad testimony to others around me.


apart from that, i saw a frightening passion to destroy oneself.

i hope this is not too late.

do you get what i'm talking about?


that, is the moral of the story.

you lose your relationships, your friends, your family, your life. you have to hide, escape, cry.

is that worth it? really??

damn this is something that i feel strongly about. everything is about yourself. the world revolves around you. your feelings are the most important in this matter. all you want is a car. you refuse to believe that vans are perfectly capable of travelling. you think others are lying when they tell you to buy a bike instead of a car. you throw tantrums. you tell the whole world that THERE ARE NO BIKES. you believe that everyone is out to get you. short of throwing trains into the sea, nothing can satisfy you. don't drive lorries! they are bad! drive cars! must drive cars like me!

(for what humans insist on driving iron things on smelly rubber wheels is beyond me. 4 paws for the win.)

two words:

grow up.


and i digress: a different perspective. guess it works wonders. hoped you learned something. love you :)

p.s: i hope my popularity level doesn't go down after this naggy post. will be back soon. joyseet waking up already. at 12:45pm! she's in hibernation mode most of these days, hence more chances to increase my posts keke.