Oct 13, 2012

it was a cloudy and windy morning.

we happily got on a bus! 

part of chiu ling's project was a campaign called "We Love We Care". 

it's about college students giving back to society.  so their group planned car washes, old clothes collection and stuff to raise funds for the needy. 

they also planned to visit an orphanage!

human beings are like that. they dont mind giving money or "liking" a page. 

what they mind is, spending their time. 

so chiu ling had some difficulty finding people to attend the campaign :( 

luckily at the last minute some kind hearted people turned up :D 

slight traffic jam and rainy weather. we reached seremban at 10:30. the rain was no more! 

Ian was there already. the kids were jumping and shouting "hello! hello!" at us the moment we got off the bus. celebrity moment weih. hahah. actually i was feeling kinda disoriented due to lack of sleep and it's been a loooong while since i really spent time with kids. 

after a brief ice breaking session where the kids had a competition to see who could remember the most college students' names, we started off with games!
hahahahh tracy's face so epic
punishment time! singing negaraku. they know their lyrics real well! 
the little girl i'm holding up is called Dona (at least, that's what she spelled for me hahah), and chiuling kept forgetting the name of the other girl. HAHA. she's 12. that's all i could remember :(

Game 2: where we learnt our hardest lesson of the day: DON"T PLAY WITH FLOUR. 
santa claus is coming~~
this boy! cant remember his name either @@ we call him kungfu panda lol. he knows 6 languages! 

the aftermath of the flour fight. aah. while we try to clean up, the kids have their tea time. 
flour and water is the scariest combination. 
couldn't clean properly though. they kept running about and the flour water and stuff just mixed up in one fat grey goo all over the place. AAAAAAAGH. 
so i gave it up and went for refreshments. 

it's actually very easy to talk to them. they are happy, they are active, and they seem pretty well behaved to me. Ian had been coming here with his church members regularly so his first words of advice to us were "just talk to them, they love chatting". so during tea time i took him up on that advice. so interesting to see us college kids interacting with the kids. 
tracy's the funniest. they call her crazy. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. 
and some koala action.
this is chiuling's biggest sadness. she called her "AUNTY". HAHAHAHAAHHA. but also hung on to her la. laugh die me. 

 got this kid who actually initiated a conversation with me! he asked me about what sports do i play. and off we go. turned out he played badminton, basketball, football, fustal, lompat tinggi, lompat jauh, taekwondo, etc etc etc. the vigors of youth, it seems. 13 years old, with all different choices open to him! if you see carefully in this pic, you can see selene promoting volleyball club and i'm teaching the kid in blue how to dig properly. HAHAHA.
selene got love letters! i'm jeles. 
group photo for report-writing purposes :)

finally a lady came out and got the kids to go in. 
with the kids out of the way, finally we could get to cleaning the whole place properly. here's the professed househusband in action! ladies take note. 
it was a very short visit. just a few hours of games, talking, and eating. the kids were really easy to talk to, and seem mature for their age. heard that they weren't allowed out often so our visit was a welcome distraction i guess. 

one thing i hated about visiting homes for the needy is.... we can't really do this on a long-term basis. but these once-off visits did nothing much for them. the kids got to know you, they started to love you, then you just disappear. 

isn't that kind of... cruel? 

heard some research about this before. but can't remember the details already. 

i guess the only good thing that we've done is ... brighten up their saturday morning loh. and gave them some presents. 
the girls! 

a group pic for the project members. 

keep up the good work guys!! 

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