Oct 8, 2012

first world problems!!

People are like stained-glass windows. 
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, 
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. 

- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

rants, complaints, dissatisfactions.
ah. growing up in Malaysia has given me one of the most important lessons in life:

make the best of what you have.

as a kid, seeing different things in life and developing my cognitions, i noticed that there is an obvious difference between us and the others.

take for example. there were only 4 french horns in the band, and as the youngest you have to work hard to be able to use them. if not, use the crappy and rusty Eflat horns. so i worked hard, paid my dues, and finally i was able to use the coveted yamaha intermediate french horns. out of the four, there is a new one, and an okay one, then two very old ones. so i used the old ones for 2 years until my seniors graduated and i was able to use the new ones. it was an achievement and milestone for me.

actually, our school band is like that, famous for tone color and harmony, but we have kinda crappy instruments. what to do. have to raise funds and stuff just to buy normal instruments, which will have to last for 20 years under student use HAHAHA.

on my fifth year, we went to Singapore for a band tour for the second time. in NYJC, we visited the school band room, with around five lovely french horns on their chairs. it is obvious that those instruments were miles better than ours, and a try on the instrument proved me right. really rich tones without much effort needed.

when i commented on "wow, you guys have really good instruments", the section leader said that these were actually their old instruments(only used for two years) and the new ones will arrive soon.


very different from our used for 10 years or more instruments and no change in sight.

growing up in Malaysia, i have absorbed the fact that you won't be provided with the best resources, but you'll have to make the best of what you have been given.

true that, they give us low standard of materials and yet expect world standard results. this is obviously not the best deal in the world, but what can you do?

make the best of it lah.

how to put it leh. from point A to point B, there're 2 things. first there's the bridge, then there's you yourself.

if the bridge is provided, all you learn is how to walk over to point B.

if there's no bridge, you will learn how to make the leap.

don't expect others to build the bridge; they never will; they're too busy worrying about their own shit.

in spite of the injustice, in spite of the irrationality, in spite of the ignorance,
do you have the inner light within?

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