Oct 9, 2012

crunch time.

as usual, when i go through the files in my laptop and realize that i have a whole chunk of backlogged photos everywhere, it's time to write about em'. heheh. and if you know me well enough, i also blog when i'm overwhelmed with assignments. 

so there. about two months to go in my final semester, so far so good. come to think of it, i'm already losing interest in this place. 

during janvy's farewell, she said "i'm already sick of this place". 

it was a hurtful statement, in a way. 

but now i totally get her. the friends, the people, the everything. is already different. the memories remain, but less and less people understand. the common stories are no more. i don't have the urge to go out and socialise or join as many events as possible. there's only so little time, and some things are best ignored. 

anyway, take less offence. it makes your day better. 

here are some photos taken during break time at work! hehehe. during our very first day, we had no breaks at all, just processed the never-ending cheques for 7 hours straight. or was it 8? 

fatigued, we stumbled to a hawker centre for chee cheong fun after work. 

i wished with all my heart to have break times from that day onwards. 

and it came true! i hated breaks from then on. HAHAHA. all we do is drain the vending machine. 

neon coral nails for a lovely distraction! (i am more productive with colorful nails, trust me)
hahaha. no idea why i took this. wanted to experiment with the macro mode gua. this was an oversized cardigan thingy i got from Cotton On for rm30! 

came in use for the freezing office environment :D 

and then hor. apart from the wonderful lamb briyani, one day we decided to give ourselves a little treat! 

after video recording for my contest, and then dinner!
the place where we work is very near to 1U, so i was having (what's new?) cravings for waffles. heheh. this digs up memories of high school, where we would take the bus to the train station, then transfer trains to damansara, then take a taxi to 1U. the semangatnessssss. i can't imagine. 

then we will always end up at waffle world for lunch. 

then came the era where everyone got their driving license. so that's the end of my public transport life. lol. 

i only order cold milk when i'm at 1U waffle world :D some places serve it with ICE. (wah just noticed that this sentence is so freaking #firstworldproblem! forgive me, masses.)

i have this tendency to overestimate my stomach capacity, and end up ordering too much food. which is such a waste! then the guilt from wasting food and money affects me so much, it became a turn off. so about this time, i started rationing my orders and food intake. 

lol took me 21 years and a job to realize that eh. 

but the waffle with walnuts and banananaaaas are so worth it :9

worth every single kg gained on the scale.


then came the buy-one-free-one ramadan offer. it was a long story, but we managed to get a really really good deal out of it. 

i was an innocent bystander! promise! 

and they got 4 starbucks for the price of 1. 

no idea how they did it. most probably with the help of blur baristas. :/

and this! the girl whom i spent practically every moment of the month! liz yap hong li i owe you a lottt ah. how shall i ever repay you. 
stayed at her house due to unreasonable transport expenses. so i see her when i wake up, go to work together, sit next to each other during work, eat together, play Plants versus Zombies together, see her before i sleep..... @@
 nah. have all those starbuckses to yourself!

one of the most precious friendships gained during my uni life.

*hmmmm. just came back from a random but wonderful yamcha session.


i would really miss INTI when the time comes :(
what to do.
at odds with myself.

alrighty. enjoy every single remaining moment until i leave, that is!

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