Sep 18, 2012

word sling.

a simple urge to casually toss words such as tandem, augmented, calisthenics, to name a few.

bought a book called "Ender's Game" that day while waiting for andrew. the things that you do when there's too much free time on hand. coincidentally, the main character of the book is also named Andrew! but for some reason he calls himself Ender.

its about a society that pulls out all the stops when it comes to survival, to the extent of identifying, selecting and training children from the time they were born. in other words, they want to find the next Julius Caesar, Napoleon. someone with the ability to lead the world, but minus those heroes' weaknesses.

little boys trained to fight, strategize, survive.
murders were accepted as part of achieving "greatness".

somehow books have that ability to creep under your skin.
it's a well wrapped story. no loose ends or useless scenes.
and got me thinking.

anyhow. apart from reading books, i also dug out a few blogs to read.

no matter how happy or upbeat someone's blog may seem, suddenly there is the inevitable post about death and loss.

everyone goes through life, encountering death in the form of people around them, beloved ones, then finally meeting one for real.

those blog posts are always, "things happen without warning, love your loved ones while you can, live life to the fullest, etc"

okay. i'm not saying those stuff aren't right.

i'm just irked that there's this wonderful, lovely, incredibly simple solution open for all, and yet many refuse to grab it.

why are you even mourning over the loss of a loved one when
you could've accepted Jesus as your Saviour, and then proceed to spend eternity together?

so simple, yet so rejected.

it's the best gift ever. to be forever in heaven, with your loved ones.

that is why many Christian funerals don't have that final note, or the heavy sadness and regret. it's because we really know that, we will meet again, and when we do, it's the best place that we can ever be.

just feel like sharing my thoughts on death. i understand the feeling of confusion and loss when we hear of bad news. you feel lost, you feel angry at the universe for making jokes, you want that person back again, you are filled with fear when you realize that you can't see that person again.

why must it be that way?

Jesus has already redeemed your soul when He died for you :)  Everyone's life, everyone's sin and debt, saved in a stroke.

all we have to do is accept Him.

ta-dah. Christianity. in a sentence.

hope this helps.

death is... a better alternative when you know that you can go to heaven with all its unbelievable perfection,  rather than be stuck on Earth with all the mindless violence and heartbreaking stupidity.

ah. eyes are fried. good night!

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