Sep 22, 2012

Food-losophy at F-Concept by Buffalo Kitchens

throughout the last couple of years, whenever someone's birthday looms on the horizon, Sandra will suggest the venue of F-concept at Bangsar as the place to try out. perhaps it's due to various reviews and recommendations by her friends. those pictures on food blogs certainly looked attractive enough for me. 

As luck would have it, the plans always fail and we end up at random places. equally expensive and with equally lovely ambience. 

so we finally found ourselves at Bangsar for INTI Ball shopping. without a meal in our stomachs, of course the first thing to do is get some food. rule of thumb: do not shop on an empty stomach.
my Plan B suggestion was overruled with F-concept. ohwells. it is a place we have talked about for some time. 
found the famous colorful staircase with chalk writing. 

since we arrived around late afternoon, it was very quiet. we got a window seat and promptly ordered. 

too hungry to think much, so i decided on a salmon burger. 

if you're a friend on facebook and i have bugged you to like my page for last semester's campaign, you'll know what i'm talking about. 

This is the lovely cover picture for my breakfast awareness campaign page, which sparked off many late night cravings among my poor friends. 

anyway. i expected my salmon burger to look like the cover pic. 

you'll have to wait for 25-30 minutes for your burgers. 

choices include chicken, salmon or beef. shaarmen, sandra and me each ordered differently. 

25 minutes is kinda long when you've already starved for 2 or 3 hours. hence time for picture taking.
Buffalo Kitchens. i guess they have really nice kitchenware. lol.

and then. i looked up from my menu and saw this:
suz blocks her face with her bb and edmund squints. 

HAHAHA they were seated facing the window while the rest of us were comfortably settled on the sofa. horrible Malaysian sun! poor them. 

so we changed tables. the staff was kind enough :D
my coffee arrived! after a horrible episode at the dentist, i have decided to allow myself coffee once a week. heheh. nice coffee art! 

then took a closer look at the mug. usually these atas places only serve you stuff in classy plain white mugs. 

this is the first time i have seen... "designs". HAHA. 

WAH. CHAMPIONS of baristas? 
i look upon my mocha with renewed respect. but the angel's eyes are a tad too creepy for me. 

(reminds me of an Adam couple episode in WGM where they learnt coffee art. the barista said "you will draw what's in your heart". hmmm. then Jokwon requested that he draw a turtle. -.- )

we also alleviated the 25 minute wait for the presumable heavenly burgers with magazines. 

they have this whole bunch of magazines spread out on a table. shaarmen was very interested in a house worth 30 mil. actually magazines do provide a lot of interesting facts and stuff, which makes for better conversations. there's the weirdest comparison between spiderman, batman, and katy perry. HAHAHA. 

lalala apple crumble with ice cream!
sugar rush. 
emo kid with his Clam Vongole. 
the girls! in coincidental matching red. 

more pics of the kitchen. this open-style concept lets you see what is going on with your food. 

you can gasp in horror and call the tabloids if you notice the chef scratching his hair then proceed to mix your burger patty with his bare hands. 

nice looking pots and pans. i wonder how many of them were actually used. 
ooooh. 3 fat burgers awaiting their destiny!

we spied a cosy looking corner. books on the shelves, comfortable couches...
see?? that's the life, aunty.

in order: chikin burger, beef burger, salmon burger.
greasy looking fries. mine had extra eggs and mushrooms.
close up of its drippy yolk glory. 
SO MANY CLAMS, it reminds of singing clams in Little Mermaid. 

ah. had high expectations. what with the long wait and not bad presentation. first bite, my salmon burger patty kinda disappointed me already. it was just... fish cake. and very.. fishy taste too. not fresh i guess. had a hard time finishing it. finally edmund helped me eat half of it. the fries didn't tempt me either. and i thought maybe just my salmon burger sucked. tried a bite of the beef burger. MEH the cheeseburger i made was better. there's a weird taste in the F-burger actually. 

burgerlab's burgers were better, and clearly cheaper too. 

somehow i left with the feeling that this was just another overpriced makan joint at kl.

not quite worth the price. maybe the coffee art is kinda special, and the apple crumble is nice too. but uh.... would think twice before coming back again. those burgers wrecked my appetite. as quoted from bro "a burger is a dish that is difficult to screw up". therefore, if you manage to screw it up... that signals something real bad.

hahah. just.. don't order their burgers. perhaps the other dishes were well worth the name.

OWH and i broke my own resolution. had the 6th burger of the week. samuraiiiii at mcd's.
DANG this week gotta be paid back by more detox and jogs.

happy weekend everyone! H&M is hereeeee

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