Sep 13, 2012

faith. restored.

to begin with, 

"do you even read magazines anymore?"

Vogue Korea surprised me. magazine photoshoots are usually quite impressive to begin with. but, taking a look at the magazines available in Malaysia, most are.... the same. model, rainforest setting, edgy pose, couture outfits. 

Vogue Korea managed to actually merge fashion with art and culture. 

this might sound kinda clichéd. hahah you hear this all the time on Project Runway, ANTM, etc etc. they toss that phrase around like its a passport for professionalism. but for the first time, i see this happening. a.. normal female reader who can finally appreciate what the magazine is trying to convey. WHOAAA. 

eee! met up with a few mass comm seniors that day. they're doing their internships. and charissa asked me the question above. she used to go on about how she wanted to work at seventeen or something. but now turned out that she's working at another entirely different place.

she likes it though.

i'm sad. magazines really seem to be dying.

i guess its up to the traditional media to uphold its honor. and Vogue Korea is doing just that.


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