Sep 19, 2012

daisies with a yellow face

time to blog useless things. i have been diligently deleting things from my phone and laptop. therefore these 4 useless pics from my phone should be put here before i delete them. HAHAH. today is 20th September 2012, my second and last Street Party at INTI. Street Party is basically an annual bash on the hostel streets at INTI with performances, stalls selling stuff, and at the end, they will pump up the atmosphere for everyone to dance. it lasts wayyyy past 12am. it's the only event with licence to do so. hahah. 

my first Street Party was back in second semester. we sold ice creams at the mass comm booth with nicole, charissa and the rest. had a great time berbonding with my seniors. then in my second year, Street Party was cancelled to make way for Uni Day. I was more heavily involved in that event because i was part of the publicity crew and also participated in the sports games. 

anyhow. this year Street Party is back, and it's organized in conjunction with a street dance conference. so apart from the usual pasar malam stuff, there're dance battles going on from 8:30 till 12am. was quietly excited for it. 

cause it will be my last fat event here. anyway. ended up, i went bangsar in the afternoon for some intiball shopping, then went for cf gathering  and had a great time meeting new people. 

stopped by volleyball court where the girls are having training, then finally went over to the mass comm booth to buy some root beer.

and then yamcha with some of the old CF-ers. (IT'S BEEN AWHILE). halfway through the meal, Esther looked at everyone at the table, then she commented: "next sem, no one here will be at inti anymore. except for say khuan lol". 

so true! 

mixed feelings. 

then came back from yamcha, it's already 12am. went over to see the dance performances. WALAOWEH the crowd so fat and everyone utilized every available space to the extent of standing on fences. just to see the performances. 

dang. all i could see was the cap bobbing or feet waving in the air. so left the party and went back to room.

but how can one ignore the blasting music? :D

the DJs had fun spinning, the music selection was good, the crowd seemed to be growing larger (from my view at my floor lah), and i was really tempted to head downstairs and join the fun. 

2 things stopped me.

1. the fact that i have already showered. 

2. i can't put a finger on it. it's like... even though i spent some time there, there's a lot of people i don't know there. and it's just half the fun without people you're familiar with... ... 

i guess that's just the feeling of a last semester student. i don't feel like i belong there anymore. 

emo. :)

so uh. sitting here in the pantry, blogging and listening to the enjoyable clubbing soundtrack, is enough lo.

owh! back to my lame pics:    
for the past few weeks. i think i have suffered from extreme absent mindedness. or just plain carelessness. you can call it stupidity. or moronic. see the blood? the bruise is still here. after 2 weeks. that wound was quite deep. and the way it happened? 

i plugged in my laptop and promptly proceeded to drop the adapter on my foot. 


limped back to the sofa, then only realized that it was bleeding. 

my toenail was quite wonky right. it's because i rammed it into the escalator. so the vicious escalator bit my toenail which gushed blood all over my flip flops. 

lessons learnt the hard way. 

i want a polaroid! or a fuji instax! :D so useful eh. can take pics and give out to friends on the spot. this was taken during Danni's farewell dinner. that girl is finally on her way to UK to complete her law degree! all the best and update me on how you're changing the world! :D

food. with coffee. and a good story. what more do you need lah.

i really need to turn off my brain already.

p.s: had my 5th burger within 5 days. i shall not attempt to break this record. more updates next time!

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  1. Next time don't be so lun zun la. Careless Joysat. =)