Sep 23, 2012

certainly, dear sir.

hahaha. from fuckiminmy20s. a blog by a girl who just graduated in the midst of USA's record breaking unemployment rate. 

so she got a job that is impossible to survive on, moved in with her parents, etc. 

and started this blog. HAHAHA. have to agree with some of the things she says. 

go read it if you're too free!

owh. and nytimes has a really interesting article which shed to light some of my observances.
Why is it hard to make friends over 30? 

it's monday! without the blues! the weather is blindingly blue with fat fluffy clouds! there's a soft breeze! it's not too hot due to the horrible storm last night! 

go on, procrastinate a bit.

hehe. time to start on my final year project. see you around :)

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