Sep 17, 2012

behold. the blue cheese burger.

lalala. had been craving to make more blue cheese-related stuff ever since i tried the buffalo wings with blue cheese dip  in ben's ages ago. what's new with me anyway. therefore. when the opportunity presented itself in the form of blue cheese burgers, HOW CAN I RESIST. 

was aimlessly surfing one night and ended up on They have all these reaaaally crazy stuff. and i mean that in a good way. 

very meaty, very lovely. then somehow got to the beef section. with loaaads of burger recipes. mushrooms! cheese! bacon! caramelised onions! burger galore :D

anyhow. being stuck in nilai for the week without good food tends to rouse the cravings monster from within. that's the reason i pig out during weekends. sorry guys. 

(we had a complicated ritual the other day, JUST to determine where to have dinner after youth. I WON! lovely char kuey teow with juicy prawns and milky cendollll it is!)

and i splurge. on food.

anyway. don't make purchases when you're hungry.

can't follow that rule anyway. i'm always hungry.

*omg roommate sleeptalking*

hahah. back to topic. graceet had GRAND PLANS to make burgers for a morning picnic by the lakeside. holidays tend to bring out the semangat in us right.

so i took advantage of her semangat and went burger shopping. got minced meat (beef AND chikin cause sukkie doesn't like beef. mana boleh macam tu), lettuce, buns, etc.

then i got the blue cheese. *significant moment*

it was sunday evening. the parents and bro went for seafood trip to... tanjung sepat i think. the sistahs went to IKEA for meatballs and furniture shopping. 

me. home alone

gonna take on the task all by myself! so defrosted the beef. then went jogging. HAHAHA initially planned to jog at least 5 times around the lake. but at the end the sky got kinda dark and i was very very tired. ok la many excuses la. bought a can of coke to go with my future burger. there's this ASSOCIATION in my head. burger = coke. 

must have been a sight. girl jogs home with coke in hand. 

realised that it was late already. here we go! 

1. throw minced beef, blue cheese, salt, pepper, milk, egg, olive oil, chopped onions together and mix with hand. make into ball shapes then flatten them. be sure to make the patties larger than the bun. because they SHRINK. quantity? judge yourself lah. i was kinda winging it. 

okay. to appear more helpful, i uh... 
squeezed half of the tube of minced meat into the bowl, 
threw in 2 tablespoons of blue cheese, 
salt and pepper were experimential dashes. hahah. ok la maybe 1 teaspoon each. 
milk and egg also dumped in. perhaps, 3 tablespoons each. 
onions, 1 tablespoon cukup, i hate onions. 
if you like, put dijon mustard! i didn't buy those though :(

2. oh and in between i also caramelised onions, toasted the buns, sliced up tomatoes, made a small fried egg with leftover eggs. 

3. grill the patties for 5 minutes on each side.

(lol i don't think this can qualify as a tutorial. my instructions suck. my cooking sucks. you guys are such smart readers. don't take this seriously)
4. here comes the fun part! BURGER ASSEMBLING. sad case. no ketchup in the house. had to use McD's. pretend you didn't see that. 

5. the patty first. then the ketchup. hide it under a pile of healthy looking veggies. then the cheese. oh. and the egg. :D

my burgers take turns posing for the cameras.
one was significantly bigger and fatter. more well stuffed, i'd say.

that fella has cheese and eggs in it! 

woooots. so proud of them.

anyway. took out my coke glass too. HAHAHAH. not much chance to use ma. actually. the reason i made 2 burgers is very simple: i miscalculated the size of my patties, and by the time i realized, it was too late to stuff the meat with all the ingredients back into the tube. also planned to keep one for them to try. but then hor. they went IKEA. the land of meatballs.

at the end i just stuffed my face full with them. 

the blue cheese was lovely :D exactly as i imagined. 

ahhhh. *lost in memories of cheese oozing between mouthfuls of burger*

after that i rushed to meet up with andrew for a farewell yamcha. took me a good hour walking around the mall to digest those two fat burgers. after some time wasted with trials and tribulations, in between which i  gave in to temptations, broke my no-spending rule and bought a book. finally met up. 

in that short hour, with the television hogging some of our attention, managed to discuss a good many things. good news and bad, useful and useless advice, comparing notes... .... awh. stay fat and sarcastic, my friend. 

if i were to do this burger again, i shall: 

1. get good burger buns. not flimsy crumbly ones from the supermarket.

2. get good minced meat. according to the experts, 80% lean and 20% fat is the best bet. take the journey for good minced meat at the fresh market! supermarket minced meat nicht gut. 

3. be careful with the salt. and mix them up realll well. 

i'd say i did real good! the blue cheese was the star of the show, afterall :D  

#update: graceet made her own burgers the next morning. chikin is NOT a good choice for patties. macam meatloaf eh. beeef. all the way. ok lah maybe pork. practice makes perrrfect~

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