Sep 23, 2012

certainly, dear sir.

hahaha. from fuckiminmy20s. a blog by a girl who just graduated in the midst of USA's record breaking unemployment rate. 

so she got a job that is impossible to survive on, moved in with her parents, etc. 

and started this blog. HAHAHA. have to agree with some of the things she says. 

go read it if you're too free!

owh. and nytimes has a really interesting article which shed to light some of my observances.
Why is it hard to make friends over 30? 

it's monday! without the blues! the weather is blindingly blue with fat fluffy clouds! there's a soft breeze! it's not too hot due to the horrible storm last night! 

go on, procrastinate a bit.

hehe. time to start on my final year project. see you around :)

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

hmmmmm. about five years ago, i've vaguely noticed a few university students at the English service, with the Campus Alive! (their uni outreach programme). 

when Aunty Pauline started attending Chinese service, i also heard that she came because her daughter was one of those uni students. however, that famed "daughter" was also at Germany studying, so i didn't give it much thought.  

Those were all vague memories lah. then last month, Helen came back from Germany, on a 6-week break. she was doing her degree in Engineering on full scholarship (fuah) there. 

very interesting to hear her testimony. Basically her life was kinda broken because her parents were too busy with work to care about her, and her childhood had some horrible experiences. to the extent that she just built a wall around herself and used studies as an escape. no friends, no nothing. just festering wounds in her heart. 

finally, when her unbelievable results got her full scholarships and she entered uni, a friend invited her to Campus Alive where she got to know Jesus for the first time. during praise and worship sessions, she somehow felt that her burdens were lifted away and cried for hours. it felt so good that she began to start attending in earnest, trying to know more about this God who gave her life meaning and joy. 

ah. so that's how her life was changed, and also got a lot other miracles in her life. that's basically her story of knowing God. 

so she spent six weeks in Malaysia, and we had a farewell dinner for her. 

in these 6 weeks, she attended every single seminar and bible class and outing that she could. 

every single one. 

there were so many things i learnt from her. 

the eagerness to know more, the incredible humility, the obedience to His words, the joy and peace in her, the genuine kindness from her smile. 

basically, the very example of good soil

"3 Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: “Behold, a sower went out to sow. 4 And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them. 5 Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. 6 But when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away. 7 And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them. 8 But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. 9 He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”"- Matthew 13:3-9

ever since i was a kid, being a (conceivably) second-generation Christian, i had my share of bible stories and verses in Sunday School. read this parable again and again. and like every kid, i wanted to be the best one. 

the good ground. where there are crops pleasing to the eye.


Helen's "farewell speech". not only that, her life in this 6 weeks at Malaysia. reminded me of so many things:

1. the importance of a hundred percent obedience. 
99% obedience equals 100% disobedience. i knew perfectly well that He has planned everything for me. yet there are still fear and doubts in my heart. 

God works in ways that we humans can never comprehend. with Helen's life, God also changed the life of her mother, and through Aunty Pauline, who also heard the word and acted on it, changed the lives of many many single mothers. 

her work in the single mom ministry is seriously impressive. and it's amazing to see kids from broken families being able to smile again. who would have seen this happening?

2. the heart. is what God looks at.

3. depend on Him. wholeheartedly. 
for when He is for us, who can be against us? His work is the only worthwhile job in our whole lives. something with eternal value.

4. never think that you're good enough. 
hahah this is not some perfectionist statement. it's just that, sometimes my pride eats me up from within. i thought that i knew it all, seen it all, heard it all. but the way Helen drank up everything she could get her hands on, to bring back and bless her church and friends at Germany. bam!

there're so many people lost in this world today. the anti-christ trend everywhere, the tendency for people to drown themselves in basically anything available so that they don't have to face the question deep down in their hearts--- where do we go after death?


that day, when we passed by the junction to Mist Club, a billboard proclaimed "500 meters to happiness" with an arrow pointing to Mist.

seriously? a night at the club, drinking yourself senseless to forget everything.

is that real happiness?

i'm at an age, where crossroads in life were inevitable. 

choices choices choices. 

work, study, travel, exercise, health, family, wealth. 

all very important factors in one's life. but seriously, can you bring any of these with you when you leave this world?

anyway. the pic above reminded me so much of Helen. her everlasting optimism, which came from depending on God.

Joyce Koh Yin Shi! trust on God! be joyful! stop being anxious!

goodbye, Helen. you're the first Helen that i've ever met. good luck in your future. :D

Sep 22, 2012

Food-losophy at F-Concept by Buffalo Kitchens

throughout the last couple of years, whenever someone's birthday looms on the horizon, Sandra will suggest the venue of F-concept at Bangsar as the place to try out. perhaps it's due to various reviews and recommendations by her friends. those pictures on food blogs certainly looked attractive enough for me. 

As luck would have it, the plans always fail and we end up at random places. equally expensive and with equally lovely ambience. 

so we finally found ourselves at Bangsar for INTI Ball shopping. without a meal in our stomachs, of course the first thing to do is get some food. rule of thumb: do not shop on an empty stomach.
my Plan B suggestion was overruled with F-concept. ohwells. it is a place we have talked about for some time. 
found the famous colorful staircase with chalk writing. 

since we arrived around late afternoon, it was very quiet. we got a window seat and promptly ordered. 

too hungry to think much, so i decided on a salmon burger. 

if you're a friend on facebook and i have bugged you to like my page for last semester's campaign, you'll know what i'm talking about. 

This is the lovely cover picture for my breakfast awareness campaign page, which sparked off many late night cravings among my poor friends. 

anyway. i expected my salmon burger to look like the cover pic. 

you'll have to wait for 25-30 minutes for your burgers. 

choices include chicken, salmon or beef. shaarmen, sandra and me each ordered differently. 

25 minutes is kinda long when you've already starved for 2 or 3 hours. hence time for picture taking.
Buffalo Kitchens. i guess they have really nice kitchenware. lol.

and then. i looked up from my menu and saw this:
suz blocks her face with her bb and edmund squints. 

HAHAHA they were seated facing the window while the rest of us were comfortably settled on the sofa. horrible Malaysian sun! poor them. 

so we changed tables. the staff was kind enough :D
my coffee arrived! after a horrible episode at the dentist, i have decided to allow myself coffee once a week. heheh. nice coffee art! 

then took a closer look at the mug. usually these atas places only serve you stuff in classy plain white mugs. 

this is the first time i have seen... "designs". HAHA. 

WAH. CHAMPIONS of baristas? 
i look upon my mocha with renewed respect. but the angel's eyes are a tad too creepy for me. 

(reminds me of an Adam couple episode in WGM where they learnt coffee art. the barista said "you will draw what's in your heart". hmmm. then Jokwon requested that he draw a turtle. -.- )

we also alleviated the 25 minute wait for the presumable heavenly burgers with magazines. 

they have this whole bunch of magazines spread out on a table. shaarmen was very interested in a house worth 30 mil. actually magazines do provide a lot of interesting facts and stuff, which makes for better conversations. there's the weirdest comparison between spiderman, batman, and katy perry. HAHAHA. 

lalala apple crumble with ice cream!
sugar rush. 
emo kid with his Clam Vongole. 
the girls! in coincidental matching red. 

more pics of the kitchen. this open-style concept lets you see what is going on with your food. 

you can gasp in horror and call the tabloids if you notice the chef scratching his hair then proceed to mix your burger patty with his bare hands. 

nice looking pots and pans. i wonder how many of them were actually used. 
ooooh. 3 fat burgers awaiting their destiny!

we spied a cosy looking corner. books on the shelves, comfortable couches...
see?? that's the life, aunty.

in order: chikin burger, beef burger, salmon burger.
greasy looking fries. mine had extra eggs and mushrooms.
close up of its drippy yolk glory. 
SO MANY CLAMS, it reminds of singing clams in Little Mermaid. 

ah. had high expectations. what with the long wait and not bad presentation. first bite, my salmon burger patty kinda disappointed me already. it was just... fish cake. and very.. fishy taste too. not fresh i guess. had a hard time finishing it. finally edmund helped me eat half of it. the fries didn't tempt me either. and i thought maybe just my salmon burger sucked. tried a bite of the beef burger. MEH the cheeseburger i made was better. there's a weird taste in the F-burger actually. 

burgerlab's burgers were better, and clearly cheaper too. 

somehow i left with the feeling that this was just another overpriced makan joint at kl.

not quite worth the price. maybe the coffee art is kinda special, and the apple crumble is nice too. but uh.... would think twice before coming back again. those burgers wrecked my appetite. as quoted from bro "a burger is a dish that is difficult to screw up". therefore, if you manage to screw it up... that signals something real bad.

hahah. just.. don't order their burgers. perhaps the other dishes were well worth the name.

OWH and i broke my own resolution. had the 6th burger of the week. samuraiiiii at mcd's.
DANG this week gotta be paid back by more detox and jogs.

happy weekend everyone! H&M is hereeeee

Sep 19, 2012

daisies with a yellow face

time to blog useless things. i have been diligently deleting things from my phone and laptop. therefore these 4 useless pics from my phone should be put here before i delete them. HAHAH. today is 20th September 2012, my second and last Street Party at INTI. Street Party is basically an annual bash on the hostel streets at INTI with performances, stalls selling stuff, and at the end, they will pump up the atmosphere for everyone to dance. it lasts wayyyy past 12am. it's the only event with licence to do so. hahah. 

my first Street Party was back in second semester. we sold ice creams at the mass comm booth with nicole, charissa and the rest. had a great time berbonding with my seniors. then in my second year, Street Party was cancelled to make way for Uni Day. I was more heavily involved in that event because i was part of the publicity crew and also participated in the sports games. 

anyhow. this year Street Party is back, and it's organized in conjunction with a street dance conference. so apart from the usual pasar malam stuff, there're dance battles going on from 8:30 till 12am. was quietly excited for it. 

cause it will be my last fat event here. anyway. ended up, i went bangsar in the afternoon for some intiball shopping, then went for cf gathering  and had a great time meeting new people. 

stopped by volleyball court where the girls are having training, then finally went over to the mass comm booth to buy some root beer.

and then yamcha with some of the old CF-ers. (IT'S BEEN AWHILE). halfway through the meal, Esther looked at everyone at the table, then she commented: "next sem, no one here will be at inti anymore. except for say khuan lol". 

so true! 

mixed feelings. 

then came back from yamcha, it's already 12am. went over to see the dance performances. WALAOWEH the crowd so fat and everyone utilized every available space to the extent of standing on fences. just to see the performances. 

dang. all i could see was the cap bobbing or feet waving in the air. so left the party and went back to room.

but how can one ignore the blasting music? :D

the DJs had fun spinning, the music selection was good, the crowd seemed to be growing larger (from my view at my floor lah), and i was really tempted to head downstairs and join the fun. 

2 things stopped me.

1. the fact that i have already showered. 

2. i can't put a finger on it. it's like... even though i spent some time there, there's a lot of people i don't know there. and it's just half the fun without people you're familiar with... ... 

i guess that's just the feeling of a last semester student. i don't feel like i belong there anymore. 

emo. :)

so uh. sitting here in the pantry, blogging and listening to the enjoyable clubbing soundtrack, is enough lo.

owh! back to my lame pics:    
for the past few weeks. i think i have suffered from extreme absent mindedness. or just plain carelessness. you can call it stupidity. or moronic. see the blood? the bruise is still here. after 2 weeks. that wound was quite deep. and the way it happened? 

i plugged in my laptop and promptly proceeded to drop the adapter on my foot. 


limped back to the sofa, then only realized that it was bleeding. 

my toenail was quite wonky right. it's because i rammed it into the escalator. so the vicious escalator bit my toenail which gushed blood all over my flip flops. 

lessons learnt the hard way. 

i want a polaroid! or a fuji instax! :D so useful eh. can take pics and give out to friends on the spot. this was taken during Danni's farewell dinner. that girl is finally on her way to UK to complete her law degree! all the best and update me on how you're changing the world! :D

food. with coffee. and a good story. what more do you need lah.

i really need to turn off my brain already.

p.s: had my 5th burger within 5 days. i shall not attempt to break this record. more updates next time!

Sep 18, 2012

word sling.

a simple urge to casually toss words such as tandem, augmented, calisthenics, to name a few.

bought a book called "Ender's Game" that day while waiting for andrew. the things that you do when there's too much free time on hand. coincidentally, the main character of the book is also named Andrew! but for some reason he calls himself Ender.

its about a society that pulls out all the stops when it comes to survival, to the extent of identifying, selecting and training children from the time they were born. in other words, they want to find the next Julius Caesar, Napoleon. someone with the ability to lead the world, but minus those heroes' weaknesses.

little boys trained to fight, strategize, survive.
murders were accepted as part of achieving "greatness".

somehow books have that ability to creep under your skin.
it's a well wrapped story. no loose ends or useless scenes.
and got me thinking.

anyhow. apart from reading books, i also dug out a few blogs to read.

no matter how happy or upbeat someone's blog may seem, suddenly there is the inevitable post about death and loss.

everyone goes through life, encountering death in the form of people around them, beloved ones, then finally meeting one for real.

those blog posts are always, "things happen without warning, love your loved ones while you can, live life to the fullest, etc"

okay. i'm not saying those stuff aren't right.

i'm just irked that there's this wonderful, lovely, incredibly simple solution open for all, and yet many refuse to grab it.

why are you even mourning over the loss of a loved one when
you could've accepted Jesus as your Saviour, and then proceed to spend eternity together?

so simple, yet so rejected.

it's the best gift ever. to be forever in heaven, with your loved ones.

that is why many Christian funerals don't have that final note, or the heavy sadness and regret. it's because we really know that, we will meet again, and when we do, it's the best place that we can ever be.

just feel like sharing my thoughts on death. i understand the feeling of confusion and loss when we hear of bad news. you feel lost, you feel angry at the universe for making jokes, you want that person back again, you are filled with fear when you realize that you can't see that person again.

why must it be that way?

Jesus has already redeemed your soul when He died for you :)  Everyone's life, everyone's sin and debt, saved in a stroke.

all we have to do is accept Him.

ta-dah. Christianity. in a sentence.

hope this helps.

death is... a better alternative when you know that you can go to heaven with all its unbelievable perfection,  rather than be stuck on Earth with all the mindless violence and heartbreaking stupidity.

ah. eyes are fried. good night!

Sep 17, 2012

behold. the blue cheese burger.

lalala. had been craving to make more blue cheese-related stuff ever since i tried the buffalo wings with blue cheese dip  in ben's ages ago. what's new with me anyway. therefore. when the opportunity presented itself in the form of blue cheese burgers, HOW CAN I RESIST. 

was aimlessly surfing one night and ended up on They have all these reaaaally crazy stuff. and i mean that in a good way. 

very meaty, very lovely. then somehow got to the beef section. with loaaads of burger recipes. mushrooms! cheese! bacon! caramelised onions! burger galore :D

anyhow. being stuck in nilai for the week without good food tends to rouse the cravings monster from within. that's the reason i pig out during weekends. sorry guys. 

(we had a complicated ritual the other day, JUST to determine where to have dinner after youth. I WON! lovely char kuey teow with juicy prawns and milky cendollll it is!)

and i splurge. on food.

anyway. don't make purchases when you're hungry.

can't follow that rule anyway. i'm always hungry.

*omg roommate sleeptalking*

hahah. back to topic. graceet had GRAND PLANS to make burgers for a morning picnic by the lakeside. holidays tend to bring out the semangat in us right.

so i took advantage of her semangat and went burger shopping. got minced meat (beef AND chikin cause sukkie doesn't like beef. mana boleh macam tu), lettuce, buns, etc.

then i got the blue cheese. *significant moment*

it was sunday evening. the parents and bro went for seafood trip to... tanjung sepat i think. the sistahs went to IKEA for meatballs and furniture shopping. 

me. home alone

gonna take on the task all by myself! so defrosted the beef. then went jogging. HAHAHA initially planned to jog at least 5 times around the lake. but at the end the sky got kinda dark and i was very very tired. ok la many excuses la. bought a can of coke to go with my future burger. there's this ASSOCIATION in my head. burger = coke. 

must have been a sight. girl jogs home with coke in hand. 

realised that it was late already. here we go! 

1. throw minced beef, blue cheese, salt, pepper, milk, egg, olive oil, chopped onions together and mix with hand. make into ball shapes then flatten them. be sure to make the patties larger than the bun. because they SHRINK. quantity? judge yourself lah. i was kinda winging it. 

okay. to appear more helpful, i uh... 
squeezed half of the tube of minced meat into the bowl, 
threw in 2 tablespoons of blue cheese, 
salt and pepper were experimential dashes. hahah. ok la maybe 1 teaspoon each. 
milk and egg also dumped in. perhaps, 3 tablespoons each. 
onions, 1 tablespoon cukup, i hate onions. 
if you like, put dijon mustard! i didn't buy those though :(

2. oh and in between i also caramelised onions, toasted the buns, sliced up tomatoes, made a small fried egg with leftover eggs. 

3. grill the patties for 5 minutes on each side.

(lol i don't think this can qualify as a tutorial. my instructions suck. my cooking sucks. you guys are such smart readers. don't take this seriously)
4. here comes the fun part! BURGER ASSEMBLING. sad case. no ketchup in the house. had to use McD's. pretend you didn't see that. 

5. the patty first. then the ketchup. hide it under a pile of healthy looking veggies. then the cheese. oh. and the egg. :D

my burgers take turns posing for the cameras.
one was significantly bigger and fatter. more well stuffed, i'd say.

that fella has cheese and eggs in it! 

woooots. so proud of them.

anyway. took out my coke glass too. HAHAHAH. not much chance to use ma. actually. the reason i made 2 burgers is very simple: i miscalculated the size of my patties, and by the time i realized, it was too late to stuff the meat with all the ingredients back into the tube. also planned to keep one for them to try. but then hor. they went IKEA. the land of meatballs.

at the end i just stuffed my face full with them. 

the blue cheese was lovely :D exactly as i imagined. 

ahhhh. *lost in memories of cheese oozing between mouthfuls of burger*

after that i rushed to meet up with andrew for a farewell yamcha. took me a good hour walking around the mall to digest those two fat burgers. after some time wasted with trials and tribulations, in between which i  gave in to temptations, broke my no-spending rule and bought a book. finally met up. 

in that short hour, with the television hogging some of our attention, managed to discuss a good many things. good news and bad, useful and useless advice, comparing notes... .... awh. stay fat and sarcastic, my friend. 

if i were to do this burger again, i shall: 

1. get good burger buns. not flimsy crumbly ones from the supermarket.

2. get good minced meat. according to the experts, 80% lean and 20% fat is the best bet. take the journey for good minced meat at the fresh market! supermarket minced meat nicht gut. 

3. be careful with the salt. and mix them up realll well. 

i'd say i did real good! the blue cheese was the star of the show, afterall :D  

#update: graceet made her own burgers the next morning. chikin is NOT a good choice for patties. macam meatloaf eh. beeef. all the way. ok lah maybe pork. practice makes perrrfect~

Sep 13, 2012

faith. restored.

to begin with, 

"do you even read magazines anymore?"

Vogue Korea surprised me. magazine photoshoots are usually quite impressive to begin with. but, taking a look at the magazines available in Malaysia, most are.... the same. model, rainforest setting, edgy pose, couture outfits. 

Vogue Korea managed to actually merge fashion with art and culture. 

this might sound kinda clichéd. hahah you hear this all the time on Project Runway, ANTM, etc etc. they toss that phrase around like its a passport for professionalism. but for the first time, i see this happening. a.. normal female reader who can finally appreciate what the magazine is trying to convey. WHOAAA. 

eee! met up with a few mass comm seniors that day. they're doing their internships. and charissa asked me the question above. she used to go on about how she wanted to work at seventeen or something. but now turned out that she's working at another entirely different place.

she likes it though.

i'm sad. magazines really seem to be dying.

i guess its up to the traditional media to uphold its honor. and Vogue Korea is doing just that.


Sep 3, 2012

What is UEC?

well well well. since headlines are supposed to grab readers' attentions. this one really did grab mine. 
saw this in Sunday's Sin Chew.
basically translates to: "SOME UEC SUBJECTS ARE NOT UP TO SPM LEVEL"


usually, i prefer not to make a stand against something so ridiculous. but i guess this is around one time too many. since i'm on a writing sort of mood today (just decided that i should write more for practice purposes) i shall ponder upon this on my poor trash can of a blog.

there're quite a few things to address first.

Section A: FAQ
1. what is UEC? 
UEC stands for the Unified Examination Certificate, the standardized examination of independent chinese high schools in Malaysia, also an A-level equivalent paper. 

that said, it has been regarded as a higher standard than SPM, but slightly lower than STPM. the name itself is kinda ironic right. what "unified" la. it's only for chinese. hahahah. basically its the unified exam of all chinese independent high schools in malaysia. 

it is recognized by most universities (international universities and private malaysian universities), except public universities in malaysia itself.

2. independent chinese high school? why do they even exist? 
the reason for the existence of independent chinese high schools is a sad and noble story. we can trace it back to the British Occupation of Malaya. for a more detailed story, do read this. hahah i'm lazy to write about the whole thing here. erm. basically the thirst for power and politics affected the way the education system was going in Malaya, and Education Acts were enacted to make education in English compulsory in all schools. 

after that, the plan is to change to to education in Malay. 

here's one thing you should know: hot-blooded Malaysian Chinese view their Chinese roots with UTMOST IMPORTANCE, giving it a revered place, even higher than wealth. 

Of course they refused to go by the rules.

the concept is simple: Chinese should learn in Chinese. Malays should be taught in Malay. Indians should be educated with the Indian language. they learn best in this way.

thus they fought for Chinese education, (long and bloody war, hard and weary battle) and the end result was the surviving 60 chinese independent high schools, located in different places all over Malaysia today.

3. do UEC students take SPM and STPM? 
it's entirely optional. but most take it anyway, as an insurance for survival. since the government does not recognize the UEC. 

so we undergo 2 different courses at the same time. in my school, beginning from Senior 1 (that's form 4 for you), we have classes from 7:30am till 3:30pm. after that, the compulsory SPM tuition begins at 6pm till 9pm.

4. so what's the big deal? 
the big deal was already mentioned in the first question. this UEC certificate, is recognized by almost every university, be it foreign or private. BUT NOT IN PUBLIC MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITIES.

that's the very reason my parents are paying ridiculous amounts of private university fees. not because they like paying. but because i don't have a chance to enter public universities at all. (ok la maybe if i did my best for SPM i might stand a chance. MIGHT.)

that's the end of Part A, ladies and gentlemen.

now for Part B
to address the annoying headline above.
i agree that the easiest paper in UEC is Malay. it's true. its freaking pmr level.

but dear sir, have you taken a look at the other papers? none of the papers in SPM come remotely close to UEC.

i have taken both SPM and UEC.

for SPM, i spent my time during the holidays playing, watching movies, rehearsing for my school band's tour in Singapore. did not study, i assure you. yet i managed to pass all my subjects and even get a handful of As.

in UEC, we can sweat it for the whole year, yet might not get great results. getting more than 5 As means you're almost genius already.

that's quality for you.

16 As? i wonder how many of those were relevant subjects.

and your joke of the English paper in SPM? seriously? 1119? that's like. UPSR level of English.


i guess throwing insults at each other won't help at this point. sorry to those who got 16 As in SPM. that's an underhanded insult.

i'm just frustrated at the quality of our nation's leaders. and disappointed.

my parents paid tax.
they also paid my (kinda) expensive school fees and contributed towards chinese education funds.

what for?

they could've used all those extra money for new cars, new homes, or travel every year.

i asked myself this question too.

they worked hard. because they believed that the quality of this education made a difference.

it did.

ok the money isn't the most important thing here. what we fight for is the recognition.

how do you feel if you bought a Hummer and people insist that the Pajero is better?

how is it that the UEC paper can be recognized by so many professional foreign universities, yet rejected by Malaysia itself? and you still ask us why is brain drain happening? you think we're ungrateful brats. you think the professionals overseas don't miss the roti canai or nasi lemak? look into the mirror to find out the reason for brain drain.

all we want is the government to recognize our efforts and the quality of our work. this discussion has been going on for so many years. "discussion" is a nice word.  and we're not asking for something unreasonable. i thought that Najib's administration was listening and we're working towards something better, at last.

yet what is the answer that we get?

"some of your subjects in UEC are even worse than SPM!"


if you can't even differentiate between "some" and "one", do retake your SPM.

*update: supporting evidence*