Aug 31, 2012


hehehe. not sure whether i mentioned this on my blog before; most probably not. decided to participate in another video contest! um. i'm a very... thin-skinned person who takes failure badly. :( 

hence the "forcing grace onstage to take consolation prize at carlsberg incident" XD  

anyway. although her emo face onstage provided me with temporary laughter, but of course deep down in my heart i know that i'm a horrible sister who should really buck up and stop behaving like a kiasu kid. 

was a long story. during the week before finals, lynne gave me a piece of flyer. a video competition by Rohde & Schwarz with the grand prize of 8k! eyeballs dropped out but since i knew there wasn't enough time, completely forgot about it. study week, we were chilling out after doing sandra's video assignment

got around to talking about bangkok and backpacking, then to the topic of raising funds, then i mentioned this competition. 

lo and behold! the power money has over poor broke students. 

shaarmen and i struck a deal. sent in registration forms and all. hahahha. 

then came finals and i (again) completely forgot about it. T.T went home for semester break, started working part time... got very busy with sem break "commitments". 

actually i gave up the idea of participating already. 

till the deadline of video submission got extended. so with liz's constant nagging and reminders "DON"T GIVE UP!". 

finally dragged my sorry self off the bed and slapped some random idea together. 

i have to admit that my train of thought was very very confused during this period and wasted quite a lot of footage. i even skipped a day of work to video something that i later realized i didn't want to use at all! #lessonslearnt 

sorry stanley and liz :( 

as always, last minute work is my forte. on the night before the deadline, i went online and watched the submissions of other participants HAHAHAH. 

got very very emo after watching theirs. me so kiasu, they had really pro DSLRs with the mesmerizing power to focus and make everything look very SIGNIFICANT

and me? with digital camera (sem break, how to borrow DSLR woh) and also got to the point of scrapping everything up. all my footage look very lame and sed. 

and didn't even follow the original storyline i wanted. 

a few were videoed by grace while i was driving. when i viewed those, can hear the sound of the camera knocking against the windshield and grace saying "shit.. shit...". HAHAHAHHA. 


seriously. when you watch professionally done videos and your own videos with "shit.. shit.." in the background. ... ... 


went out of the room to watch olympic beach volleyball with liz. 

she started scolding me again. 


lol. so finally i decided to make my own video as un-HD as possible. vintage lah
the flower plucked off some random kindergarten's bougainvillea bush. it was scrawny and dried up. the contest was themed "Malaysia's future generation". 

so my final concept was to create what malaysians want a future malaysia to be. for example, no more snatch thefts etc. 

this bougainvillea was for a scene where the robber gave out flowers instead. last minute i realized that i didn't prepare flowers for this scene at all. hahah. 

liz had to call up her friend to act for me too. and 8am in the morning samor. 


at the end, managed to throw something together somehow. you can view it here

anyway, after a nail biting month-long wait, i got a call from Rohde & Schwarz to attend the prize giving ceremony! :D 

The ... participants with Mr Alan. i wasn't in because had to rush back to INTI. 

to attend the only class of the week -.- 

by the way, sandra also commented that i was "the most antisocial participant". 

almost everyone else was mingling and talking about their videos during the wait for lunch.

 =while i just sat there with sandra and victor. actually, i didn't realize that we were supposed to mingle. aih. what was i supposed to say about my video woh? 

"i didn't really know what i was doing?" :(

HEHEHE. got consolation prize!!! rm500 is good enough for me. considering the lame last minute effort :(

the guy in the pic is our Deputy Minister for Higher Education. the first thing he commented upon seeing me was: "YOU'RE A STUDENT?!"  

ah. whatever that means. 
lenglui andreas giving us directions back. she was the correspondent from Rohde & Schwarz, called me a few times, also helped us out when we got lost. pretty nice person. :D 

she turned out to be my highschool bandmate's sister!!!! THE WORLD IZ SMALL. 

thank you Rohde & Schwarz, happy Merdeka to you too!! :D

lol just realized that i wrote quite a lot up there. anyway. the results of the competition was good enough for me. winner of 8k was very unique and special! salute his video editing skills. view it HERE. i'm glad that it was him who won! hehe. 

guess i should put in more effort and preparation next time. there's a lot more that i can do better in my video. for example, clearer footage. and better text. i actually came up with a pretty good script already. but as i edited the video and played around with the text, the end result came up as a pretty bad example of copywriting. waaagh. #moarlessonslearnt

hmm. i need more skin thickening exercises!!!

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