Aug 31, 2012

Independence Day.

heh. google's so pretty today! was a kinda quiet and peaceful Hari Merdeka. woke up around 9am to go Klang. NLRC's going to plant a new church there, so we went to pray and bless the area. the new church's looking good! 

renovations underway with Ramly burger restaurant a few doors away. hahah. after that went around lepaking with bro. 

went to Sunway to pick up his new iphone. in the space of less than a year, he has changed a total of 3 new iphones under warranty. first time screen blacked out. second time can't hear. third time receiver problem. 

i guess the quality of iphones is kinda...... ehem. 

parking at pyramid as creative as always. 

then went this place for lunch :
WOO PIN FISH HEAD NOODLES. at taman desa. actually i'm still not quite sure how to go. lol. kinda famous. the whole restaurant only serves fish head noodles and prawn noodles. yet its full with customers! 

almost every table was occupied. we had to wait to be seated. the place is open from 7:30am to 10pm. yet halfway through our meal, we overheard the waiter telling a table nearby that fresh fish heads were sold out. it was only 2pm! memang very popular ah. RM7.50 for this bowl of yummy stuff. i ordered the fried one while bro had the fresh fish head. his soup was creamier and the fish more fresh. my soup was more.. tangy. but the fish, not so good. loved the soup though! can really tasted the "hints". you know the way perfumes are always described? "bergamot with a tinge of lilies, followed by the undertone of musks"

hahaha. this fish head soup, does the same thing. can really taste the "tinge of tomatoes", "hints of pickled veggies", "a touch of milk", "the sparkle of freshness",heheh. very fresh and sweet!

the product. my soup was more "orangey". bro's was very white and milky. 
take that grace! 

lookie! so..... milky :D

almost drank the whole bowl. 

merdeka, as i said, was quiet and relaxed. no jams at all! so we went around looking for more food. too bad the cendol stall in front of Assunta hospital wasn't open for business.

went kota kemuning to fulfil cendol cravings instead. here's the passembour lorry in front of Onking  :9 there's this wholesome feeling of sitting down to ice cold cendol on a red plastic chair, under a tree, dappled with mild sunlight and a soft afternoon breeze, with people of all race and age stopping by for cendol or passembour. 

actually, i really do love malaysia. 

simple day out. heheheh. originally planned to watch Premium Rush with kl and the others. but decided on a day out with bro instead. been awhile since i got to talk to him. poor big less had to work today! her company was based in Singapore. hence the ... workaholic rules :(

shall end my holiday with .. movies and sweet potatoes. hahah. 

selamat hari merdeka! hopefully my voter status is confirmed :D

wah dad just called home to ask whether i'm going to use the car. he's going out instead! my dad's life is more happening than mine. walaoweh. 

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  1. taman desa's fish head noodles is delicious la ! (Y)