Aug 31, 2012

i'm happy. aren't you happy?

whee! finally got around to watching this movie. (500) Days of Summer. i have this list of "to-watch" movies in my head. for example, The Philadelphia Story, Watchmen, Love Actually, The Godfather (i know! don't give me that look), Forrest Gump etc etc. classics, highly recommended by friends and family, or read about glowing reviews. yet never got around to it. 

that's the story of my life. full of half done clutter and unfinished lists. 
hehe. luckily my "to-watch" list was shortened by a teensy bit today! :D 

the narrator started off the movie with a very honest monologue. stuff like that quote above. 

it was a story from the boy's perspective. shifts from one memory to the next, back to front. kinda interesting. according to wikipedia, its a "nonlinear narrative structure". lol. 

starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, back then i wanted to watch it because of Deschanel, and Levitt wasn't so famous then. hahaha. 

to be honest, his role in The Dark Knight Rises started off my curiosity about this guy. he's appearing in so many movies now! Premium Rush, The Looper... 

ok. back to the movie. erm. so its basically a soppy romantic guy who falls for an "uppity superskank". the girl is not only pretty, but has spades of charisma. so of course Tom is a goner. Summer doesn't believe in "true love" due to her parents' separation during childhood. so basically the whole movie tells the story of how the guy falls for the girl, the process of being together, there-but-not-there-yet, and then falling apart. 
coming from a girl, in between there are some interesting insights into how guys view a relationship. HAHAHA. there aren't that much movies which show a guy's perspective lo. 

i never knew that guys can actually overanalyse situations! ok la maybe its Hollywood. but this movie is so .. honest. that i can't help but think that most of it is true? 

hahahah. this one. 

actually i like to read Roger Ebert's movie reviews. ever since i discovered a critic that actually puts my thoughts into words, and sarcastically at that, i've been going there whenever i'm in need of a good read. he gave the movie 4 out of 5! 

that, is very rare. 

anyway. his summary: "Here is a rare movie that begins by telling us how it will end and is about how the hero has no idea why"

that was exactly what i was thinking about this movie. it's like a romantic comedy, but it has a slightly serious way of going about it. most rom coms are kinda clichéd. this is presented in a fresh way :D

not to mention that both of them are seriously good looking and acts so well!!! Levitt is one of those scary actors that gonna look "boyish" into his 40s.
this is one of the scenes that i like. she encourages him in his love for architecture, through questions, genuine interest, providing pen and her arm as paper. she likes him perfectly well, but these things do happen in twisted relationships. 

from the beginning she already told him up front that she didn't want a serious relationship. yet Tom still falls for her, and holds out hope, but she didn't want to get married. 

hahahah. too much spoilers here. but i wanna work out my thoughts about this movie. questions about life, relationships, and love are addressed. Tom had so much romanticism in him, he believed in so much stuff from the media, movies, pop songs, greeting cards. that in the end, he fell very very hard. 

while Summer on the other hand, was kinda hardened by childhood scars. in a way, we can blame her parents for Tom's heartache HAHAHA. erm. isn't it kinda sad? that children have to bear the mistakes of adults, and when they grow up, they make more mistakes as result of what others have done, making it a vicious cycle. 

have some brains when it comes to .... games with the heart :) 
a particular scene that got me thinking. was this.. interview segment of people in Tom's life. they were asked about love. from the beginning Tom had a best friend who seemed kinda playful. but as the movie progresses, it turned out that he had a long term... (girlfriend? wife? wasn't stated) named robin. 

just.. he had a line in the interview. 

"my dream girl would have a fabulous body and etc etc". 


"but robin is even better than the girl of my dreams. she's real." 


actually there're too many points in the movie. hard to discuss them all. one of the lines they used when faced with the question of where are they actually going in the relationship was: "i'm happy. aren't you happy?"

since when relationships were just for the roses? there are thorns too. i guess movies have desensitized us to the real aspect of relationships. love contains everything. the beautiful, the ugly, the sadness, the happiness.  i guess that's why most relationships can't last today. the moment they realize that the other half is actually... not as perfect as they want. 

many of the lyrics in the soundtrack are very meaningful too. complements the movie perfectly. reminds me of the beach, and summer, and relaxation. ah. gotta get the soundtrack. remind me if i don't!!! 

hehe. there is a lot that resonated with me in this movie. watch and enjoy bah. if not as a movie, as a summer holiday postcard :)