Aug 22, 2012

i don't understand

why the pictures of our outings can't be normal pretty pics. i think starbuks hates us already. 


wah. a normal one! actually still got a lot of gross ones. and i don't think you'd be interested. 
gemma is back from nanjing, peggy is back from uk, kelly's going there soon, i'm left in malaysia :( but at least we can still meet up and take gross pics bah. known them since junior 1. which means... ...9 years of friendship liao!! we don't meet up that often, and sometimes i wonder how one manages to maintain these precious relationships all the way into adulthood. BUT i guess there's no need to worry. there are certain things that time cannot change. will always remember how we created uproar in the hostel back then, made prank calls, backed each other up, had fights, made peace, cleaned toilets HAHAHAH. now all grown up and "mature" liao! wishing you girls all the best in life~ may the best man win :P


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