Aug 22, 2012

HAHAHAHA. its nearing the end of sem break. its time for a REVIEW.

wow. this is my last semester break. before i enter the final semester then into the working life :O unbelievable. has it really been three years? anyway, all of my previous semester breaks were spent having fun, spending money, going beaches, shopping, eating, sleeping, basically, the life of a brat. hahaha so this time i made up my mind to earn some money. 

that also means after i get home late at night after working, and log on facebook for some relaxation, i have to grit my teeth and close my eyes so that those photos of my friends on trips and having fun won't irritate me. hahahaha. seems like EVERYONE is going bangkok. and QUITE A LOT went bali. and  MOST came back from penang. not to mention those people who check in to Jonker Street la, club after club every night la, aih. 

emo. hahhahaha. 

anyway. i have no beautiful pictures of the blue sky and sea to share with you guys this time. only these. 

my only motivation for typing faster:
 this is week 2's results. before that was 5k per hour.

then came this:

aaaaaaand this!

WHEE.  very record breaking, for me. i guess i have learnt almost everything i can out of this job in this short space of time.

for example, write your cheques clearly. in bigger writing. with thicker pens.
also, it doesn't hurt to purchase a new inkpad if the old one is drying out.
thirdly, rm0.07 cheques are actually very redundant.

and uh. proper typing posture goes a long way towards saving medical fees.

haha. this week is our last week at work! wish us luck!

aaaand on a completely unrelated note, here's the birthday present that i got for myself! :D
printed photos of every single thing i wanted to treasure. its been awhile since anyone printed photos la. what if one day facebook shuts down?? then we would be left without proper ways of storing memories :(  intially i wanted to print photos of my 21st birthday celebrations. cause it wasn't a huge deal so i wanted to collect all the scraps and pieces together in an album. but scrolling through facebook made me realize that there were too many happenings in my uni life which should be recorded properly. so here we go! i printed about half only hahahhaha. the rest i gave up copying and pasting cause facebook too lag edi.

now to shop for photo albums. and photo frames!!! :D

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