Aug 24, 2012

an update for the sake of an update.

lately i've found no reason to blog. it's less of a reason to blog.. it's more of a... i'm not exactly sure how much should i share about myself on this space online. too much uncertainties regarding others' reactions after reading the content that i post here. what do you think? anyway, it takes a lot of energy to come up with a real post, with real meaning, with real help to the reader. hahahah. and most of my energy is spent on... work. and sleeping. enough with that. will get back to you guys once i've reached a decision with the future of this blog. was waiting for euniceet and scrolled through the old pics in my phone. i found this! 
birthday card! daripada ICF! enthel passed it to me. i think that was the last time i saw her before she left for US :(((
and this. can anyone tell me why the "E" has fangs and spouts fumes??
thanks a lot guys! will keep it till i turn 80! :D

not sure whether i posted this before. CHEEEESE TOAST from bondi. its always nice to have this right after disappointing life events. such as finals. i'm scarred for life. hate studies and all that. then have a cheese toast! everything's alright again. heheheh. its toast with sweetened milk, cheese sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles........ .......mmmmhmmmmm..............
IZ THIS REALLY FROM INDONESIA? gotta try finding it in bali! 

i cooked something. 
of course must take pictures la! egg with melted cheese and tomatoes. SO GOOD. ooh by the way here's a HORRIBLE WEBSITE. DON'T VISIT IT DURING MIDNIGHT. IT IS GUARANTEED TO IGNITE HUNGER PANGS AND EXTREME SALIVA GLAND ACTION.  what's the deal with blue cheese burgers, swedish meatballs, grilled beef and mushroom burgers, and tomato pies ANYWAY? this website is testing my efforts to resist cooking to the LIMIT. where to get blue cheese in KL ah? cold storage? 

hmmmmm. this song. must listen! so.. melancholy. and tells the story so well! moved to tears. aih. If i'm not mistaken, the composer is Bert Appermont. and he macam specialize in composing biblical stories de. Noah's Ark was by him too! went back to meet up with siau li and played a few songs, like always. 

hehehehhe. today last day of work!! guess whatttttt???

15k per hour :D can die in peace!

so with that lame unveiling of good news, it's time to bring this pointless old picture post to an end. without trying your best, you don't have the rights to give up. i really really hope that i can do well this semester. it's the least i can do. time for sleep! sleep more, eat more fresh fruits and veggies, exercise more, goodnight! 

p.s: for some reason my links refused to show up as links. dang. you'll have to wave your cursor over the text to find the links lah! hahahahah sorry peeps :P

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