Aug 31, 2012

i'm happy. aren't you happy?

whee! finally got around to watching this movie. (500) Days of Summer. i have this list of "to-watch" movies in my head. for example, The Philadelphia Story, Watchmen, Love Actually, The Godfather (i know! don't give me that look), Forrest Gump etc etc. classics, highly recommended by friends and family, or read about glowing reviews. yet never got around to it. 

that's the story of my life. full of half done clutter and unfinished lists. 
hehe. luckily my "to-watch" list was shortened by a teensy bit today! :D 

the narrator started off the movie with a very honest monologue. stuff like that quote above. 

it was a story from the boy's perspective. shifts from one memory to the next, back to front. kinda interesting. according to wikipedia, its a "nonlinear narrative structure". lol. 

starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, back then i wanted to watch it because of Deschanel, and Levitt wasn't so famous then. hahaha. 

to be honest, his role in The Dark Knight Rises started off my curiosity about this guy. he's appearing in so many movies now! Premium Rush, The Looper... 

ok. back to the movie. erm. so its basically a soppy romantic guy who falls for an "uppity superskank". the girl is not only pretty, but has spades of charisma. so of course Tom is a goner. Summer doesn't believe in "true love" due to her parents' separation during childhood. so basically the whole movie tells the story of how the guy falls for the girl, the process of being together, there-but-not-there-yet, and then falling apart. 
coming from a girl, in between there are some interesting insights into how guys view a relationship. HAHAHA. there aren't that much movies which show a guy's perspective lo. 

i never knew that guys can actually overanalyse situations! ok la maybe its Hollywood. but this movie is so .. honest. that i can't help but think that most of it is true? 

hahahah. this one. 

actually i like to read Roger Ebert's movie reviews. ever since i discovered a critic that actually puts my thoughts into words, and sarcastically at that, i've been going there whenever i'm in need of a good read. he gave the movie 4 out of 5! 

that, is very rare. 

anyway. his summary: "Here is a rare movie that begins by telling us how it will end and is about how the hero has no idea why"

that was exactly what i was thinking about this movie. it's like a romantic comedy, but it has a slightly serious way of going about it. most rom coms are kinda clichéd. this is presented in a fresh way :D

not to mention that both of them are seriously good looking and acts so well!!! Levitt is one of those scary actors that gonna look "boyish" into his 40s.
this is one of the scenes that i like. she encourages him in his love for architecture, through questions, genuine interest, providing pen and her arm as paper. she likes him perfectly well, but these things do happen in twisted relationships. 

from the beginning she already told him up front that she didn't want a serious relationship. yet Tom still falls for her, and holds out hope, but she didn't want to get married. 

hahahah. too much spoilers here. but i wanna work out my thoughts about this movie. questions about life, relationships, and love are addressed. Tom had so much romanticism in him, he believed in so much stuff from the media, movies, pop songs, greeting cards. that in the end, he fell very very hard. 

while Summer on the other hand, was kinda hardened by childhood scars. in a way, we can blame her parents for Tom's heartache HAHAHA. erm. isn't it kinda sad? that children have to bear the mistakes of adults, and when they grow up, they make more mistakes as result of what others have done, making it a vicious cycle. 

have some brains when it comes to .... games with the heart :) 
a particular scene that got me thinking. was this.. interview segment of people in Tom's life. they were asked about love. from the beginning Tom had a best friend who seemed kinda playful. but as the movie progresses, it turned out that he had a long term... (girlfriend? wife? wasn't stated) named robin. 

just.. he had a line in the interview. 

"my dream girl would have a fabulous body and etc etc". 


"but robin is even better than the girl of my dreams. she's real." 


actually there're too many points in the movie. hard to discuss them all. one of the lines they used when faced with the question of where are they actually going in the relationship was: "i'm happy. aren't you happy?"

since when relationships were just for the roses? there are thorns too. i guess movies have desensitized us to the real aspect of relationships. love contains everything. the beautiful, the ugly, the sadness, the happiness.  i guess that's why most relationships can't last today. the moment they realize that the other half is actually... not as perfect as they want. 

many of the lyrics in the soundtrack are very meaningful too. complements the movie perfectly. reminds me of the beach, and summer, and relaxation. ah. gotta get the soundtrack. remind me if i don't!!! 

hehe. there is a lot that resonated with me in this movie. watch and enjoy bah. if not as a movie, as a summer holiday postcard :)

Independence Day.

heh. google's so pretty today! was a kinda quiet and peaceful Hari Merdeka. woke up around 9am to go Klang. NLRC's going to plant a new church there, so we went to pray and bless the area. the new church's looking good! 

renovations underway with Ramly burger restaurant a few doors away. hahah. after that went around lepaking with bro. 

went to Sunway to pick up his new iphone. in the space of less than a year, he has changed a total of 3 new iphones under warranty. first time screen blacked out. second time can't hear. third time receiver problem. 

i guess the quality of iphones is kinda...... ehem. 

parking at pyramid as creative as always. 

then went this place for lunch :
WOO PIN FISH HEAD NOODLES. at taman desa. actually i'm still not quite sure how to go. lol. kinda famous. the whole restaurant only serves fish head noodles and prawn noodles. yet its full with customers! 

almost every table was occupied. we had to wait to be seated. the place is open from 7:30am to 10pm. yet halfway through our meal, we overheard the waiter telling a table nearby that fresh fish heads were sold out. it was only 2pm! memang very popular ah. RM7.50 for this bowl of yummy stuff. i ordered the fried one while bro had the fresh fish head. his soup was creamier and the fish more fresh. my soup was more.. tangy. but the fish, not so good. loved the soup though! can really tasted the "hints". you know the way perfumes are always described? "bergamot with a tinge of lilies, followed by the undertone of musks"

hahaha. this fish head soup, does the same thing. can really taste the "tinge of tomatoes", "hints of pickled veggies", "a touch of milk", "the sparkle of freshness",heheh. very fresh and sweet!

the product. my soup was more "orangey". bro's was very white and milky. 
take that grace! 

lookie! so..... milky :D

almost drank the whole bowl. 

merdeka, as i said, was quiet and relaxed. no jams at all! so we went around looking for more food. too bad the cendol stall in front of Assunta hospital wasn't open for business.

went kota kemuning to fulfil cendol cravings instead. here's the passembour lorry in front of Onking  :9 there's this wholesome feeling of sitting down to ice cold cendol on a red plastic chair, under a tree, dappled with mild sunlight and a soft afternoon breeze, with people of all race and age stopping by for cendol or passembour. 

actually, i really do love malaysia. 

simple day out. heheheh. originally planned to watch Premium Rush with kl and the others. but decided on a day out with bro instead. been awhile since i got to talk to him. poor big less had to work today! her company was based in Singapore. hence the ... workaholic rules :(

shall end my holiday with .. movies and sweet potatoes. hahah. 

selamat hari merdeka! hopefully my voter status is confirmed :D

wah dad just called home to ask whether i'm going to use the car. he's going out instead! my dad's life is more happening than mine. walaoweh. 


hehehe. not sure whether i mentioned this on my blog before; most probably not. decided to participate in another video contest! um. i'm a very... thin-skinned person who takes failure badly. :( 

hence the "forcing grace onstage to take consolation prize at carlsberg incident" XD  

anyway. although her emo face onstage provided me with temporary laughter, but of course deep down in my heart i know that i'm a horrible sister who should really buck up and stop behaving like a kiasu kid. 

was a long story. during the week before finals, lynne gave me a piece of flyer. a video competition by Rohde & Schwarz with the grand prize of 8k! eyeballs dropped out but since i knew there wasn't enough time, completely forgot about it. study week, we were chilling out after doing sandra's video assignment

got around to talking about bangkok and backpacking, then to the topic of raising funds, then i mentioned this competition. 

lo and behold! the power money has over poor broke students. 

shaarmen and i struck a deal. sent in registration forms and all. hahahha. 

then came finals and i (again) completely forgot about it. T.T went home for semester break, started working part time... got very busy with sem break "commitments". 

actually i gave up the idea of participating already. 

till the deadline of video submission got extended. so with liz's constant nagging and reminders "DON"T GIVE UP!". 

finally dragged my sorry self off the bed and slapped some random idea together. 

i have to admit that my train of thought was very very confused during this period and wasted quite a lot of footage. i even skipped a day of work to video something that i later realized i didn't want to use at all! #lessonslearnt 

sorry stanley and liz :( 

as always, last minute work is my forte. on the night before the deadline, i went online and watched the submissions of other participants HAHAHAH. 

got very very emo after watching theirs. me so kiasu, they had really pro DSLRs with the mesmerizing power to focus and make everything look very SIGNIFICANT

and me? with digital camera (sem break, how to borrow DSLR woh) and also got to the point of scrapping everything up. all my footage look very lame and sed. 

and didn't even follow the original storyline i wanted. 

a few were videoed by grace while i was driving. when i viewed those, can hear the sound of the camera knocking against the windshield and grace saying "shit.. shit...". HAHAHAHHA. 


seriously. when you watch professionally done videos and your own videos with "shit.. shit.." in the background. ... ... 


went out of the room to watch olympic beach volleyball with liz. 

she started scolding me again. 


lol. so finally i decided to make my own video as un-HD as possible. vintage lah
the flower plucked off some random kindergarten's bougainvillea bush. it was scrawny and dried up. the contest was themed "Malaysia's future generation". 

so my final concept was to create what malaysians want a future malaysia to be. for example, no more snatch thefts etc. 

this bougainvillea was for a scene where the robber gave out flowers instead. last minute i realized that i didn't prepare flowers for this scene at all. hahah. 

liz had to call up her friend to act for me too. and 8am in the morning samor. 


at the end, managed to throw something together somehow. you can view it here

anyway, after a nail biting month-long wait, i got a call from Rohde & Schwarz to attend the prize giving ceremony! :D 

The ... participants with Mr Alan. i wasn't in because had to rush back to INTI. 

to attend the only class of the week -.- 

by the way, sandra also commented that i was "the most antisocial participant". 

almost everyone else was mingling and talking about their videos during the wait for lunch.

 =while i just sat there with sandra and victor. actually, i didn't realize that we were supposed to mingle. aih. what was i supposed to say about my video woh? 

"i didn't really know what i was doing?" :(

HEHEHE. got consolation prize!!! rm500 is good enough for me. considering the lame last minute effort :(

the guy in the pic is our Deputy Minister for Higher Education. the first thing he commented upon seeing me was: "YOU'RE A STUDENT?!"  

ah. whatever that means. 
lenglui andreas giving us directions back. she was the correspondent from Rohde & Schwarz, called me a few times, also helped us out when we got lost. pretty nice person. :D 

she turned out to be my highschool bandmate's sister!!!! THE WORLD IZ SMALL. 

thank you Rohde & Schwarz, happy Merdeka to you too!! :D

lol just realized that i wrote quite a lot up there. anyway. the results of the competition was good enough for me. winner of 8k was very unique and special! salute his video editing skills. view it HERE. i'm glad that it was him who won! hehe. 

guess i should put in more effort and preparation next time. there's a lot more that i can do better in my video. for example, clearer footage. and better text. i actually came up with a pretty good script already. but as i edited the video and played around with the text, the end result came up as a pretty bad example of copywriting. waaagh. #moarlessonslearnt

hmm. i need more skin thickening exercises!!!

Aug 24, 2012

an update for the sake of an update.

lately i've found no reason to blog. it's less of a reason to blog.. it's more of a... i'm not exactly sure how much should i share about myself on this space online. too much uncertainties regarding others' reactions after reading the content that i post here. what do you think? anyway, it takes a lot of energy to come up with a real post, with real meaning, with real help to the reader. hahahah. and most of my energy is spent on... work. and sleeping. enough with that. will get back to you guys once i've reached a decision with the future of this blog. was waiting for euniceet and scrolled through the old pics in my phone. i found this! 
birthday card! daripada ICF! enthel passed it to me. i think that was the last time i saw her before she left for US :(((
and this. can anyone tell me why the "E" has fangs and spouts fumes??
thanks a lot guys! will keep it till i turn 80! :D

not sure whether i posted this before. CHEEEESE TOAST from bondi. its always nice to have this right after disappointing life events. such as finals. i'm scarred for life. hate studies and all that. then have a cheese toast! everything's alright again. heheheh. its toast with sweetened milk, cheese sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles........ .......mmmmhmmmmm..............
IZ THIS REALLY FROM INDONESIA? gotta try finding it in bali! 

i cooked something. 
of course must take pictures la! egg with melted cheese and tomatoes. SO GOOD. ooh by the way here's a HORRIBLE WEBSITE. DON'T VISIT IT DURING MIDNIGHT. IT IS GUARANTEED TO IGNITE HUNGER PANGS AND EXTREME SALIVA GLAND ACTION.  what's the deal with blue cheese burgers, swedish meatballs, grilled beef and mushroom burgers, and tomato pies ANYWAY? this website is testing my efforts to resist cooking to the LIMIT. where to get blue cheese in KL ah? cold storage? 

hmmmmm. this song. must listen! so.. melancholy. and tells the story so well! moved to tears. aih. If i'm not mistaken, the composer is Bert Appermont. and he macam specialize in composing biblical stories de. Noah's Ark was by him too! went back to meet up with siau li and played a few songs, like always. 

hehehehhe. today last day of work!! guess whatttttt???

15k per hour :D can die in peace!

so with that lame unveiling of good news, it's time to bring this pointless old picture post to an end. without trying your best, you don't have the rights to give up. i really really hope that i can do well this semester. it's the least i can do. time for sleep! sleep more, eat more fresh fruits and veggies, exercise more, goodnight! 

p.s: for some reason my links refused to show up as links. dang. you'll have to wave your cursor over the text to find the links lah! hahahahah sorry peeps :P

Aug 22, 2012

HAHAHAHA. its nearing the end of sem break. its time for a REVIEW.

wow. this is my last semester break. before i enter the final semester then into the working life :O unbelievable. has it really been three years? anyway, all of my previous semester breaks were spent having fun, spending money, going beaches, shopping, eating, sleeping, basically, the life of a brat. hahaha so this time i made up my mind to earn some money. 

that also means after i get home late at night after working, and log on facebook for some relaxation, i have to grit my teeth and close my eyes so that those photos of my friends on trips and having fun won't irritate me. hahahaha. seems like EVERYONE is going bangkok. and QUITE A LOT went bali. and  MOST came back from penang. not to mention those people who check in to Jonker Street la, club after club every night la, aih. 

emo. hahhahaha. 

anyway. i have no beautiful pictures of the blue sky and sea to share with you guys this time. only these. 

my only motivation for typing faster:
 this is week 2's results. before that was 5k per hour.

then came this:

aaaaaaand this!

WHEE.  very record breaking, for me. i guess i have learnt almost everything i can out of this job in this short space of time.

for example, write your cheques clearly. in bigger writing. with thicker pens.
also, it doesn't hurt to purchase a new inkpad if the old one is drying out.
thirdly, rm0.07 cheques are actually very redundant.

and uh. proper typing posture goes a long way towards saving medical fees.

haha. this week is our last week at work! wish us luck!

aaaand on a completely unrelated note, here's the birthday present that i got for myself! :D
printed photos of every single thing i wanted to treasure. its been awhile since anyone printed photos la. what if one day facebook shuts down?? then we would be left without proper ways of storing memories :(  intially i wanted to print photos of my 21st birthday celebrations. cause it wasn't a huge deal so i wanted to collect all the scraps and pieces together in an album. but scrolling through facebook made me realize that there were too many happenings in my uni life which should be recorded properly. so here we go! i printed about half only hahahhaha. the rest i gave up copying and pasting cause facebook too lag edi.

now to shop for photo albums. and photo frames!!! :D

i don't understand

why the pictures of our outings can't be normal pretty pics. i think starbuks hates us already. 


wah. a normal one! actually still got a lot of gross ones. and i don't think you'd be interested. 
gemma is back from nanjing, peggy is back from uk, kelly's going there soon, i'm left in malaysia :( but at least we can still meet up and take gross pics bah. known them since junior 1. which means... ...9 years of friendship liao!! we don't meet up that often, and sometimes i wonder how one manages to maintain these precious relationships all the way into adulthood. BUT i guess there's no need to worry. there are certain things that time cannot change. will always remember how we created uproar in the hostel back then, made prank calls, backed each other up, had fights, made peace, cleaned toilets HAHAHAH. now all grown up and "mature" liao! wishing you girls all the best in life~ may the best man win :P


Aug 18, 2012


lalala. it's time for my birthday post! ouch. turned twenty one this july. 

much as i would like to discuss the burdens of aging and the responsibilities of becoming a grown up, i feel no difference actually. haha don't we all. so uh. 

whenever people talk about their big fat sweet 16 or 17 or 21 parties, my thoughts will turn to mine. 

how would i like my own 21st to be celebrated? feels like its going to be the last "important birthday"! 

somehow adults don't seem to make big affairs out of their birthdays :O  and suddenly, i realized that i don't want to have a big fat 21st too. 

OH MY MAYBE THIS IS A SIGN OF AGING. HAHAHAH. and i think my biggest and fattest birthday celebration so far was during my ..17th. raven lee organized it for me :') she got the whole class, a huge cake, all of them gathered in the school lawn, and sang birthday song for me during recess! and the head of the disciplinary department was right next to me when i was standing up there listening. :") 

anyway, margaret was so not subtle during their "surprise" preparations that i already knew something was up. "you guys ready liao? ok i call her out now" HAHA

i just didn't expect something that big.

nice memory. enough for me ♥

after giving much thought to this pressing issue, i decided that there is only one thing that i want. and it came true! had a simple dinner celebration with those who really want to celebrate my birthday.
long story. they told me all about their plans earlier on. planned to go F-concept, andrew's gonna drive, send us back after that, etc. and turned out that he had a curfew! at 10pm! poor boy. 

i was.. ehem... craving for japanese food. so suggested that we go rakuzen at empire gallery instead~ 

blogger ruined my upload. it's okay, they look very nicely edited. HAHAHA. me and the handrolls. 

more ruined uploads. looks sufficiently artistic right? :D

andrew looks pedo-ish here.

the onigiri which ruined sandra's appetite for the night. after hours of poring over the menu, we (actually, me) finally decided that one should be in charge of ordering something from a category. 

so andrew's in charge of the grilled stuff, sandra, the sushi, me, the sashimi, and nico, the rice. he's supposed to make us all full. 

i expected him to order bowls of rice. and this genius boy ordered balls of rice. 

HAHAHAHA. i like em'. but uh. complaints from sandra and andrew. too much rice i guess. 

camwhoring while andrew settles the bill :')

he joins us! excuse our fat faces. it was a nice meal. 

next stop, Whisk! finally a chance to try out their red velvet cake!  
by chance saw this nutella ice cream. HOW COULD I MISS OUT. its by the last polka. 2 girls who make these stuff. marilah sapport. their unique flavours include "salted gula melaka", "french toast", "strawberry cream cheese", "teh tarik", "guinness"... many more! hehehehhehehehehe. 

take 1.  trademark face which means he's thinking of a comeback to what sandra said . 

take 2. better. 

nutella coffee! hahaah nico couldn't resist. SO FAT. u can see the hummingbird cake and half-eaten nutella ice-cream in the background. love the hummingbird cake! honey and... something else. try it, if you like sweet stuff like meeeeee! 

donald duck!

with sandra! kawan inilah yang teman me through thick and thin in my uni life. 

the other day we were supposed to be studying for finals, got around to "the good old days". according to her, she actually categorized us as "CINA" in the first day of class. =.=  until one day, some group discussion or something, and in her mind went, "OH THIS GIRL CAN SPEAK ENGLISH". 

more =.=.   

i guess that's when we got closer. 

anyway i was racist in my first impression too. that makes us even :P   

ah. what would i do without her. she's the one who puts up with all my cravings and weird tempers, puts me in my right place, brings me out to meet people when i was just a lame antisocial freshie who hates inti, argues with lecturers right alongside me, and my ultimate last minute work partner. 

it's only until this semester that i discovered her importance. had a couple of different classes. had to work with a complete group of different people. for 2 years, usually its me and her (and chiuling! but that one go PR edi) with some different classmates. 

at least got her eh! and we know each other's 'patterns' so well that we always do good. 

until this semester. had to pair up with different people. can die ah. gonna miss you! 

next sem will be the last sem liao, here's to .. ALL THE PLANS! 

more artistically ruined pics ♥

can see the double chocolate cake behind my coffee? that one no good. too .... thick. 

the glutton exposed. 

ah. as i expected, a fun night out, updated a lot of stuff, was awhile since we got together. short and sweet, cut reallly short by the unexpected curfew but its okay, have to thank andrew the driver of the night for putting in so much effort to give me a happy birthday. love you guys!

presents from them:
and this card. where sandra "BURNED HER FINGERS" and "SACRIFICED HOURS". eee how can i ever pay u guys back laaaa. 

in a bid to create one of my longest posts ever, i haf decided to combine the celebrations into 1 fat post. (actually there's still dinner with family which you can read about in grace's blog and a simple celebration with the hhsb-ians. so touched :') and a present from the ji muis! haven't gotten pics of that day though. love all of you. i'm serious.)

hahah so on 2nd July 2012, i got back from dinner with sandra and the bunch, dragged myself up 4 flights of stairs, opened the door, and found this:
for a moment i thought something was hiding under my blankets. HAHAHA. pam laughed so hard at my reaction. those girls! their.. lung capacity must be so good! sorry ah my room kinda threadbare looking. had to move out for renovations last sem break mahh, so i didn't put in effort to decorate liao. spot my medals!

i spent like... 10 minutes staring at the card, reading all the wishes on the post-its. 
and all the while pam was staring at me across the room. not really staring la, like talking about how they came to my room and decorated etc. but i can see that she's getting ready to go to the washroom. but i didn't really pay much thought to that la. why wanna go washroom but stand there make small talk. hahahahah. 

so i finished reading all the notes with their crappy writing and figuring out which note was from who, all the while talking to pam.... then liz called and asked me out for supper, so i went over to my wardrobe to change. 


until i opened my wardrobe, and all this came tumbling out:
after pam finished laughing she told me she was all the while waiting for me to open the wardrobe. -.-

then kelly, liz and chiuling came in and started taking pics! 
they blew like..a hundred balloons and wrote names of volleyball club members and drew stuff on it! 


this post is turning out more teary than i thought. 

and this card!!!!!! @@ thank you sooooo much !!! gonna keep it forever. frame it or something. 

went for birthday yamcha. by the way i locked my fb wall for my birthday. so quite a lot of people got their lazy asses down to wishing me on my phone. thanks guys :D
took a pic everyone who attended. so i can remember in the years to come. who was with me on my 21st :D

we were at al-rizwath. i went to another table to talk and when i came back, they brought the cake out, the abangs turned off the fluorescent lights, flicked on the blue "romantic" lights, and embarassing birthday song ensues from the whole mamak. THANK YOU!!!!!

after that yamcha,


they had the heart to plan another proper dinner for me! :'D

this time the venue was supposed to be secret. but so many people let the cat out of the bag. and asked me to pretend that i don't know. you know de la, that's a weakness of mine. hahahaha. they asked me to shut up and sit in the car, "don't ask so many questions!"

ladies and gentlemen, welcome to kajang. 
betcha didn't know there's a place like this! 

it's called... 21st century cafe, i think. a clubhouse with gym and pool, but most importantly, this restaurant is set amid the hills of kajang. THE VIEW IZ SO NICE!  

many commented that they thought we were at Look Out Point. 

it somehow reminds me of that place too, just more secluded and less smokers. hehe. 
and i got so fed up with the long long table with everyone facing their phones that i made full use of my birthday privileges for once. HEHEH. demanded that they give up their phones! 


the food was so so, but the atmosphere? fantastic! 

nice music, got a breeze blowing whole night long, lovely view, can lah! wilson recommends the "chicken maryland", he says that its "very worth the price". 
xing yee came over after her 8pm class! drove so fast everyone was shocked hahah. cause she departed at the same time with heng & chris. 

chris already drove at the speed of 150km/h. 

and yet xing yee arrived with ample time to sit down, order food, chit chat with us. 

we really wonder how fast she drove O.O 

thanks for coming ahhh~

bun & wilson. don't they look alike??
kelly! thanks for planning all this for me :')
chris!!! going for internship next sem. pleeease don't let this be our last outing together :( 
bon voyage! my captain for handball team heheh. have fun in paris ah! 
suzannnnne! this girl. leaving the same time as me. treasure next sem ahhhhhh. 
hairband wai hou! i prefer u with long hair eh :P 
somehow i didn't manage to take a pic with sing han that night. here's evidence that he attended!

group pic group pic! kinda blur though. 

another blurrrr group pic. we went for second round of grilled fish at ... bagan lalang? or sepang gold coast. HAHA my geography not good la, they kept mentioning different names and all. 

somehow it feels like a road trip. we drove for 45 minutes i guess, with rest stops etc. 

reminds me of the time we went tioman and pangkor. the ikan bakar and nasi lemak were quite good! 

haha don't get the impression that we're gluttons, the portion at 21st century was kinda small. #lamefoodexcuses

thank you so so much to everyone who took the time to make me feel special on my birthday! i know it's a stressful short semester with crazy workload, yet all of you came. for those who had classes till 8pm and rushed over, stanley who had club activities till 9pm and drove over, THE SACRIFICE. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. 

hopefully we still can meet up in the future la. gonna miss all of you when i leave inti. :(  

in all, a simple and perfect birthday. there's nothing more i could ask for. maybe angpaus? hahahah. no lah. 

i used to envy those people who have seemingly perfect celebrations with gorgeous decor, a convertible to drive the birthday girl in, everyone decked out in full finery, renting a ballroom, hahahahah. i changed. and this is better. 

to be surrounded by people who want the best for you, no fuss. ok la i also got lazy and didn't want to organize a party of my own hehe. but then again, its through this that you find out who makes the effort ma. you know who you are, and i love all of you! 


ah. gotta sleep already. so hungry. at this hour samor. can die. 

p.s: i forgot all those birthday cards!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! :')  thanks!!!!!