Jul 12, 2012

you may be seated.

ngek ngek. forgive me guys. i'm currently in a very "oh-no-gonna-leave-this-place-soon" kinda mood. so most of my posts will be full of "gonna miss them", "love these peeps", kinda stuff HAHAHA. oh yeah. so here's the academic awards presentation ceremony. used to think that it was lame. cause back in first sem when i got president's list, lynn was like "why attend? its boringgg"

but i went anyway. because. c'mon! it's president list :D and for a few semesters after that i didn't make it. sed story. don't remind me. even after i got dean's list i still merajuk and didn't attend. hahah lame la.

until this semester. when chiuling went all "IT'S THE LAST TIME" on me. it's time to change my mentality. whattt was i thinking. so here we are!
got shaarmen's Canon for the occasion! so catat at using it. feel like throwing it away. until Jillian came to the rescue. these few pics are just test shots, but i likey. see this one below! Soo Yi haz puff face potential!!
 yay mass commers rockeh! 
 Shuen & Chao Ling!! :D they were my lab rats for some time when i was fiddling with the camera settings. poor kids. heheh finally decided against uploading their gross pics which i took during those test shots. this is what you get when you sit beside a catated camera user. 

ta-dah! after lots of inspiring speeches, certificate giving of the Foundation graduands, President's list announcement, it's finally our turn!!!! :D
kekekeke. chiuling was so focused on remembering to "open her eyes" that she forgot to smile. aiyoh. multi task la! hahah cause during the last ceremony, in her photos, she closed her eyes. but it's okay. this time we have charissa to help us take pics! :D
and yee mun looked so pretty here! this girl, from the first sem i got to know her till now, so many changes ah. all the best in your future dear senior! will miss you guys so much :((
heheheheh. useful certs. :P
chao linggggg. last time gonna attend this together lo. don't grow so much lemons ya..
lalalala. seniors! can't believe time passes so quickly. these 2 lengluis were just a semester ahead of me. and now they're all leaving for internships and whatnot. :(( good luckkk. and charissa got presidents' honor roll! in her final semester! WOWEEE. 

time for random photos. here's the volleyball gang. actually still got mei yee and kylie. but they disappeared somewhere.
ah heng!!! he's going to Paris next sem. so we have exactly... ... 1 week left. hate farewells. hate hate hate. anyway, chiuling says he gets into the Dean's List every semester. FUHH. 
balaaa~! she had evil schemes to be the last person onstage so that the applause will be crazy loud and long. but it didn't happen :(
and yap yen! their foundation convo was at the same time too!
pam~~ keke. me haz big plans for her. also. all the best in US :'( 
as always. head for the refreshments table first. 
lalala. Dean's list photo session. which i didn't go to. can't look good in those pictures anyway. 
heheheh. here's michelle! pro setter. when ze kai and heng were queuing up, this pic is also a ploy for chiuling to skip the queue for refreshments. smoothly done indeed.
ooooh and the mass comm girls! a few other juniors didn't make it for this pic though :(
AND THIS. COMPLETELY RANDOM. they were kacau-ing about how she looked like me. and i didn't believe it until i saw her for myself. HAHAHAH actually quite alike eh. the hair and the specs :P
but she looked very young and sweet lo. nice skin samor. i just realized how OLD i look now. gotta sleep more. seriously. 
you're very lenglui too! heheh
the only guy who went onstage with a ponytail.  HAHAHA where's the hairband?
eee. their graduation gowns look very yeng lehhhh :D
 this girl. hahaha poser max lah! michelle got excellence award! which is like president's honor roll for the Hertfordshire programme. pro weihhh. train hard play hard :D

not quite sure why. i'm kinda lost for words these days. too many thoughts and feelings all jumbled up. trying to scrabble at the few rational trails left before they get cold. i feel lost. maybe i am lost. all of this is going to end really really soon. after the academic awards i went for CF farewell.

This, is reuben.
 he's one of my oldest friends in CF. apart from my second semester where he went for internship, he has always been there. like a fixture in the landscape. a cunning, full of plans, pork-guzzling fixture, that is. always there to prank James, talk about food, go on food trips, teach me Photoshop, help me out with things like "vectorize", "AI" format etc. he never says no. no matter how busy he is, he just can't reject others, hahahahaha and so everyone continues to think that he's really free. XD  also a perfectionist,

see this boardd?? these stuff are his specialty. the first time i met this guy was during the beau bristow concert preparation. met up with daniel and wendy and eu jeen. all these people for the first time hahaha. that time helped out la. so the whole night we were working and fooling around, but then i noticed this perfectionist guy working there. hahahahah. that time thought he was very quiet la. mana tau. lots of legendary pranks lah..

anyway. so that's it. he's leaving this semester. finally graduating. after 4 years of engineering programme here. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITHOUT HIS PHOTOSHOP HELP. farewells farewells. ok no more emo mode. all the best in your future rubbie! until we meet again. then.. .. pork trip lah! :D

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