Jul 30, 2012

work is.


hahah lame la what'd you expect. me iz spoiled and useless university student. used to a life of laze and comfort. used to unlimited suppers and license to sleep as much as i want. now? SO TIRED. but my typing speed improved though! ngek ngek. 16 days to go :D

and uh. number 14 to do before i leave university

14. Sit in on a lecture that's completely out of your field, but that you've always been fascinated by

ehem. there's no specific class that i'm particularly fascinated by. unless you count music which is kinda non-existent at INTI. so decided to tag along with liko when he attended his class at Taylor's last saturday. it's about economics and market shares. interesting :D the lecturer mentioned some stuff that i learnt before back in hin hua's econs elective. HAHAH so i didn't entirely forget what i learnt after all ~~~

 went on a tour around Taylor's after that. their library looks like they emptied an entire furniture store with lots of quirky chairs and tables. liko had extensive knowledge of the furniture.

"this one is good for sleeping. it supports your neck"

"you can move this one over then lie down"

"this is softer than that one"

hahah taylorians. you guys are lucky ducks.

green carpets! graceet would like this.

aih. just a lame short update before i head to work. sleepy already.


hahahha see? by this lazy post. you can see how soul-sucking working life is to me. ok la this is not really work also. part time data entry is soul sucking. i need a real job.

okay thank you bai bai.

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