Jul 22, 2012

time to post something.

ah. a few pics from the phone before i go to sleep bah. what a short but fat semester! and it ended so suddenly! luckily its stuffed full with memories so i feel its not wasted keke. so. the finals have been over for me. done 2 papers on the first day. while some are still slugging along. all the best for tomorrow! hang in there!!! feel quite sorry for them. anyway. here are some pre-finals pics. taken during study week i think. this time we only have 3 days to "study". plus i spent one of those days to submit last assignment and project, then another day to help sandra with her assignment (video! hopefully can see it by this week) and then spent the last day catching up on beauty sleep. XD

here's a quote i find quite....  meaningful:

"i hate it when ugly people say they need to catch up on their beauty sleep. dude you need to hibernate"

hahahah not meaningful la. just very very mean. 

owh so here are some late night mugging pics:
 krispy kreme? really? 75 years old already?  
aah. doughnuts always make things seem better. especially those with creamy chocolate and peanut butter fillings. or colorful sprinkles. or just a plain fat chunk of sugary goodness is enough for me :D tenkew shaarmen :)  and coffee! will serious miss these late night stuff. when i'm "afraid of the dark" and there are friends to spoil me :3

i have no idea why i seem to hang out even more during study week. here's lunch with viter. gonna dig more time to spend with these people. cendol cendol. nice to know that i still have a slight sense of direction to lead them here. hahah. cendol after nasi kandar sudah menjadi tradisi. :D order the jagung one next time!
whee wang wang. ukulele and starbucks with the volleyball gang. it seems kinda fun! and nice to play too. most importantly, it is very portable. HAHAHA #youdon'tsay ok la its easier to bring around compared to fat acoustic guitars or heavy bass guitars. different chords too. they seem to have become all the rage lately. and hor. i might sound very katak di bawah tempurung here. but sometimes starbucks really impresses me! since we ordered 8 drinks at the same time, some of the guys complained that their drinks are tasteless. for me it's alright la. so someone jokingly asked them to return their drinks to the counter and see what happens. service was so good! although it was peak hour and the baristas were all really really busy, they just patiently listened to what the guys had to say, and remade their drinks for them! and it tasted a lot better than mine. haha. good job, starbucks! :D 


*inserts crazy mugging period* 

*inserts crazy finals*

*inserts whole-nighters*

*inserts leaving exam hall early*

ah. time to pack. and farewell. 
anyway, here's a link about 50 things to do before you leave university.  after happening upon it a few weeks ago, i realized that i have already accomplished most of the stuff on the list! HEHEH. but then hor. number   

36. Play an elaborate prank on a housemate

really really interested me. this i have never done before! and since pam was leaving soon, i spent about 2 weeks planning a prank HAHAHA. but at the end. i guess playing a prank doesn't accomplish any real meaning there, and im also not quite sure how she would take it la. then since she's leaving, mistreating her before she leaves doesn't sound like a good idea hahah. maybe on the next roommate bah :( 

so just wrote a letter and these 2 balloons. that balloon on the right is really my feelings. dont know still can find a roommate like her anot. always let me turn on the lights for the whole night when i'm rushing assignments, maybe come back later than me, and we have a lot of unspoken agreements. hahah which worked out very well. have fun in U.S.! see you on fb! blog more! 

post-finals life so far:
hahah its not that i took pics of every outing i went on la. actually quite a lot of things happened on thursday and friday. but lazy to write about it. watched batman btw! the dark knight rises. everyone says "AWESOME!" "BEST TRILOGY ENDING" "GREAT!"

but i have to say, i'm kinda disappointed. the dark knight was better. the one about Joker lah. hahaha. this one, has too many loose endings, unexplained developments, rushed conclusions, copycat elements, and basically spoiled almost everything i loved about batman.

hahah. go watch for yourself la. i've seen worse trilogies, its actually a good standalone movie. but compared with my last experience, i have set a higher standard for this, and it fell short la :( still can watch though. one of the best i've seen this year, and this says a lot for today's movie industry.

hoho. its saturday morning. dimsumdimsum! since grace is not around i've taken up the responsibility of food blogger extraordinaire. haha main purpose is to make her jeles la. kl suggested that we go to where keat hin was having dimsum. so after a lot of confused directions from the boboman, (me and euniceet was thinking that it might be the place where we had it before) and we turned out to be right! heheh. the place where naimo intro-ed me to :D

its called Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum. hahaha actually googled for it. here's their blog.

somehow i think this time the food quality improved~!

egg tarts! and the thing in the background. prawns and mango! they used to have all these innovative stuff which scared me. hahahahah. but this is quite good. try it! 
fat and juicy yellow bun. waited for 30 minutes for this though. omnomnomnom. kinda worth the wait. lol
and this!!!! hahah goood stuff. bacon wrapped around pork. pork is the way to go! 
pai guat! and siew mai in the background. this place serves quite good pork. but the prawns are kinda meh. 
eee. and my favorite chee cheong fun. :D'
we were seated at this super slanted outdoor table. very chigek eating. had to hold the plate with my left hand so the soy sauce is not on one side of the plate only. 
blurred close up of my bacon baby. me want a better camera lah. sed case. 
finally! a pic of humanity! in grace's words "I WANT TO SEE PEOPLE IN MY  BLOG" 

oh then we went sunway to run some errands. i like my nails to look like m&ms. all the better for me to crave with. my first time trying out cracked nail varnish! surprisingly, kinda nice.  looks like screwed up m&ms. 

and managed to catch up with danielle and margaret over coffee in brew & bread. that danni tan is really in love with this place liao la. here's my latte. margaret's had hello kitty! deng didn't get a picture of it. 

so that pic concludes my friday and saturday. many many stuff happened. which i care not to record. sed stuff. don't mention liao la. gonna start work tomorrow! month long stint for sem break. needa earn some money :( wish me luckkk <3


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