Jul 16, 2012

general feelings of positivity

there's a story behind this sweater. since i'm feeling kinda down, i would like to tell a story. once upon a time,  all i could think about for my future after high school is NTU. Nanyang Tech in singapore. what i wanted was to continue playing french horn and at the same time pursue a degree in mass comm. anyway that seemed like the best decision back then. me and yew had the same goals, and our results weren't too bad either. siau li had gotten in, and i really really wanted to go there. even went ntu for a short trip to get a feel of that place. huge libraries, numerous different cafeterias, had to take buses between faculties... ... the very picture of what i imagined universities to be like.
anyway, to cut it short, my application was rejected. both of us were rejected la. he left for taiwan. me, in disappointment and rushed for decision, finally decided on inti. back then it felt like the end of the world. i was so sure that i would be accepted into ntu that i didn't even have a back-up plan.
hated inti so much that i skipped orientation.
and sulked around for the first week of class.
hahahaha. how i acted two years ago was kinda lame.
anyway, things changed when i met chiuling in the very first class and found out that she likes volleyball too! at least got a few new friends la.

(inserts 2 years of crazy uni life)

been some time since i gave thought to my aspirations back then. things have changed, haven't they?
much as inti annoys me sometimes, i really enjoyed my time at this place.

friday night we attended a concert by hhsb and a taiwan band. and siauli gave me my 21st birthday present.
smiling the whole night HAHAHAHAHAH.

everything just reminded me how much i have changed. although back then i thought its the worst shit that happened to me, but now, i think inti has helped me to find who i really am. perhaps i wasn't ready for the cold cruel world of singapore. maybe my personality and character couldn't take the high-pressure there. inti was fun and warm, in its own malaysian way. aah. lost track of what i was about to say.

hehe. thank you siau li for the lovely present, and your encouragement.

one of the best things in life, is having friends with you through thick or thin :D sometimes unexpectedly out of nowhere you're reminded of them through the simplest things, and be able to smile at the memory it triggered.

ah. life used to be so simple.

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