Jul 12, 2012

finally i can see you crystal clear.

ah. and i thought it was thursday already. hectic week! and a hectic week calls for frequent blog posts! 
okonomiyaki. HAHAHAHAH don't know what it is called la. some sort of japanese pancake thingy. i managed to attend the foundation students' event! a fund raising funfair for refugees. "You Will Never Walk Alone". the proceeds go to UNHCR. I'm really really proud of them! hahah cause they're from an orientation which i was involved in. Sounds stupid but somehow I feel like they're my kids :')

anyway. from watching their "new and scared faces" when they first stepped in INTI, and now the confidence in organizing an event of this scale, fuiyoh! had games, stalls, performances, great deco... ... so many people were talking about it! before that got flash mob samor. congratulations on a job well done!
 really good food too! got some sort of cheesy prawns, waffle sticks, nice sweet potato balls.... ...ah. that's what all events really need. lovely, crispy, tasty, glorious, juicy food. LOTS OF EM'. and you're done! 
sandra being food model for the day :P
heheheh. and my campaign too. a project for copywriting class. will blog more about that if i have the time. hieh hieh. today is friday! with 3 presentations, 1 assignment and 1 project. all in one day. and freedom after that!!! for exactly 5 days. then finals. i love myself. and my procrastination skills.

how's life? 

this question. haven't asked it for quite awhile. sometimes we get too preoccupied with ourselves to truly care about others, sit down and get to know what they've been up to. you think you're going through shit? others might be going through worse. put others before you. :) it's always easier. and you won't spend so much time feeling sorry for yourself :D moreover, you might find yourself feeling happier cause your situation isn't as bad you thought :P keke.

the chinese do have a point. "see open a bit", then things will be clearer. crystal clear.

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