Jul 8, 2012

and my hands hurt.

ah. one lovely short semester. without realizing it, today marks the 6th week of the semester. 3 presentations,  2 assignments and 1 project to go. all in this week. and then here come finals! had been having too much fun to notice time passing. been quite emo-ish lately. next semester will be my last semester in INTI. and so many friends are leaving! some for internships, some for semester abroad programmes. paris! lucky ducks. 

but anyway. no regrets! had the most fun i could. hahah. and here's a few stuff i had been working on. presented my magazine concept the other day. i do like compliments! since everyone else seem to be working on women's fashion magazines or football magazines, i decided to go all lame and do something more... doable in our situation. i think Daniel once mentioned Reuben's plans to start a food blog around Nilai. And almost everyday i hear some people commenting about the good food here and there. guess INTIans here aren't picky people. so decided to create a magazine concept based on that. and JUICE. high quality neighbourhood magazines! :D actually the more i work on it, the more i like it. would be fun if this really comes into print :)
anyway. ignore the Dato' steven. hahahha.

and a few copywriting works in class. not our best work. produced in between facebook discussions under an hour. but kinda fun! 

this one was for "a publisher client who wants to identify why students don't buy original textbooks and then produce an ad for it." 
kinda.. bloody. lol

and this one!
for.... INTI. i think. hahaha. 

campaign! this project was basically to highlight a problem in INTI and then raise awareness on it. Mr. Kevin was mentioning stuff like smoking in toilets etc. that day i was kinda sick so just decided to join minmin's group. the problem we gonna highlight is the tendency for college students to skip breakfast. actually, i'm one of those people :( 
So here it is. Skip Me Not!we had all sorts of things lined up. a very short 2 hour campaign this tuesday. 
drop by if you're free! :D

milk cartons! download and fold them if you want hahaha. or get them from our booth! :D

I didn't know that O.o
should start eating more breakfast haih.

also thanks to all who helped me out! showed me where the affordable stuff were, supported the fan page, and even spent some time spreading the word. i love you all! :D
aah. another weekend gone. happy monday! 

if you're having monday blues, like our page here and i guarantee a better mood instantly! HAHAHA. 

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