Jul 31, 2012

and i pronounce you...

pheeewit. last weekend met up with my birthday gang for dinner. :D was torn between sushi zanmai for soft shell crab or burgerlab. that place. has gotten wayy too much publicity. ever since i liked their page on facebook, every night was a torture. looking at pics of gorgeous sexy burgers in the middle of the night is not a good idea. trust me. 

so annoying andrew decided that he wants burgerlab instead of soft shell crab. here we go then. 

reached there around eight-ish due to lame directions from GPS of the day. nico didn't do his homework. lately i have gotten an aversion to useless detours. or getting lost. oh boy. petrol prices ain't joking. never mind lah. the important thing is we got there in the end. ngek ngek. its in seapark. take note, kids. 

found a lovely parking spot right in front of the place. that's not my car by the way. was shocked by the crowd. 
i find the red cloth kinda distracting from the overall design.  

queuing up for our turn. benches are placed outdoors for hardcore burger lovers. 

young and noisy crowd. all willing to wait.  all not willing to give up their seats. 

the menu! lookie at the prices. extra rm5 for fries and free flow of drinks. the fries are worth it. trust me ;D
stood around waiting for a table for 5. there's no clear system for getting seats. you have to run and grab. I HATE THIS METHOD. so rude. ergh. was so tired from work and all, starving too. yet had to stand there over some people's seats and give them that look to hint. don't like. :( they paid for their food too. burgerlab please get more seats for your patrons!

anyway. if there were more seats, it's kinda nice. cause there's this 45minute wait for the burgers, most people (those with seats, anyway) are chugging away at the free drinks and generally having fun, chatting, etc. potential hangout. IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE SEATS. 

*waits and waits*

*and waits*

*owh there's a seat!*

*its okay nevermind, some lady practically ran and dived for it before we could blink*

*cycle repeats itself for 2 more tables*


*kiasu spirit wins out over pretenses of manners*


and our burgers were done too! they will shout your name "calling for nico, calling for nico", then you go grab your orders. yay yay. 

my A+ burger. beefff, cheese, crunchy fried mushrooms, caramelised onions, tomatoes, lettuce. OWH THE CARAMELISED ONIONS. DON'T  GET ME STARTED. had been thinking about them the whole day :D  the beef was soft and juicy, the charcoal bun was funny to look at but kinda yummeh, the caramelised onions. dont know how to describe. they were lovely *tears of joy* 

 ugly fella with his Beautiful Mess. we can't believe how fat and thick the burger was. :O his burger had cheese and portobello mushrooms. thicker than mine. 

side view. actually i miss this very much :(

andrew and nicole came a bit later. sandra's chikin A+ was kinda white. hahahah. but nice la nice. halal place. kinda craving for pork though. anyway, turned out that this place was the brainchild of a bunch of Ultimate players. no wonder most of the them looked quite familiar. then someone produced a frisbee.


i wonder what's with frisbee players and burger fixations. hmmm. 

here's another view of my baby. hahaha. spot the fries! i forgot to take a pic of em'. specifically, the sauce. they came with some reddish creamy sauce. spicy but creamy! dang. this is difficult to describe. i feel like.. its red wasabi with mayonnaise. not sure whether that's the truth.  got red wasabi de meh? cleaned up my entire sauce platter and was dipping in sandra's before she can give me the death stare. try it try it! 

in all, i guess i would go back again, without hesitation, IF ONLY there were more seats. and faster kitchen preparation. or else i would recommend you to eat something light before heading there. and be prepared to camp out at the entrance of the restaurant. the crowd is kinda young. bustling place. don't expect romantic candlelit stuff. quirky decors. bring your DSLR bah. 

owh. here are the directions to the place. stupid me didn't check this map properly before heading out that day. don't do the same mistake as i did. petrol IZ expensive. 

ah. not much pics of the night. but since andrew and nico were on internship, i'm working part time and sandra gonna start her job soon, i feel like this outing is like a practice of how its going to be when all of us finally leave college and enter the workforce for real. bitch about our jobs or showoff what's new with our careers or just genuinely catch up with each other's lives.

take care! :D

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