Jun 14, 2012

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time to unload some photos from my phone. hehe here are a couple of pics from the recent ICF exhibition board! huge fat thanks to all who willingly turned up to help me :'D and reuben who did most of the hard work. i feel like a tyrant. 
now only i realized that my phone camera so blur de. :( but cut out numbers look so pretty!
benjamin giving his sissiest expression while lionel works hard.  poor kid. 
hehehe my google map icon thingy. the board was a map of nilai area, then with this google map icon saying "God first". meant to show that.. no matter which road leads you to, perhaps to food or games or entertainment or whatever, God always comes first :D tenkew everyone!

owh the pail of eggy tart. i ate it. 
second hand book fair! somehow this reminds me of danni, raven and margaret. i miss you guys. 
inilah craving saya yang finally difulfillkan! this craving. unspoken and nurtured for MONTHS. i'm impressed at my self-control. HAHAHHA. until the weather pushed me over the edge and being surrounded by gluttons doesn't help. i love exhibition week! you get to hang out at air-conditioned areas, you are guaranteed of good company, you have a good excuse not to go back and swelter in your room, you are prone to random but exciting outings! liz was ALWAYS supportive of my cravings =.= then suz and kelly also up for anything. then honda insight chris and mercedes heng also on woh! haha so the random outing came true. been a while since we hung out so randomly. happy kid here. heheh. 

did you guys know that there were no more cookie crumble topping on offer at tutti fruitti?? emo die me. 

owh. now this short semester is very very short. i'm in my 7th semester liao. 3rd year! so old! and taking my first major subject. chose to major in advertising just because i heard the lecturer's really good. hahaha. no qualms about that choice too. PR's not for me, and journalism seems... interesting but i want to try other things first lah~ hehehe. surprisingly i enjoy advertising a lot. quite a challenging and fun thing, i'd say. so far so good! :D happy semester. 

but sad news. today, a lecturer announced that he won't be in class for the whole of week 6. (now is week 3 by the way) after our cheers, he continued, "so i want you guys to submit everything before that." 1 magazine, 2 full research papers. 

hi, cavemen. 

here's to a lovely week of mugging, cf committee retreat, sports fiesta, inti volleyball open, and a secret event! :D


  1. next time if there's a second hand book fair please ask me along!

    1. lol.. paiseh ah! second hand book fair kat inti every semester de! :P nvm if got book fair sure drag u along one :D