Jun 18, 2012

me iz ready for summer.

hahaha saw this post at 9gag. KEWT DIE ME! if only harry was that cute. ceh. now all he does is being sarcastic.


to avoid this post turning into a pointless post, i shall ramble a bit about what i've been doing lately. pampering friends & family is a fun activity. better than pampering myself. hahaha. debating with lecturers not bad too. very... intellectually stimulating kekeke. also after a long and fun weekend at genting for cf committee retreat (we tried all the rides! and flying coaster is included in theme park tickets now! the weather so nice!) and father's day with a family dinner (aunt is back from Oz! durians! roast pork! roast duck! cute babies! ) and then a lazy day at home and random outings with graceet, i came to a sudden realization that this week will be hell. weekends have a way of making you forget about reality. this is not a matter of time management. this is a matter of time machine. hahah! as the to-do list never seems to shrink no matter what i do, it is time to sit back and chill lah! already half the semester gone D: let's ace third year with pride!

hari ini, i have come to a conclusion.
unbelievable as it seems, wishes do come true :)

whee wang wang.

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