Jun 13, 2012


time for a blog post again! was a horribly hot day. how ya guys surviving the weather? gosh are we seriously discussing weather on my blog? :O  global warming is making its statement, loud and clear. can't even stay in my room.. and its 10pm! supposed to be nice and cool night bah. went out for portugal vs denmark match. kekeke. long time no watch football liao. the last i watched was fifa finals.. and that bored me. luckily this match was kinda exciting. uh yeah. christiano ronaldo looked like a sulky kid though. poor guy. so much pressure on him. he seemed to be more like the laidback MVP type to me, rather than the inspiring team captain role. so now he stress loh. hahaha. ok lah who's me to give comments at all. 

oh so here's my saturday! for the whole week, one of my lecturers had been bugging us to submit a video for a contest cum assignment. but halfway through some classmates managed to convince him to let us submit script as assignment only lah. so at the end, no one was planning to do video at all. except for me. would've done it if i wasn't so swamped with other stuff. but subconciously, i was toying with the idea for the whole week. to begin with, my script seemed like too much work, and i'm the kind of person who likes to complete things without hoo-ha or attracting attention. for example, i don't want to video something with the whole street watching. but my script took a lot of editing until it became "executable". until friday night. (the deadline was sunday btw) i reached home after yamcha session with nico. missed that lelaki tak kurus!! sat there. thought about it. then started preparations. until 5am. there's last minute work for you! woke up at 7am. drove the youths to FGA at old klang road. drove straight to the real klang, picked raven up, went to a few primary schools, realized that our attire wasn't exactly following their guidelines (shorts and slippers lol i forgot! the weather so hot what to do woh). so finally we went back to my lovely high school. hehehe. hin hua rocks!! but still feel kinda guilty. outfit also doesn't follow hh guidelines. but at least.. more like home bah. so we chose a classroom, and i started video-ing alone. while raven walked around and more or less talked to herself and sometimes to me, reminiscing about the good old days. coincidentally (on purpose actually) the classroom i picked was our classroom during Junior 2. SO MANY MEMORIES. 
here's the SPM tuition block. we would have classes from 7am-3:30pm. then go to compulsory SPM tuition from 6pm-9pm. so our class basically goofs off all the time. who has the strength to continue woh? only those science kids. and train volleyball like hell. that's how my class got champion for both male and female volleyball teams during Senior 2. AAAAH the memories. this place :)) 
 a few pics i stole off raven's camera: 
hiding books in the desk. not exactly hiding. just... .. storing. we didn't have lockers, so that's like our storeroom loh. sometimes when the higher powers would come checking and confiscating, we got more creative. usually that's when the top of the black board and recycling bins would come in handy. hehehe. that's how my backpack managed to stay feather light throughout the senior years.
fames teacher. nuff' said. 
ee this one! didn't get to use it after the junior years. so dusty. part of the tall kids' duty bah. after you dusted the duster and all, the teacher would reach the classroom in time and you have to study with dusty hands. hated blackboard duty. but now.. like relic lah! i think it would become extinct very very soon.  

i finished filming in record time and walked around school grounds for awhile. there were still a lot of kids around even though holidays were ongoing. true hin hua spirit! :D 
since its been AGES since we went out together, bought raven to the new setia city mall. she chose Delicious for lunch. expensive tastes indeed. The founder of Delicious was also the founder of Ben's, Plan B, Ben's Independent Grocer's! all very unique restaurants in Malaysia's makan scene. but now since Delicious is sold off, let's see how the taste is maintained. 
still pretty decors!
likey the tree and cages. 
this girl is becoming a real poser. 
ugh. high time for a hair cut. raven said can upload this pic "of us" on facebook since can see her shoulder -.-

heheheh. SHE SAID I'M 阳光! babi that fella. you think we're in taiwan meh. in hong kong it's called 古铜色! but everyone knows what that means in malaysia! :(
whatever lah. she became so thin and fair! while me. those redang trips aren't helping. hahahah. totally regretted that “晒均匀计划” :((
long time no camwhore so unabashedly. she brings out my camwhore spirit. maybe its the camera too. bbbut we look so nice!

finally the food iz here. guess what i ordered:
hahaha if you notice there's been an overflow of cheeseburgers in my food choices lately. and here's the reason it all came to be. what are sliders! i wanna get em'! all things bacon, beef, and cheese. life is perfect. the tomato paste that came with the fries is cold though. very cold. just-came-out-of-refrigerator-cold. minus marks! plus the patty was kinda tasteless. ben's cheeseburger ftw!
raven's beef pasta. reminds me of those yellow noodles. ew max. 
emo shot. 
lovvve the decor! . 
after the lunch, i remembered that i needed to buy something so hopped over to Aeon bukit tinggi. the "old place" lol. then all too soon it was approaching 4pm and i had to drive the youths from FGA to Bukit Jalil. so dropped raven off, then hit the road. was so fatigued at that moment, that i fell asleep. scare of my life seriously. hard lesson learnt. thank God that nothing happened. ladies and gentlemen, just stop the car and get some Mountain Dew the moment you know you can't stay awake. slapping yourself doesn't work :(
drove them there, got myself someplace with air cond and wifi to continue editing the video, submitted my work, then went over the Bukit Jalil Stadium to attend the last few minutes of the conference. M4J seriously rocks this year. More of a healing crusade than conference. previous years i went were all conferences. after all these years of taking, it's time for us to give. seeing youths pray for those in need and sicknesses healed, it was amazing! thousands upon thousands attending, all on fire for God, seeing Christ work in their lives... ... kinda wonderful feeling. i'm proud of them!!!  started raining the moment the crusade ended. met Hosea too! he said his friend had a vision of him the night before so asked him to come along for this last night. so long time didn't see him in CF liao loh. hehe. but after that had to meet up with the others in the rain, luckily euniceet drove this time.

such a packed day. by the time i got home... ... it's like. liver pecah.

now also liver pecah loh. congratulations to portugal for the win! and goodnight! :D


  1. I <3 this post babeeehhh (ew -.-) TROLOLOL
    And I <3 your label for this post too :D
    Realized that my english is getting poorer + more and more cacat as I was reading your post :(
    Anyway... Me likey you very de much~~~ Always bringing joy to me and would call me whenever you see my emo blog posts and fb status... Thank you, heheh :)

    -My skin looked sibeh horrible in some of the photos
    -When have you started using "bah"? Have been mixing a lot with Sabah-ans??? 0.0

  2. WOW. how did you know that? sabahans are nice people, they taught me the "bah"! hahahha. lol lazy photoshop much, picasa can't edit properly too :(
    sorry babe, next time photoshop you nicely <3

  3. Yo saw your video on the website. It was pretty cool! :) I wished you won the prize though I know that was not your intention. Good luck.

  4. eee! tenkew :D *fingers crossed*