Jun 12, 2012

banana overtime!

hehehe felt kinda guilty after reading graceet's blog. she updates her blog so semangatly and regularly, while i just post dusty nonsense. since the pics were just lying on my desktop, it's time to add more junk and take up more bandwidth to the world wide web. last week was ICF camp (more on that later), i didn't go home for the weekend. these weekends away always makes the heart grow fonder. firstly there're the unlimited fruits. bananahs, to be exact. 
trying out the macro mode of sukkie's camera. kinda impressed! 
i spent my weekend very fruitfully. shall separate it into 2 posts. this is sunday. Secondly is the hangouts. they wanted to go 1U for Madagascar 3. heheh losers! all thanks to sandra I managed to watch it on the first day its shown. for free! so anyway, i tagged along for the dinner and window shopped alone while they enjoyed the movie. hehehehe. "americano trrrapeeezzzo? " 
me with the wallet/purse/phone pouch thing that we got for euniceet. actually i forgot the reason we bought it. i thought just to cheer her up. mana tau according to grace's blog, its her belated birthday present. seriously? sorry euniceet. hope you like it! the pale pink so nice weih :D
wrote it hurriedly with my last piece of Post-It. these Post-Its were not ordinary Post-Its! ling2 bought them for me from taiwan. i think i kept them for like.. 4 years. and now down to its last piece....  : /  .....
 hahaha i attach feelings to the weirdest things lah
pasta zanmai for dinner! this has got to be one of my... most frequented restaurants ever. won't get tired of the sesame sauce salad!

hohoho. lemon drink bought using Danielle's shojikiya rm5 voucher. tenkew Danni <3<3<3
i have a ... penchant for the lemony gassy drinks.
oooooooh look at that EGG! so juicy. 
personally found this food arrangement kinda.. disturbing. lol
pizza. very nice ones too. i shall order this the next time. 
rather than this unagi rice. no nice one. lol. had cravings for unagi bah. but the rice kinda spoiled it. maybe with pasta? but got nearly rm10 difference between rice and pasta though. hmm. 
inilah graceet's mushroom and chikin pasta. lovvve the mushrooms but the chickens? nah. 

not much other pics though. wandered around 1U alone.. had lots of fun window shopping then hanging out at MPH. "STARTERS" is finally out! but costs rm49.50 for now though. :( let's wait and see whether the price will get cheaper. read more about it here. had been waiting for this book to be available in Malaysia for soooo long! heheheh. 
supposedly it will appeal to Hunger Games fans lah. hopefully it won't have a messy ending like HG, but the first few pages already seem promising! :D

finally rushed to sun moulin to pick up some roti-roti. days at Nilai without yummy food can be taxing on the soul. lookie at that egg tart! like a mini pail of eggy custard. 
so that's for sunday night. can't be bothered to blog more now. this semester workload and weather is killing me. fuh. go get some cendol!!! 

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