Jun 26, 2012

Jun 22, 2012

and there goes the last Sports Fiesta.

fond of sports? HAHAHAHAH. this tagline was on the board publicizing sports fiesta week. who on earth uses "fond" as a word for sports anyway? kinda cute. lol. 

anyway, was a very... sporty week for me. the student government organizes Sports Fiesta as a sort of uni sports day every year. last year used to have stuff like track etc. but this year just lots and lots of ball games! futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball, frisbee, badminton, etc etc etc. much as i hate to admit it, but i will miss my life at inti. and thus spent a lot of time treasuring every moment here. second last sem here eh! so this time i agreed to participate in handball too! 

sadly, inti volleyball open tournament is this coming weekend, so we decided to change the usual mixed team sports fiesta style. kinda syok sendiri cause almost every team consists of volleyball club members. here's my team!
girls in black, they call us. kylie, shirley, mei yee, hong li and meee! we got second place! hahah. female competition is held on tuesday, then guys matches are on thursday. but handball is on both days though! very tiring for me on tuesday cause i have to run between the two courts to play. first time playing handball eh! 

here're my handball teammates: 
actually most of us are from volleyball team lah, just kah hou and shaun are not included. the complete group photo isn't on facebook yet. hahah sorry so not posting here. we played without high hopes though. cause we only practiced handball once, and that time very embarrassing game lah! blur and funny. so hor. went in with the preparation of being bullied. but unexpectedly wilson, ze kai, and sien han became very very pro! vincent also not bad, with his basketball skills. not to mention ah heng and stanley (he couldn't make it on the second day)'s superb keeper techniques! so we won 6 games out of 7 matches, second place eh! hahah miracles do happen! :DD handball is enjoyable in the sense that its good for releasing anger. they actually hug and drag and push people around. @@ no wonder those handball people keep posting about new injuries for the week. i got lots of battlescars from the game too!  #proudofmyself

during practice, i kept muttering "wah handball so ganas i dowan play liao!". didn't really meant it, but at the same time, watching those people being so violent its kinda scary. all friendship outta window. someone just said to me, "if you don't play now, imagine a year from now, you will be just sitting at home eating dinner". :(
imagining that just bored me. live the most comfort zone breaking life you can now!!! :D

wednesday was Orientation Night! haha my first O'Night eh. previous years i either refused to go or slept though it, despite sandra's pleas for me to attend. since this year Nian Fong is participating, mana boleh absent! so Volleyball Club went in a whole fat bunch of 40 people, reserved seats and all... .. fuyoh. sadly, he lost. sucky judges! O'Night was impressive in terms of programme flow, guest performances, props and music, etc. Shaarmen was really really good as emcee too! but ah. those judges. can go jump off a cliff somewhere lah. very very disappointing results. not that i'm biased towards my friend lah, but some results, such as Mr. Talent, Ms Photogenic.... ewww. 
F1! everyone says she kinda cute. this is the Egyptian theme. 
see he's so hot!!! how can he lose :((
Jack and Rose for the Titanic theme. they look so good together!
Greek mythical gods theme. they seemed to have gotten a lot of the gods names wrong. hahahah
their costumes actually very very yeng. as the emcees kept repeating, "handmade by our committees!" HAHAHAHA. impressive though. the TRON theme of glowing outfits also wow-ed the hall. nice catwalking by the participants, but during the talent showcase and Q&A sessions, its like... embarrassment showcase loh. read this somewhere, felt that its very true: 

"it's funny how we choose our presidents based on their looks and Miss Universes based on their brains." 

 in all, one of the best organized events i've ever attended in INTI, but then again, they could do with a better air-conditioning system though. HAHAHA
day 2 of sports fiesta. thursday. here's us rushing to take picture with the MR. INTI of our hearts. hahaha
today is male match ma, at first only got teams made up of volleyball club members only, but then again, a miracle happened! lol ryan and eu jeen insisted on forming a team to join, so here's the frisbee team. (from the top left) yat sin, say khuan, ryan, daniel, eu jeen, chang meng and amos. was kinda worried about them playing though. cause except for daniel and say khuan, the rest don't have volleyball basics at all. HAHAHAH during training Amos kept grabbing his hand and yelling in pain. loll
on thursday they came back from frisbee tournament and starting playing for volleyball. actually their playing surpassed my expectations! quite steady and gave the other guys a good match :D 

here's their team photo. good job guys! (after volleyball they went for handball too. iron men indeed!)

and all those sports events mean that we get hungry easily. so endless supper sessions! almost everyday i eat a lot for supper, expecting to stay up late and do assignments. participating in all those sports events also mean that i'm tired. at the end i just go to sleep after yawning my head off. the fatness i cannot even imagine. 

ok. gotta sleep now. my last volleyball tournament is tomorrow! spent so much time training for it :(  there was a time i almost cried from the exhaustion of that and everything else. but since its the last time, i guess giving my all is worth it! :D is the poster nice? :P

sadly hsi theng sprained her ankle during sports fiesta. of all things, sports fiesta -.- then some pro players had to go home to celebrate bak zhang day, go on class field trips, take insurance exam, etc. :( i hopeeeee we can do well! inti fighting! 

nights :DDD

Jun 18, 2012

me iz ready for summer.

hahaha saw this post at 9gag. KEWT DIE ME! if only harry was that cute. ceh. now all he does is being sarcastic.


to avoid this post turning into a pointless post, i shall ramble a bit about what i've been doing lately. pampering friends & family is a fun activity. better than pampering myself. hahaha. debating with lecturers not bad too. very... intellectually stimulating kekeke. also after a long and fun weekend at genting for cf committee retreat (we tried all the rides! and flying coaster is included in theme park tickets now! the weather so nice!) and father's day with a family dinner (aunt is back from Oz! durians! roast pork! roast duck! cute babies! ) and then a lazy day at home and random outings with graceet, i came to a sudden realization that this week will be hell. weekends have a way of making you forget about reality. this is not a matter of time management. this is a matter of time machine. hahah! as the to-do list never seems to shrink no matter what i do, it is time to sit back and chill lah! already half the semester gone D: let's ace third year with pride!

hari ini, i have come to a conclusion.
unbelievable as it seems, wishes do come true :)

whee wang wang.

Jun 14, 2012

share your thoughts with us.

time to unload some photos from my phone. hehe here are a couple of pics from the recent ICF exhibition board! huge fat thanks to all who willingly turned up to help me :'D and reuben who did most of the hard work. i feel like a tyrant. 
now only i realized that my phone camera so blur de. :( but cut out numbers look so pretty!
benjamin giving his sissiest expression while lionel works hard.  poor kid. 
hehehe my google map icon thingy. the board was a map of nilai area, then with this google map icon saying "God first". meant to show that.. no matter which road leads you to, perhaps to food or games or entertainment or whatever, God always comes first :D tenkew everyone!

owh the pail of eggy tart. i ate it. 
second hand book fair! somehow this reminds me of danni, raven and margaret. i miss you guys. 
inilah craving saya yang finally difulfillkan! this craving. unspoken and nurtured for MONTHS. i'm impressed at my self-control. HAHAHHA. until the weather pushed me over the edge and being surrounded by gluttons doesn't help. i love exhibition week! you get to hang out at air-conditioned areas, you are guaranteed of good company, you have a good excuse not to go back and swelter in your room, you are prone to random but exciting outings! liz was ALWAYS supportive of my cravings =.= then suz and kelly also up for anything. then honda insight chris and mercedes heng also on woh! haha so the random outing came true. been a while since we hung out so randomly. happy kid here. heheh. 

did you guys know that there were no more cookie crumble topping on offer at tutti fruitti?? emo die me. 

owh. now this short semester is very very short. i'm in my 7th semester liao. 3rd year! so old! and taking my first major subject. chose to major in advertising just because i heard the lecturer's really good. hahaha. no qualms about that choice too. PR's not for me, and journalism seems... interesting but i want to try other things first lah~ hehehe. surprisingly i enjoy advertising a lot. quite a challenging and fun thing, i'd say. so far so good! :D happy semester. 

but sad news. today, a lecturer announced that he won't be in class for the whole of week 6. (now is week 3 by the way) after our cheers, he continued, "so i want you guys to submit everything before that." 1 magazine, 2 full research papers. 

hi, cavemen. 

here's to a lovely week of mugging, cf committee retreat, sports fiesta, inti volleyball open, and a secret event! :D

Jun 13, 2012


time for a blog post again! was a horribly hot day. how ya guys surviving the weather? gosh are we seriously discussing weather on my blog? :O  global warming is making its statement, loud and clear. can't even stay in my room.. and its 10pm! supposed to be nice and cool night bah. went out for portugal vs denmark match. kekeke. long time no watch football liao. the last i watched was fifa finals.. and that bored me. luckily this match was kinda exciting. uh yeah. christiano ronaldo looked like a sulky kid though. poor guy. so much pressure on him. he seemed to be more like the laidback MVP type to me, rather than the inspiring team captain role. so now he stress loh. hahaha. ok lah who's me to give comments at all. 

oh so here's my saturday! for the whole week, one of my lecturers had been bugging us to submit a video for a contest cum assignment. but halfway through some classmates managed to convince him to let us submit script as assignment only lah. so at the end, no one was planning to do video at all. except for me. would've done it if i wasn't so swamped with other stuff. but subconciously, i was toying with the idea for the whole week. to begin with, my script seemed like too much work, and i'm the kind of person who likes to complete things without hoo-ha or attracting attention. for example, i don't want to video something with the whole street watching. but my script took a lot of editing until it became "executable". until friday night. (the deadline was sunday btw) i reached home after yamcha session with nico. missed that lelaki tak kurus!! sat there. thought about it. then started preparations. until 5am. there's last minute work for you! woke up at 7am. drove the youths to FGA at old klang road. drove straight to the real klang, picked raven up, went to a few primary schools, realized that our attire wasn't exactly following their guidelines (shorts and slippers lol i forgot! the weather so hot what to do woh). so finally we went back to my lovely high school. hehehe. hin hua rocks!! but still feel kinda guilty. outfit also doesn't follow hh guidelines. but at least.. more like home bah. so we chose a classroom, and i started video-ing alone. while raven walked around and more or less talked to herself and sometimes to me, reminiscing about the good old days. coincidentally (on purpose actually) the classroom i picked was our classroom during Junior 2. SO MANY MEMORIES. 
here's the SPM tuition block. we would have classes from 7am-3:30pm. then go to compulsory SPM tuition from 6pm-9pm. so our class basically goofs off all the time. who has the strength to continue woh? only those science kids. and train volleyball like hell. that's how my class got champion for both male and female volleyball teams during Senior 2. AAAAH the memories. this place :)) 
 a few pics i stole off raven's camera: 
hiding books in the desk. not exactly hiding. just... .. storing. we didn't have lockers, so that's like our storeroom loh. sometimes when the higher powers would come checking and confiscating, we got more creative. usually that's when the top of the black board and recycling bins would come in handy. hehehe. that's how my backpack managed to stay feather light throughout the senior years.
fames teacher. nuff' said. 
ee this one! didn't get to use it after the junior years. so dusty. part of the tall kids' duty bah. after you dusted the duster and all, the teacher would reach the classroom in time and you have to study with dusty hands. hated blackboard duty. but now.. like relic lah! i think it would become extinct very very soon.  

i finished filming in record time and walked around school grounds for awhile. there were still a lot of kids around even though holidays were ongoing. true hin hua spirit! :D 
since its been AGES since we went out together, bought raven to the new setia city mall. she chose Delicious for lunch. expensive tastes indeed. The founder of Delicious was also the founder of Ben's, Plan B, Ben's Independent Grocer's! all very unique restaurants in Malaysia's makan scene. but now since Delicious is sold off, let's see how the taste is maintained. 
still pretty decors!
likey the tree and cages. 
this girl is becoming a real poser. 
ugh. high time for a hair cut. raven said can upload this pic "of us" on facebook since can see her shoulder -.-

heheheh. SHE SAID I'M 阳光! babi that fella. you think we're in taiwan meh. in hong kong it's called 古铜色! but everyone knows what that means in malaysia! :(
whatever lah. she became so thin and fair! while me. those redang trips aren't helping. hahahah. totally regretted that “晒均匀计划” :((
long time no camwhore so unabashedly. she brings out my camwhore spirit. maybe its the camera too. bbbut we look so nice!

finally the food iz here. guess what i ordered:
hahaha if you notice there's been an overflow of cheeseburgers in my food choices lately. and here's the reason it all came to be. what are sliders! i wanna get em'! all things bacon, beef, and cheese. life is perfect. the tomato paste that came with the fries is cold though. very cold. just-came-out-of-refrigerator-cold. minus marks! plus the patty was kinda tasteless. ben's cheeseburger ftw!
raven's beef pasta. reminds me of those yellow noodles. ew max. 
emo shot. 
lovvve the decor! . 
after the lunch, i remembered that i needed to buy something so hopped over to Aeon bukit tinggi. the "old place" lol. then all too soon it was approaching 4pm and i had to drive the youths from FGA to Bukit Jalil. so dropped raven off, then hit the road. was so fatigued at that moment, that i fell asleep. scare of my life seriously. hard lesson learnt. thank God that nothing happened. ladies and gentlemen, just stop the car and get some Mountain Dew the moment you know you can't stay awake. slapping yourself doesn't work :(
drove them there, got myself someplace with air cond and wifi to continue editing the video, submitted my work, then went over the Bukit Jalil Stadium to attend the last few minutes of the conference. M4J seriously rocks this year. More of a healing crusade than conference. previous years i went were all conferences. after all these years of taking, it's time for us to give. seeing youths pray for those in need and sicknesses healed, it was amazing! thousands upon thousands attending, all on fire for God, seeing Christ work in their lives... ... kinda wonderful feeling. i'm proud of them!!!  started raining the moment the crusade ended. met Hosea too! he said his friend had a vision of him the night before so asked him to come along for this last night. so long time didn't see him in CF liao loh. hehe. but after that had to meet up with the others in the rain, luckily euniceet drove this time.

such a packed day. by the time i got home... ... it's like. liver pecah.

now also liver pecah loh. congratulations to portugal for the win! and goodnight! :D

Jun 12, 2012

banana overtime!

hehehe felt kinda guilty after reading graceet's blog. she updates her blog so semangatly and regularly, while i just post dusty nonsense. since the pics were just lying on my desktop, it's time to add more junk and take up more bandwidth to the world wide web. last week was ICF camp (more on that later), i didn't go home for the weekend. these weekends away always makes the heart grow fonder. firstly there're the unlimited fruits. bananahs, to be exact. 
trying out the macro mode of sukkie's camera. kinda impressed! 
i spent my weekend very fruitfully. shall separate it into 2 posts. this is sunday. Secondly is the hangouts. they wanted to go 1U for Madagascar 3. heheh losers! all thanks to sandra I managed to watch it on the first day its shown. for free! so anyway, i tagged along for the dinner and window shopped alone while they enjoyed the movie. hehehehe. "americano trrrapeeezzzo? " 
me with the wallet/purse/phone pouch thing that we got for euniceet. actually i forgot the reason we bought it. i thought just to cheer her up. mana tau according to grace's blog, its her belated birthday present. seriously? sorry euniceet. hope you like it! the pale pink so nice weih :D
wrote it hurriedly with my last piece of Post-It. these Post-Its were not ordinary Post-Its! ling2 bought them for me from taiwan. i think i kept them for like.. 4 years. and now down to its last piece....  : /  .....
 hahaha i attach feelings to the weirdest things lah
pasta zanmai for dinner! this has got to be one of my... most frequented restaurants ever. won't get tired of the sesame sauce salad!

hohoho. lemon drink bought using Danielle's shojikiya rm5 voucher. tenkew Danni <3<3<3
i have a ... penchant for the lemony gassy drinks.
oooooooh look at that EGG! so juicy. 
personally found this food arrangement kinda.. disturbing. lol
pizza. very nice ones too. i shall order this the next time. 
rather than this unagi rice. no nice one. lol. had cravings for unagi bah. but the rice kinda spoiled it. maybe with pasta? but got nearly rm10 difference between rice and pasta though. hmm. 
inilah graceet's mushroom and chikin pasta. lovvve the mushrooms but the chickens? nah. 

not much other pics though. wandered around 1U alone.. had lots of fun window shopping then hanging out at MPH. "STARTERS" is finally out! but costs rm49.50 for now though. :( let's wait and see whether the price will get cheaper. read more about it here. had been waiting for this book to be available in Malaysia for soooo long! heheheh. 
supposedly it will appeal to Hunger Games fans lah. hopefully it won't have a messy ending like HG, but the first few pages already seem promising! :D

finally rushed to sun moulin to pick up some roti-roti. days at Nilai without yummy food can be taxing on the soul. lookie at that egg tart! like a mini pail of eggy custard. 
so that's for sunday night. can't be bothered to blog more now. this semester workload and weather is killing me. fuh. go get some cendol!!!