May 24, 2012

spending power: a testimony.

teehee. it's 10:53 in the morning. and where are we? 

midvalley! kita orang malaysia yang bersemangat. was very very very tempted by the promotion on facebook. but at the same time very skeptical. a few times went to there liao don't know what to buy. but rm49.90 for jeans????? oh yeah. so here goes. had camp booklet and name tags to do. so very rushed schedule. 

i thought i was early.


lookie! 10 km away stands this guy:

all the hype, for this:

malaysians boleh! hahahaha. first time i do this kind of thing. queuing up and grabbing stuff. lol not really grab stuff la. very surprised to see quite a number of aunties at the opening launch. FULL OF PEOPLE. kl people's spending power seriously level 1000. very tired with the pushing and pulling and people people everywhere. finally got a few jeans in the sizes i wanted, most of the sizes were gone!!! :O got black, grey, dark blue. all no more. gave up queuing for the fitting room. it was THIS long. just started queuing up for the cashier. fingers crossed for the sizes to fit. the neck method isn't really reliable for me. 

teehee happy campers lining up. 

and carmen soo! saw her during the queue. wasn't quite sure who she was until someone announced her name. very pretty and petite in person! and loaaads of people queuing up to take pics with her. aagh. full of queues lah that uniqlo. 

happy 10th birthday to you, kiddo. 
dropped by shojikiya. no cc lemon for sale! :(((

creepy mickey mouse on display. got other very yeng mickeys though. go midvalley for the exhibition!

memememe. lugging lappie along. ergh. after that rushed back for a lunch with eileen and finishing up stuffs in preparation for camp. hohoho. can't wait! it's been a while since i went to malacca liao. and bro promised us crepe cakes! kekeke. and the cendol too. hopefully.

update: i tried on the jeans. they fit perfectly well! just a little alterations regarding the length, but very good fit! hahahaha. me happy girl! tenkew uniqlo! #shutupandtakemymoney

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  1. Awesomeness blog,enjoyed reading!! Thank you. Uniqlo MV,FTW! And guess what Uniqlo Mid Valley was Awarded!! The "No.1 Best selling Opening in the WORLD"! So glad you saw idol Carmen,love her! eee u can follower her on twitr! Indeed,she is really very pretty and petite in person. hehe Truly Malaysia Pride! She is very famous in the Philippines! But still pretty down to earth and so humble despite her achievements.... btw, She is on the cover of Glam Juneissue,Hope u can grab a copy. Salamat ~Greetings from the Philippines :)