May 24, 2012


wooo. cleaning up files and folders in my laptop and came across these pics. ok la not very dusty photos (at least it's still in 2012!), but before it gets too mouldy, here goes:

spot me spot me!

heheheh remember last time i blogged about happiness in playing music and all that? so here's the concert! always told jiunn harng that i don't want to play lah, they don't have instrument for me lah, all sorts of excuses lah.... but at the end... i really have his "determination" to thank :) so persistent in asking me to join them, so finally i agreed to play in the concert :D hahah i know i sound very lansi, but back then was trying to exercise my rights in saying no to things i can't handle already. turned out i was right. but still very happy. so forget the emo stuff. for the concert, i attended 2 practices and 1 rehearsal in total. not much lip strength.. so here's the thing. for the first practice, i was the only french horn  player. for the second rehearsal, the other guest players attended. all i can say is, 


ta-da! empat horns eh!

the guy with the dimple is wei tian. he did a good job as first horn! really "leadership" with the balancing and all. very enjoyable playing with these guys. when i first started playing horn, there's jancie and ching ling leading the whole group, so our section was really strong back then. you can get goosebumps playing with them! after they graduated, at least still got 13 and 24. hahaha. then they left too. so i emoed for a few years, with non-committed players coming and going,  until chun xian came along. although he's really talented, but the feeling of 2 french horns compared with my memories of a full horn section, meh.  

so now i get to experience it again! hahaha a bit lacking in terms of "mo qi", cause we only rehearsed together once or twice, none of that blood sweat tears thing in high school bands, but still kinda good liao :D

anyway if you look at the pic closely you can see me dreaming off there. shit la the photographer very sian. i play so seriously for the whole concert, and he took one shot of me dreaming :((

eeh emily & enthel came to sapport! although she has a major paper the next day, but still came! :')) 

chao ling & sandra too!!! :'))) (sandra was really sick that day. thanks for coming yea)
eeeeh. the rest of the vb gang. although natalie (liz's roommate) technically isn't vb gang, but thanks yea. lizzy and mei yee~ hahaha mei yee is a strong supporter of SK wind band. blehhh! :PP she originally refused to come de. but nvm my persuasive skills not bad ~
ah kim and sue leen! hhsb gang~
lol sue leen also played clarinet in the concert after i forced her along. haiyoh what to do no more hhsb-ians at inti liao ma. we are sort of "you jump i jump" relationship in this concert keke. ah kim ah. don't know why he came wor. maybe because of the other guest players. he's one of the hhsb kids who continued playing after they graduated. missed playing with him too.  

oh yea. roomie!!!! :D pam was sick, and overslept for the concert. so she came for the second half. missed out my solo! :( but thanks for coming anyway~~~~~~~~ one of the nicest roommates i've ever had, in my hostel lifespan of 9 years. too bad you gonna graduate soon :(

tadah! the basketball captain who came after his frisbee game! versatile indeed!   hehehe. actually when i first attended the band practice, they asked me to sell tickets. in my two years at INTI, the amount of people i know who are interested in music are exactly... ... 3. as in, band music. so those tickets i seriously have no idea what to do with it. and my skin very thin lah. so i was quite amazed when i mentioned that i have band practice and some are like, "eh, concert band? i want go leh!"


sorry guys, i underestimated all of you... so happy when so many of them came. and some i didn't manage to take pics with too. thanks thanks thanks!!! :D
all black for the night! 

horn section! from left chiew han, me, xin le, wei tian. chiew han and wei tian are more like freelancing players. xin le is still in catholic high! @@ initially i thought she was nearer my age. sorry.. 
trivia: more on facebook's wonders: after the concert, wei tian's profile pic included my very lenglui primary school classmate =.=! hahaha. the worldd isss smallllllll.

with chiew han. haha i have a tendency to get close to whoever's sitting next to me during practices. he's a really good player too. since hin hua i have yet to meet amateur french horn players who impress me. hahah too bad la last time wei xin and ching ling set the bar too high. this concert actually did. teehee. 

lalala. the night was themed "sound of screen" so mostly it featured movie soundtracks and all that. very good theme cause if we chose those too "artistic" kinda music, the audience wouldn't get it. so we played totoro, titanic medley, avatar, disney medley, etc. most of those songs i have never played before. luckily titanic yes. it was mostly for friendship's sake that i agreed to play, but then i found out that i gained a lot too. 

why do i feel like i'm writing an essay here? hahaha in conclusion, i would like to say, THANK YOU!


by the way,



i went. hahahahahhaah. 

more on that later! :P

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