May 20, 2012


three words. 
"Eat, Sleep, Play"-- Aaron Chan. 

hehe had been "ON-LAH GENTING" for the longesttt time. but always ffk. so this time kl got to business and finally organized a trip! 6 of us. old old friends. church mates. comrades. game kakis. brothers and sisters in Christ. man i do love this bunch of people. so glad to be able to have some time together to berbonding again. serving as leaders can be very tiring, try as we might, most of the time it leaves us with no time for each other. even though we see each other every weekend, but the full schedules and rushing for this and that... ... (hahah not complaining here)... ... its just sometimes i wonder.. who are these people i have been serving with? we love and support each other, but we also need the time out to really catch up and know what is really going on in their lives. hehehehe. so this trip came at the right time! we ate ate ate, played played played, talked talked talked...... :) nice recharging. hong jian also brought us around to the staff canteen! really glad to see him again~

a few pics stolen from fb:
romantic antique car rides hahah
unlimited bumper cars!
and the fooood. we ambitiously planned our meals over there. steamboat, bbq, grill.. ...
only group picture. hahah the barista at coffee bean suddenly offered to take group picture for us when he saw the DSLR dangling from aaron's neck. he had to repeat the question for a few times before we decided to trust him. he looked like he was joking! thanks!!
bowling bowling. top right hand side is me. 137 woooots. HAHAHA first time got such glorious results! 140 is kanglim :D
the reds!
the corkscrew! actually it isn't as scary as i remembered. did i become braver? keke.. but the theme park kinda disappointed me this time. a lot of the rides were "closed for maintenance" but no one was doing any maintenance. i see the poor tourists going up to the rides just to be turned away. kinda bad for genting and malaysia's reputation actually. 
the baju kelabus!
the black jackets! (realized that 6 of us were color-coordinated without any pre-planning keke)
burger special with lettuce, double cheese, beef patty wrapped with cheese omelette~ presented by chef aaron & chef kanglim!
couldn't withstand the wafting smells of bak kut teh after 5 hours of non-stop theme park. caved in and ordered it! expensive though :( i miss klang bak kut teh.. 
oohyeah cream cheese bagel! COFFEE BEAN IZ VERY VERY COLD. VERY. 
and many other random photo ops. 

oooyeah. sem break. one more week left. i don't deserve all this fun actually. hahahahha. but genting's weather is always welcome at this freaking hot season. global warming i feel you. don't merajuk anymore boleh? 

aah. when can we go again. just for the weather? :D

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