May 12, 2012


teeheehee back from redang island liao. had a very lovely time of sun, sand, sea, fun, food, games... ... you get my drift. so, this was a rather sudden sort of trip. hadn't planned on going to redang or any other islands for this year since we already went to pangkor island during january. my wallet wasn't prepared either. but i guess that's college students for you. always "on lah!" for anything that remotely smells of fun. so after a few weeks of organizing (actually wee yao did most of the donkey work) the date's settled, deposits paid, sunscreens purchased, and off we go!
the date chosen was straight after finals. for some yes. for me it was after a very tiring finals, then helping out for a very tiring orientation, then straight on the redang. wilson went after he just recovered from a bout of denggi. heng & justine came after their trip to kuantan. the lengths we go to. 
since we are poor students who are broke but still bent on fun, we decided to take public transport. fames last words. 

at the train station:

on the bus:
reached terengganu bus station at 4 a.m. in the morning. gave in to hunger pangs and tried very dodgy-looking stall. nice tea though! and ok nasi lemak. with half-boiled eggs. eggs go well with everything. lepak-ed around until 7:30 a.m. where another bus was available to get us to merang jetty. 
finally. an hour-long trip on the ferry to redang. 
was planning to bring monopoly deal, but wasn't in the mood to explain a new game to them. so brought UNO cards instead. here's the beginning of my UNO nightmare. 
oh yeah oh yeah. reached redang at 9:30 a.m. aaah the sun the sea the sky the breeze!
group pic first:
Abundance of ray-bans....
hehehehehehehehe. poser max. 
how i actually look like during the trip:
was very sick and my nose almost killed me. note to self: never challenge your body to its limits. especially when going for a trip. duhhhhh. :(

here starts the sand burials:
lovely baby-powder sand that just invites you to dig in!
ben fell asleep although we were yelling and playing beach volley all the way. planned to bury him, chair and all. but he sprained his finger. so at the end someone just poured water on him ahahah
and the snorkelling! glorious glorious crystal clear water. no embellishing or exaggeration of any sort here. the water is like swimming pool. glorious glorious sea creatures. fishes in brilliant shades of the rainbow. even the sea cucumbers are sexier here. in pangkor, a weird stretch of the sea was covered in sea cucumbers. black, short, fat, and dull. we had fun with them. but here in redang? LONG, FAT, MIDNIGHT BLUE, ORANGE SPECKLES. oh yummm. 
nian fong bought a waterproof case from the souvenir shop for rm12. iphone not bad eh!
also found baby turtles at the marine park! so cute but no one bought cameras along. so i stole this pic off wan yi's facebook. the swim team also went to redang! the baby turtles survival instincts were so strong. no matter where you put them, they will instinctively know where is the sea and struggle towards it. i hope they don't go extinct :(
the "ground floor" of the pyramid. 
hahaha. teatime. just look at this. we had unlimited bread and tea and stuff at the canteen. so imagine. 
you swimmm. 
then beach volleyyyyyy. 
then swimmmm. 
hungry? no problem. 
not 15 steps away, eattttt. 
then continue your play. 
ben's a pro at finding baby sharks. 
with jun. we actually swam around an island. kinda scary actually. but i'm glad that we made it safely through. pheww. don't try this at home, kids. 
single-handedly carrying his burden yo. 
 more human pyramids. 
the sunrise. THE SUNRISE! we loyal fans stayed up the night to greet its arrival. memorable night indeed .
farewell sessions at the bus station. tearful goodbyes to alex, ben, ck, and jun. i will miss you guys so badly. thanks for the memories :)

hehe. so this trip cost me rm500 inclusive of everything. transportation, accommodation, food, etc. a wee bit more for the random meals before reaching, souvenirs, farewell presents, alcohol. redang is kinda cleaner since i visited 8 years ago. more fishes and corals somehow. but then again. more boats and piers and the feel of overcommercialization. there's clubbing music at night. if you like that with your view of the quiet sea and peaceful moon, redang is your place. if you're looking for nature at its best and less of "theme parky stuff", perhentian might be better. but redang still has the best underwater sightseeing though. i guess.. that's about it. really enjoyed the trip. but public transport really sucks the life outta you. think twice. my advice is going by plane :D

and sorry for the weird alignment of pictures. blogger drives the IT-illiterates crazy sometimes. 

happy holidays! 

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