May 31, 2012

high-blood pressure tuesday.

so, semester break is over. 

rushed back to inti on monday evening after malacca camp for a meeting. agreed to faci for a children's leadership workshop organized by Kuntum. & The Star. so after the meeting to discuss games and all that, cleaned up room. room was newly painted! and windows cleaned! wowwee. if you remember my long long time ago posts, i like to use baby powder to "fight" ants. so my windows were actually quite gross and powdery with insect bodies all over =.= very disgusting place. don't dare to clean it also. hahahaha. thank you dear workers for cleaning up my windows and repainting the room! carried 7 fat bags of my worldly possessions up to the fourth floor. thank you sandra for helping me with the last load! 

also, finally submitted my entry for the movie making competition that night.. pheww.

we were supposed to leave inti at 7am for the National Science Center where the kids workshop is going to be held. guess what time i woke up? 6am! kekeke amazing occurence of the week. joyce koh yin shi waking up at that unearthly hour? anyway, woke up to jog. so unlike me. but it was fun. very cold and windy and not much people around to see your ugliness. hahah.

anyway. that's the introduction. not quite enough sleep after camp and crazy morning jogging to pump my spirits up. was very energetic to begin with. but when we finally reached the venue and realized that we don't have enough time for breakfast due to the typical kl traffic, that's when the blood pressure started rising.

and the kids! aged 7-12. lots and lots of them. we took charge of a group of 10/11 each. mine had 11. one kid was feverish. the others were happy. and hyper. and unable to stay still. so for some reason i cannot fathom, my group was the only group in the whole hall where the kids were unable to stand in a circle =.=

i realize that guys make better facis than girls. sandra and wen dee can't control their kids too, but not as bad as me lah. hahahahah. at least my group did the best cheer. i think kids nowadays are very very smart, but also very very attention deficit. the workshop was on leadership, so lots of teamwork games involved. walaoeh getting them to learn respect and teamwork is the most difficult thing on earth. those 2 concepts simply don't exist in their universe. aaaaah.

hansem lil' boy. 

games, group name, group cheer, and so on. worn out. thought that at least 5 hours had passed. turned out that it was only 11am. we facis exchanged stories of what happened in their respective groups. lol sandra's group had guys who are "ALLERGIC TO GIRLS!".

and a lot of other stuff la. floe turned up. she became the "police". any misbehaving kid would be sent to her. so cute lah their reaction! some cried when the name of police came up. they called her "uncle police". HAHAHAHAHA.

 the kids also called us "teacher", some called sandra "aunty", and when eugene told them that he was 20, their reaction was "YER SO OLD!!". phew luckily my group didn't do that to me. quite fun to be with the kids, watching them automatically running around after mealtimes etc. i forgot how nice it was to be at that age.

finally i think some of them had an inkling of what teamwork and respect meant and my group bucked up. ended up 4th place. from 4 points to 54 points is no mean feat for this faci. T.T blood sweat and tears you know!

around 2pm, me and shaarmen's blood pressure rocketed.

can't take it anymore. hahahaha.

blurred faci group picture with Si Pintar. he blocked my face :((

i don't know how we managed it but finally the thing ended at 6pm happily with no accidents involved. got kinda fond of them at the end. nice kids. they seem to be from very rich families, but the innocence is still there. wait. scratch that. there's this sharing session where you write nice things about your new friends on colorful Post-Its and exchange it. good idea actually, they came up with really sensitive and interesting things about their friends. until a kid came up to me with a Post-It. a kid wrote "f*cker" for her. they have really good spelling abilities for their age. can spell "instructions" at 7 years old. but why lah that f word. :(

notes they wrote for me! :')

lol i swear i didn't write these myself. gonna keep them till i grow old. at least got evidence that kids actually like me. hahahahahahhaa. thank you Kuntum and The Star for giving us this chance to work with kids. special experience. usually i deal with 3 year olds. these 7-12s are not bad also la. just a bit more able to talk back. the things they say! a kid kept telling Dr. Sia that "my mommy is a real doctor, you are a fake doctor!". HAHAHA. then when asked to give examples of leaders in our world today, we heard a boy mutter, "Sir Alex Ferguson!". fuiyohh. i used to read Kuntum when i was a kid! mom likes to buy them for me then i would write my poems and essays and submit them to Kuntum. once or twice i got published!! proudest moment of my life. lol.

tired uncle police. 

headed to publika for dinner. ben's had a very nice outdoor setting. lovely weather too. 
ordered cheeseburger again. ooooh such FAT patties. having serious weakness for gourmet sandwiches. liked their pine nuts in the salad too. didn't get a pic of my drink. ordered peanut butter & banana milkshake. HAHAHAHAHA. sinful stuff. guess i will have to jog for 3 months to get rid of this meal's side-effects :O
eugene has really yummy pesto sauce for his mushroom lasagne. finger lickin' good, that one. whoever knew that a pot of green stuff can taste so good? we asked the waiter. he said it was basil and arugula. but when we asked him what is arugula, he said "google it lah~". hahahaha. what a world we live in today. 

checked out the mall for awhile after the meal. but the aura of fatigue is hovering over all of us. so headed back. publika is weird. more of an art gallery than a shopping centre. hehe. i think the interior designer must have had the time of his/her life designing the mall and putting stuff here and there. the items on sale seem very weird too. more like art galleries than real stuff. ben's grocery bukan grocery. is a musuem of what ideal humans will consume. hehehe. very nice place, do check it out. 

keke. time to sleep liao. hopefully can wake up later to jog. CF Camp iz this weekend! good luck to us :D

May 24, 2012

spending power: a testimony.

teehee. it's 10:53 in the morning. and where are we? 

midvalley! kita orang malaysia yang bersemangat. was very very very tempted by the promotion on facebook. but at the same time very skeptical. a few times went to there liao don't know what to buy. but rm49.90 for jeans????? oh yeah. so here goes. had camp booklet and name tags to do. so very rushed schedule. 

i thought i was early.


lookie! 10 km away stands this guy:

all the hype, for this:

malaysians boleh! hahahaha. first time i do this kind of thing. queuing up and grabbing stuff. lol not really grab stuff la. very surprised to see quite a number of aunties at the opening launch. FULL OF PEOPLE. kl people's spending power seriously level 1000. very tired with the pushing and pulling and people people everywhere. finally got a few jeans in the sizes i wanted, most of the sizes were gone!!! :O got black, grey, dark blue. all no more. gave up queuing for the fitting room. it was THIS long. just started queuing up for the cashier. fingers crossed for the sizes to fit. the neck method isn't really reliable for me. 

teehee happy campers lining up. 

and carmen soo! saw her during the queue. wasn't quite sure who she was until someone announced her name. very pretty and petite in person! and loaaads of people queuing up to take pics with her. aagh. full of queues lah that uniqlo. 

happy 10th birthday to you, kiddo. 
dropped by shojikiya. no cc lemon for sale! :(((

creepy mickey mouse on display. got other very yeng mickeys though. go midvalley for the exhibition!

memememe. lugging lappie along. ergh. after that rushed back for a lunch with eileen and finishing up stuffs in preparation for camp. hohoho. can't wait! it's been a while since i went to malacca liao. and bro promised us crepe cakes! kekeke. and the cendol too. hopefully.

update: i tried on the jeans. they fit perfectly well! just a little alterations regarding the length, but very good fit! hahahaha. me happy girl! tenkew uniqlo! #shutupandtakemymoney


wooo. cleaning up files and folders in my laptop and came across these pics. ok la not very dusty photos (at least it's still in 2012!), but before it gets too mouldy, here goes:

spot me spot me!

heheheh remember last time i blogged about happiness in playing music and all that? so here's the concert! always told jiunn harng that i don't want to play lah, they don't have instrument for me lah, all sorts of excuses lah.... but at the end... i really have his "determination" to thank :) so persistent in asking me to join them, so finally i agreed to play in the concert :D hahah i know i sound very lansi, but back then was trying to exercise my rights in saying no to things i can't handle already. turned out i was right. but still very happy. so forget the emo stuff. for the concert, i attended 2 practices and 1 rehearsal in total. not much lip strength.. so here's the thing. for the first practice, i was the only french horn  player. for the second rehearsal, the other guest players attended. all i can say is, 


ta-da! empat horns eh!

the guy with the dimple is wei tian. he did a good job as first horn! really "leadership" with the balancing and all. very enjoyable playing with these guys. when i first started playing horn, there's jancie and ching ling leading the whole group, so our section was really strong back then. you can get goosebumps playing with them! after they graduated, at least still got 13 and 24. hahaha. then they left too. so i emoed for a few years, with non-committed players coming and going,  until chun xian came along. although he's really talented, but the feeling of 2 french horns compared with my memories of a full horn section, meh.  

so now i get to experience it again! hahaha a bit lacking in terms of "mo qi", cause we only rehearsed together once or twice, none of that blood sweat tears thing in high school bands, but still kinda good liao :D

anyway if you look at the pic closely you can see me dreaming off there. shit la the photographer very sian. i play so seriously for the whole concert, and he took one shot of me dreaming :((

eeh emily & enthel came to sapport! although she has a major paper the next day, but still came! :')) 

chao ling & sandra too!!! :'))) (sandra was really sick that day. thanks for coming yea)
eeeeh. the rest of the vb gang. although natalie (liz's roommate) technically isn't vb gang, but thanks yea. lizzy and mei yee~ hahaha mei yee is a strong supporter of SK wind band. blehhh! :PP she originally refused to come de. but nvm my persuasive skills not bad ~
ah kim and sue leen! hhsb gang~
lol sue leen also played clarinet in the concert after i forced her along. haiyoh what to do no more hhsb-ians at inti liao ma. we are sort of "you jump i jump" relationship in this concert keke. ah kim ah. don't know why he came wor. maybe because of the other guest players. he's one of the hhsb kids who continued playing after they graduated. missed playing with him too.  

oh yea. roomie!!!! :D pam was sick, and overslept for the concert. so she came for the second half. missed out my solo! :( but thanks for coming anyway~~~~~~~~ one of the nicest roommates i've ever had, in my hostel lifespan of 9 years. too bad you gonna graduate soon :(

tadah! the basketball captain who came after his frisbee game! versatile indeed!   hehehe. actually when i first attended the band practice, they asked me to sell tickets. in my two years at INTI, the amount of people i know who are interested in music are exactly... ... 3. as in, band music. so those tickets i seriously have no idea what to do with it. and my skin very thin lah. so i was quite amazed when i mentioned that i have band practice and some are like, "eh, concert band? i want go leh!"


sorry guys, i underestimated all of you... so happy when so many of them came. and some i didn't manage to take pics with too. thanks thanks thanks!!! :D
all black for the night! 

horn section! from left chiew han, me, xin le, wei tian. chiew han and wei tian are more like freelancing players. xin le is still in catholic high! @@ initially i thought she was nearer my age. sorry.. 
trivia: more on facebook's wonders: after the concert, wei tian's profile pic included my very lenglui primary school classmate =.=! hahaha. the worldd isss smallllllll.

with chiew han. haha i have a tendency to get close to whoever's sitting next to me during practices. he's a really good player too. since hin hua i have yet to meet amateur french horn players who impress me. hahah too bad la last time wei xin and ching ling set the bar too high. this concert actually did. teehee. 

lalala. the night was themed "sound of screen" so mostly it featured movie soundtracks and all that. very good theme cause if we chose those too "artistic" kinda music, the audience wouldn't get it. so we played totoro, titanic medley, avatar, disney medley, etc. most of those songs i have never played before. luckily titanic yes. it was mostly for friendship's sake that i agreed to play, but then i found out that i gained a lot too. 

why do i feel like i'm writing an essay here? hahaha in conclusion, i would like to say, THANK YOU!


by the way,



i went. hahahahahhaah. 

more on that later! :P

May 20, 2012



2。能玩音乐。是很开心的事。能与共同思想的人玩音乐,是更幸福的事!今天join了校友团。其实还不错。得空一定去!他们那班“元老”, 真的很有心 :')

3。巴生人很喜欢消费。吃饱没事做就往商场跑。不管怎样就是要拿钱丢。setia city mall 开了!其实很很很犀利一下!有新的lepak处了!只逛了几分钟,因为赶时间去校友练习,但看到许多很让我钱包害怕的东西!有rubi专卖店,esprit, aldo, uniqlo, carl's jr, 等等。只是一小部分啊。还有一件叫做typo的店。里面满满都是艺术手工的东西。超美的!!!!(算了我的华语形容词有限,自己去看)

5. 今天下午与陈心怡同学有个约会。她把我拍的超美的!哈哈哈。这个朋友。9年了??还真神奇。你也变了很多。是好事!加油啊!我这个废柴帮不了你这个高材生。考完试见!



对我来说,不管怎样,在外玩到累了,还是会想家。外国的月亮,没有家乡的美。我家附近,有个年轻有为的医生。开了一间clinic。口碑很好。大家都说病了,要去那里看医生,很快就好的!有一天,妈妈与那位医生聊天,才发现原来他的来头不小。他在英国念医学系,在伦敦成为眼科医生(eye surgeon?)。想回国服务。马来西亚,缺乏眼科专家吗?但本国的系统,完全不欢迎非土著医生。他尝试得批准,多年都拿不到。到最后,只好放弃眼科,开个general  clinic。这样,其实也很开心。只要有心为国服务,要看开一点。弄清楚对自己最重要的是什么,才会满足。国家,谁都会批评。建立,靠谁呢?:)


three words. 
"Eat, Sleep, Play"-- Aaron Chan. 

hehe had been "ON-LAH GENTING" for the longesttt time. but always ffk. so this time kl got to business and finally organized a trip! 6 of us. old old friends. church mates. comrades. game kakis. brothers and sisters in Christ. man i do love this bunch of people. so glad to be able to have some time together to berbonding again. serving as leaders can be very tiring, try as we might, most of the time it leaves us with no time for each other. even though we see each other every weekend, but the full schedules and rushing for this and that... ... (hahah not complaining here)... ... its just sometimes i wonder.. who are these people i have been serving with? we love and support each other, but we also need the time out to really catch up and know what is really going on in their lives. hehehehe. so this trip came at the right time! we ate ate ate, played played played, talked talked talked...... :) nice recharging. hong jian also brought us around to the staff canteen! really glad to see him again~

a few pics stolen from fb:
romantic antique car rides hahah
unlimited bumper cars!
and the fooood. we ambitiously planned our meals over there. steamboat, bbq, grill.. ...
only group picture. hahah the barista at coffee bean suddenly offered to take group picture for us when he saw the DSLR dangling from aaron's neck. he had to repeat the question for a few times before we decided to trust him. he looked like he was joking! thanks!!
bowling bowling. top right hand side is me. 137 woooots. HAHAHA first time got such glorious results! 140 is kanglim :D
the reds!
the corkscrew! actually it isn't as scary as i remembered. did i become braver? keke.. but the theme park kinda disappointed me this time. a lot of the rides were "closed for maintenance" but no one was doing any maintenance. i see the poor tourists going up to the rides just to be turned away. kinda bad for genting and malaysia's reputation actually. 
the baju kelabus!
the black jackets! (realized that 6 of us were color-coordinated without any pre-planning keke)
burger special with lettuce, double cheese, beef patty wrapped with cheese omelette~ presented by chef aaron & chef kanglim!
couldn't withstand the wafting smells of bak kut teh after 5 hours of non-stop theme park. caved in and ordered it! expensive though :( i miss klang bak kut teh.. 
oohyeah cream cheese bagel! COFFEE BEAN IZ VERY VERY COLD. VERY. 
and many other random photo ops. 

oooyeah. sem break. one more week left. i don't deserve all this fun actually. hahahahha. but genting's weather is always welcome at this freaking hot season. global warming i feel you. don't merajuk anymore boleh? 

aah. when can we go again. just for the weather? :D