Apr 23, 2012

spring is here. santa turned up to say gong hei fatt choy!

ah. so many things happened lately. not in the mood to write them all down. emotions still relatively unstable, so can't trust my words at the moment. heheh. in order to keep the dust bunnies away, i have decided to blog about an event instead! quite a backlog of events i have had for sometime. this iz sed. time is no enough  so its inti idol 2012 for the time being:

this is rehearsal day. when celist asked me to play bass for her band, i have only properly practiced with her once. and that wasn't even full band. the second time i have met up with them is during rehearsal edi. exciting ah!
my artistic attempts of enthel and edmund. 
notice all the newspaper on the floor? result of my broken new bottle :(
was all tired out after assignments, meetings and such. waited few hours for a rushed 2 minutes of practice. all due to. lovely contestants please choose your songs before coming to the rehearsal. we don't need to witness your gloriously lame practice. no one wants to know how unprepared you were. eeeh. kinda worried after the rehearsal. which basically sucked. without the drummer. not full band also. @@ 

hakuna matata eh! 

the next day:
with enthel~ she said our outfits kinda matched. not bad lah, considering i spilled ketchup on her shirt loll
peeking at the audience. heheh.

[most of the time i felt like someone plonked me in the middle of some High School Musical set. drama types all together singing at the top of their lungs, dancing, jamming away, etc. seriously. once in a lifetime experience. try it.]
the contestants with their candles "yum-seng"-ing. 

last chillout before going onstage. 
karmen, me, jiunn harng & enthels. 
in the words of enthel: CF-ians! hehe with drummer rena.
showtime. LOL. i haven't viewed the video of our performance though. something wrong with my flash player. personally i think we did well. keke. tapi technical problems with the amp all i'm not quite sure. feedbacks so diverse and suspicious. HAHAHA. it's okay. i still prefer to believe in the positive side of things.  
this is the COOLEST thing. hahaha. those committees actually created this statue. it looked very solid. heard that they spent hours blowdrying the papier mache. *SALUTE*
bandmates! lol.

keke i won't go into details such as who won and all that. too tired to blog more.  
but here's the guest singer! juwita suwito next to me, she's a famous malaysian singer. and she sings really well lohhh. don't know why so many people are like "huhh who's that. ". get to know her! malaysia boleh! 

*abrupt ending WAHAHAH*

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