Apr 29, 2012

mouldy acorns make no meal.

oh mai oh mai. this is the 304th post on this blog. its harry here by the way. wahahah. seems like joyseet is going through a serious ultra-geek transformation so i shall keep this monster of a blog entertained while she is away. but her finals are going to end in exactly 10 hours. bear with the ramblings of hedgehog for a while more, okay? 

anyway. i haf just realized that graceet koh haz a blog. and its the weirdest thing ever. at least. i like weird things. weird things make me laugh. and this blog is kinda hilarious. in its own way. hahaha. maybe its just my personal preference, since graceet koh is related to joyseet and i do have a fondness for her weirdness too. do drop by her blog. and read her weekly updates. 

what's more, you can find very top secret and ugly pictures of joyseet there! what other incentive do you need? 

and the failed techy hedgehog shows off his prowess as a failed IT extraordinaire by creating a gif of graceet's creations. they're actually pretty cute. and made me salivate. its not often techhogs salivate! huhu. its high time i change my diet. imported mouldy acorns and native coconuts in this tropical country is junking up my innards. i need indomie! and layer cake! 

alright. the techhog is tired. excuse me while i go read more books. book updates and reviews by the bookhog will come soon. haf some patience and hibernate some. I VIL BE BEK.

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