Apr 15, 2012


ngehehe. making good progress so far. time to stop and blog a bit. by the way, if you're free, do go over here and read a bit or click on the ads. she wud appreciate it very much. hehe. kinda freaking out week. working very hard and playing very hard. my perfectionist self is challenged. i'm disappointed in myself. 

siau li's blog says: 
"1. 一切积极出动!在还没有努力之前没有资格说放弃!
2. 一切尽力用心!在没有认真之前不准说不可能办到!
3. 一切不埋怨!在别人眼里,做十次功抵不了一次的怨言!"

very good advice. been trying to follow it. but it feels very shitty when you realize everything is too late and you have to pass up shitty pieces of work which you know is not up to standard. inner critic is working overtime. and every shitty bullet hit its mark. no choice but to shut up. those shitty bullets are truly well-aimed. anyway. made a very last minute decision to stay back this weekend. i miss home so bad. but deadlines are deadlines are deadlines. and that's my only choice :( 

blogging sikit before finishing up that piece of paper: 
spot me~! very 'si man' bassist wahahaha. performed "Stronger" for Celist in IDOL 2012. was quite a challenge. cause i'm not used to using the index finger to play. anyway, great experience. sandra got called onstage as VIP for her birthday present! lol.
april 11th adalah public holiday! spent mine in a very fruitful way. woke up 8am for volleyball. dang. you won't see me up that early for classes. some of the others didn't sleep the whole night .. they went for Battleship then hiked up Broga Hill. you guys are crazy. anyway, it was supposed to be a very stressful week. but i still see people up early going for a trip to A'Famosa. Intians ftw! haha went for dimsum after the volleyball game, and ah heng had to squeeze in the boot. poor guy. 

was supposed to do assignment with chiu ling after dimsum breakfast. but totally forgot about her birthday surprise. so here's me and liz, headed to the curve to pick up chiu ling's macaroons :) 
very pekcek driver. public holiday traffic iz no joke. 
got starbucks as a lil' something out of the trip. 
 liz also didn't sleep the whole night. spent the night at kl for some friend's 21st, and also cleaning up the party. HAHAHA. successfully got the macarons but no pictures of it :( IKEA was daaamn crowded. initially planned to study at starbucks but had to rush back due to the friendly match at klang later. badd stuff happened here. shall not say more. but anyway, me liz and suzanne were all emo over assignments and tests and didn't want to go klang with them. but 3 of us didn't communicate about this until we were on the way. so that's it. had kinda fun at kwang hwa but a very mempersiasuikan game cause we were kinda out of form. i'm still ok with it cause i've always sucked at volleyball in the first place. but for the others it's more of a very pekcek thing. pride on the line and all that. but those high school girls also not bad lar. then went for seafood dinner at boston's! good food to halau the emo-ness!
so funny cause the Indian bus driver ate with us. everyone was slurping up the yummy soup. so i saw him quietly tried a spoonful. after that he kept drinking his tea. lol. don't think he enjoyed the spicy ginger taste very much. cultural differences eh. 
volleyball club annual dinner wooh! welcoming liao sao (second from the left) :D

rushed back. time for assignments. 
 the project: creating a website. which we mass comm students are totally hopeless at. coding? html? whatt? 
so chiuling called up all the IT guys she knew to help us out. most of them were busy and can't help much. but bryant bought a whole bunch of his IT mates along. the sight of 4 of them staring at her screen and discussing the coding in earnest is damn funny. hahahaha. they also can't fathom why we did things a certain way. haih. mass comm ma. what'd you expect. anyway. managed to complete the website by 8 in the morning. phew. and straight went for presentation. magically lost my voice during the presentation. ergh. at least that's one thing done. 
lunchtime! attended a talk by essence communications HR director. PR seems like fun. was already thursday. slept for 2 hours, and had a meeting after that. any ideas for lecturer-loving?  

Friday. woke up. presentation. assignment. project. emo. goes to bubba gump for sandra's gigablastic birthday celebration! chose that place for the shrimps and their birthday treatments. 
"shake your booty, shake shake your booty! ahahahah" 
the rm3.90 birthday thing. i think its ice cream.  
force-feeding the cat. a messy affair. 
i find wandering alone to find remote study places quite therapeutic :B
disapproving cat desktop backgrounds also make for good progress on projects. 
"you could've done better."

and bad news for my wallet:
 advice taken.

hahaha. that's it folks. hope that blows the dust away from this blog for awhile. wish me luckk. and a thicker skin. bye :)

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