Apr 26, 2012

its a wrap!

the week is almost over. and i have completed 33.33333% of finals. 8am's paper was alright! crammed to the point of burnout. and close to giving up. might as well say already gave up. thank God that i can smile after that paper. faith in humanity is restored. oh wells. coursework marks for another subject came out. i'm highly displeased. and close to getting pissed off. might as well say already emo. this is very first world problem of me, but how would you feel if you close to rewrote the entire group assignment but was graded lower than groupmates whom you knew did so much lesser? haih. don't tell me everyone thinks they did the most. if you were the one reading their measly poorly written work which they sent to you a few hours before the project submission deadline you would spit your lungs out too. you guys are final year students and you give me that level of work? i don't mind that i rewrote the paper. i just don't want the lecturer to think badly of me. i'm kiasu like that. i want to get the recognition i deserve. if not, at least don't insult me like that. sigh. whatevs. the paper is later. have to get back to studying soon enough. it's true that i blog more under pressure. hahah procrastination level 1000. 
fat juicy pieces of sushi to kickstart the week. tenkew floee. 
take note: no like green roe. 
unabashedly addicted to starbucks. WHUT HAF I BECUM. yet another victim to the ever-expanding evil organization that sought to control the masses by producing weird beverages that actually do not resemble coffee (let's face it. ice-blended? seriously?). 

keke. just came back from an extremely early 'breakfast' with liz and ck. 5am indomie and teh tarik. my days are numbered. all the best on your 8am papers guys. meanwhile i shall struggle with my 5pm subject. whose clever idea is it to implement 5-7pm papers anyway. imagine going in the exam hall while it is still sunny. then when you leave the exam hall it is already dark. so easy to lose hope. hahahaha. kthanksbai. can't wait for the other 33.3% to be over. this finals thing is bugging me. 

by the way, this is one of the best ideas i have ever seen. HAHAHAHA. what better way to cover up a wound than with a piece of meat? 


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