Apr 26, 2012

fishing for turtles.

the above picture isn't related to what i want to say here at all. hahaha. just wanna put something to break up the wall of text that is to come. do i look smug in this pic? there's a pretty lame story behind it. hehe. ask me if you're interested.

keke. *deletes wall of text*

i just wanna say how disappointed i am by the general state of disarray relationships around me were. so messed up. whatever happened to innocence? haha that sounds like avril's lyrics. i don't want to be reminded of how complicated things have gotten. of maybe one wonderful couple i know, there are about five more that weird me out. there is something i want to say. if you are unclear about what you want, then please don't go ahead and do it. nike isn't right all the time. when a guy isn't even sure what kind of girl he wants, and just starts the chase and then now wants out because "oh she turned out not to be the kind i want". do you even know what you want in the first place?? can you imagine the hurt of the girl who gave you her heart because she thought you were serious? haih i know that question just now wouldn't have any impact. this isn't only limited to guys though. some girls can be really flattered by the attention and hurt the guy. so this is what happens. is that how relationships are supposed to go? 

love, that comes attached with conditions, is possessive, is clingy, is used to fill a void in life. that isn't love at all. my textbook calls that pseudo-love. (hahah see?! me study!) true love is unconditional, with complete trust and open communication. you can survive and function well enough without the other person. not "i will die without you". there're so many myths and misunderstandings but nowadays most seem to wrap it up with a red ribbon and label it love. love requires a lot. and what i'm seeing nowadays?  far from it. if you're not ready to commit yourself, if you're going into a relationship with the intention of "try and see what happens", if you're entering a relationship with the attitude of "get to know him/her better", if you begin a relationship to "gain experience", please don't

a relationship happens with the intention of ending it with a happy ending, people. if your original attitude of a relationship is to "we can always end it if things go wrong", isn't that like "we can always kill the kid if he doesn't grow up the way i want?". hehe. i know i might sound naive here, but have the faith people, there are happy endings. it just depends on the way you wait and work it out :) 

my point is, (this might be a very extreme point for you to digest hehe) but it's: 
fall in love with the person that you want to marry. 


that's not a joke. 

with a good start, with a good intention, with a good attitude to see this relationship to the end. and not "oh shit i don't want to continue this shit with this guy. i didn't even know he was like this. EWW." if you started a relationship with the intention of marriage, that would mean that you would've filtered the person carefully before saying yes. right? and not "we shall see" =.= 

too often, problems in relationships occur because the participants DO NOT FREAKING KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. i repeat. if you don't know what you want, please don't go and start collecting your jar of hearts. haha it rhymes!

hehe. this is a topic that has been bothering me for awhile. and recently quite a lot of stuff happened which forced me to take a stand and clarify my thoughts on the matter. can go on for hours on this subject if no one is around to stop me. am tired to rant more. shall stop here. let me know if you wanna discuss and debate this hehehe. there're no absolute values on this matter, but my point is, more often than not, knowing what you want first before doing anything will prevent a lot of heartache. not only for the persons involved but also friends and family. 

i love you guys, be smart. 

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