Apr 8, 2012

every. single. time.

lol personal favs: scrounge for food. odd sense of calm. post high. bedddddddddd. imagine me headed towards the bed, head first. alright again i've conquered a teeny part of the assignment. damn i feel like an ant going against an elephant this week. but thank God i have had a lovely weekend to make up for the horrible days before and ahead of me. saturday, lovely bro picked me up from KL sentral after an amazingly uneventful ktm ride back from nilai. my public transport tolerance gauge was already very low by the time i reached kl sentral. so thank God i have such a wonderful kind generous patient brother :DDD after, had an egg-citing Easter Hunt during youth, sadly cut short by the rain, yummy dinner with spicy noodles and ice-kacang~ Sunday, first ever paintball experience with the other leaders. love my battle scars. not bloody enough hahaha. paintball brings out the sadist in every one. was expecting some dinner outside actually, but mom called and ended up having a fun "potluck" dinner in honour of aunty irene's birthday. not really potluck because not much cooking happened. more like tapaus hahaha. so we had YUMMEH bak kut teh, domino's thin crust.. so whisper thin....... famous roast duck, etc etc etc. not to mention the wonderful post dinner coffee that is bound to happen whenever these adults congregate. aah. coffee. beverage of my soul.

so happy i didn't go back to college tonight! cause judging by the posts on fb, INTI suffered a blackout due to the heavy rain! hahahahahaa. good timing liz :D

so, very satisfying weekend is over. heading back to nilai first thing morning. and diving straight into rehearsals for inti idol, assignments due, awesome presentations in the works, and moar birthday celebrations. teehee.

owh the sun is rising. i sense. a connection to the cosmos :B

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