Apr 6, 2012

buzz.. buzzz... buzz..

again. time for very lame posts on what has been going on in my life. heheheh. been in quite a good mood for a few days. maybe its because i got better. anyways. was in SERIOUS assignmenting mood too. no joke! so, in the midst of dodging bullets from various lecturers, it's also the month of many birthdays~! all those april babis better appreciate it.  

someone's gonna get a package! hahaha. and i found out how blur i really was. in the process of sending this package, i forgot to bring the address along, forgot to bring one small part of the present, forgot to wrap the package... :( deng. i need the sleep. 
 my current wallpaper. HAHAHAHA. runny yolks never fail to cheer me up. this came in the midst of a particularly annoying episode with the project. can't believe that there are still such morons in existence. sorry for that word. but i have to use it. thanks viter for the tapau!
cooked bersama-sama grace. supposed to be spaghetti. looks like tomyam hor. i enjoy cooking. only when it doesn't involve mom. 
aah i miss home already. went to pyramid untuk Hunger Games. shall post more about that movie someday. 

somebaaady's gonna get a surprise! teehee. 

oooh. yummy food after a week of shit. when eating italian cuisine, no matter what, order something with tomatoes. it's wayy healthier than the creamy sauce which just clogs up your arteries. i used to think that the red red stuff looks very unhealthy so i would order the carbonara instead. actually there's some good to subscribing to HealthToday every month hahaha. 
and fried mushrooms! started lovin' mushrooms lately. should buy a whole can and fry em' up one day.
it's also chaoling's birthday! first time so crazy camwhore in room with the too big piece of paper creating weird angles lol. happy birthday my dear friend. who always morning called me whenever i overslept, updated me on the homework, cheered me up when i emo, always there de friend. haih what i'd do without you. so this year we shall grant you your wish. no celebrations at all! only facebook photo posts with wishes.  last year's cream & flour combo is still fresh in my mind. no good no good. must appreciate the efforts i put in stopping them from planning another terror attack on you ah~ hehe...happy 21st yo!!

this is not smirking. the perfect embouchure, if you ask me :D prone to bouts of buzzing whenever i'm alone. 

keke abrupt end to yet another useless post. been a crazy week so far. so many things happening. too fast for me to document them. so many thoughts. too much for me to sort them out. so many emotions. should just stuff them in the bin. the calendar is full of deadlines, due dates, events, rehearsals, birthdays, and finals. HOHO. april i love yah. so sorry to dear friends whom i've mengabaikan lately :(( will pick up my social life's tattered bits and pieces when this is all over. "mom? dad? friends?" HAHAHAHAH

how leh. on a permanent high now. might have head damage after the crash on volleyball court yesterday. owch. but its kinda worth it. for my mood now. hahaha. spending my first friday night at inti this semester. stayed back for rehearsals with Celist then went to seremban to support Ian's opening night! he's one of the leads for his church's Easter musical. very professional production indeed. sandra was more interested in the other lead though. hahahaha. huge thanks to lynne for sending us back!

alright. now back to assignments.

wish me luck on public transport tomorrow! *please please please lemme get the new ktm*

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