Apr 24, 2012

and the deed is done.

sudden fascination with wax seals. didn't know that there could be such lovely designs. any idea how to get one in Malaysia? for me, they are associated with everything in fairytales, royal decrees, phantom of the opera stuff...... now in the midst of planning publicity designs for the Golden Lecturer Awards. but kept getting sidetracked by hogwarts themed parties. or wedding invitations and stuff. too bad no harry potter fan is getting married anytime soon. 

look look look!

so pretty, don't you think?
fatigued with things. is it spring? or post-spring? love is in the air? broken robin eggs? one thing or other, throwing a whole bunch of young men and women together for any extended periods of time will inevitably spark something. some.. thing. add to it the fact that some of these young men and women are daamn hot. hahaha. i remember a textbook stating that one of the purposes of university is for youths to find romantic partners. again, when most of us have no idea what we want with our lives, that's when problems come, i guess. so many different things going on, my multi-tasking skills are tested to the limit. 

on the other hand, becoming an ICF commmittee, committing more to the worship team, also GLA and INTI Open, joining marathons, preparing for my second last semester here which is stuffed with stressful subjects, getting ready for internship, band, and upgrading myself on the general... ... and at the same time, having fun to the max. already a full plate for me. always admired those who can still work on the side. hoho. knowing what you want really makes a difference. i'm not going to any buffets. thank you very much. 

teehee. coursework for the semester is finally submitted. *clinks glasses with limp arms* and now for finals. 

 viel gluck! 

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