Apr 30, 2012

oh yeah.


heheh got the desktop background from this swedish photographer called carl kleiner. nowadays, the norm for photographers is: take imba pics of striking scenery with wide angle lens! So much that its still beautiful, but common liao. His style is very 2D. and he really (this sounds so clichéd lol) finds beauty in the weirdest places. with the most interesting color and ratio. and sometimes with funny little details that he noticed. really good storytelling through images! best of all, its the type of beauty normal people can understand~


the detail on the cockatoo's neck reminds me of some sort of fashion item one easily sees on the runway :D

ketchup, burger patty, creamy mustard, yummeh.

 floating macarons. like helium balloons!

 my favorite. those wires! it also reminds me of those mathematical or architectural sketches. so delicate and layered and spider-webby! *runs out of vocabulary*

emotional papers. (his exact words in the website lol)

this! the thing we hung out on tioman! any idea what it is called? got crabs and teeny fishies living under it. 

and a few more of his works:

Happy Labour Day!

Apr 29, 2012

mouldy acorns make no meal.

oh mai oh mai. this is the 304th post on this blog. its harry here by the way. wahahah. seems like joyseet is going through a serious ultra-geek transformation so i shall keep this monster of a blog entertained while she is away. but her finals are going to end in exactly 10 hours. bear with the ramblings of hedgehog for a while more, okay? 

anyway. i haf just realized that graceet koh haz a blog. and its the weirdest thing ever. at least. i like weird things. weird things make me laugh. and this blog is kinda hilarious. in its own way. hahaha. maybe its just my personal preference, since graceet koh is related to joyseet and i do have a fondness for her weirdness too. do drop by her blog. and read her weekly updates. 

what's more, you can find very top secret and ugly pictures of joyseet there! what other incentive do you need? 

and the failed techy hedgehog shows off his prowess as a failed IT extraordinaire by creating a gif of graceet's creations. they're actually pretty cute. and made me salivate. its not often techhogs salivate! huhu. its high time i change my diet. imported mouldy acorns and native coconuts in this tropical country is junking up my innards. i need indomie! and layer cake! 

alright. the techhog is tired. excuse me while i go read more books. book updates and reviews by the bookhog will come soon. haf some patience and hibernate some. I VIL BE BEK.

Apr 27, 2012





Apr 26, 2012

just a thought.

i am very creeped out by the fact that ants are trying to get into my water jug. but totally ignore biscuits which i forgot to seal. am i actually eating plastic biscuits? or there is something wrong with the water? finals period is the WORST time ever to wage war with these buggers. you just can't win. I think they're already immune to baby powder. now all they do is walk around then park themselves as close to the jug as possible. sometimes i even find a bunch of them huddled around the jug rim. they don't even run! creepy. 

its a wrap!

the week is almost over. and i have completed 33.33333% of finals. 8am's paper was alright! crammed to the point of burnout. and close to giving up. might as well say already gave up. thank God that i can smile after that paper. faith in humanity is restored. oh wells. coursework marks for another subject came out. i'm highly displeased. and close to getting pissed off. might as well say already emo. this is very first world problem of me, but how would you feel if you close to rewrote the entire group assignment but was graded lower than groupmates whom you knew did so much lesser? haih. don't tell me everyone thinks they did the most. if you were the one reading their measly poorly written work which they sent to you a few hours before the project submission deadline you would spit your lungs out too. you guys are final year students and you give me that level of work? i don't mind that i rewrote the paper. i just don't want the lecturer to think badly of me. i'm kiasu like that. i want to get the recognition i deserve. if not, at least don't insult me like that. sigh. whatevs. the paper is later. have to get back to studying soon enough. it's true that i blog more under pressure. hahah procrastination level 1000. 
fat juicy pieces of sushi to kickstart the week. tenkew floee. 
take note: no like green roe. 
unabashedly addicted to starbucks. WHUT HAF I BECUM. yet another victim to the ever-expanding evil organization that sought to control the masses by producing weird beverages that actually do not resemble coffee (let's face it. ice-blended? seriously?). 

keke. just came back from an extremely early 'breakfast' with liz and ck. 5am indomie and teh tarik. my days are numbered. all the best on your 8am papers guys. meanwhile i shall struggle with my 5pm subject. whose clever idea is it to implement 5-7pm papers anyway. imagine going in the exam hall while it is still sunny. then when you leave the exam hall it is already dark. so easy to lose hope. hahahaha. kthanksbai. can't wait for the other 33.3% to be over. this finals thing is bugging me. 

by the way, this is one of the best ideas i have ever seen. HAHAHAHA. what better way to cover up a wound than with a piece of meat? 


fishing for turtles.

the above picture isn't related to what i want to say here at all. hahaha. just wanna put something to break up the wall of text that is to come. do i look smug in this pic? there's a pretty lame story behind it. hehe. ask me if you're interested.

keke. *deletes wall of text*

i just wanna say how disappointed i am by the general state of disarray relationships around me were. so messed up. whatever happened to innocence? haha that sounds like avril's lyrics. i don't want to be reminded of how complicated things have gotten. of maybe one wonderful couple i know, there are about five more that weird me out. there is something i want to say. if you are unclear about what you want, then please don't go ahead and do it. nike isn't right all the time. when a guy isn't even sure what kind of girl he wants, and just starts the chase and then now wants out because "oh she turned out not to be the kind i want". do you even know what you want in the first place?? can you imagine the hurt of the girl who gave you her heart because she thought you were serious? haih i know that question just now wouldn't have any impact. this isn't only limited to guys though. some girls can be really flattered by the attention and hurt the guy. so this is what happens. is that how relationships are supposed to go? 

love, that comes attached with conditions, is possessive, is clingy, is used to fill a void in life. that isn't love at all. my textbook calls that pseudo-love. (hahah see?! me study!) true love is unconditional, with complete trust and open communication. you can survive and function well enough without the other person. not "i will die without you". there're so many myths and misunderstandings but nowadays most seem to wrap it up with a red ribbon and label it love. love requires a lot. and what i'm seeing nowadays?  far from it. if you're not ready to commit yourself, if you're going into a relationship with the intention of "try and see what happens", if you're entering a relationship with the attitude of "get to know him/her better", if you begin a relationship to "gain experience", please don't

a relationship happens with the intention of ending it with a happy ending, people. if your original attitude of a relationship is to "we can always end it if things go wrong", isn't that like "we can always kill the kid if he doesn't grow up the way i want?". hehe. i know i might sound naive here, but have the faith people, there are happy endings. it just depends on the way you wait and work it out :) 

my point is, (this might be a very extreme point for you to digest hehe) but it's: 
fall in love with the person that you want to marry. 


that's not a joke. 

with a good start, with a good intention, with a good attitude to see this relationship to the end. and not "oh shit i don't want to continue this shit with this guy. i didn't even know he was like this. EWW." if you started a relationship with the intention of marriage, that would mean that you would've filtered the person carefully before saying yes. right? and not "we shall see" =.= 

too often, problems in relationships occur because the participants DO NOT FREAKING KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. i repeat. if you don't know what you want, please don't go and start collecting your jar of hearts. haha it rhymes!

hehe. this is a topic that has been bothering me for awhile. and recently quite a lot of stuff happened which forced me to take a stand and clarify my thoughts on the matter. can go on for hours on this subject if no one is around to stop me. am tired to rant more. shall stop here. let me know if you wanna discuss and debate this hehehe. there're no absolute values on this matter, but my point is, more often than not, knowing what you want first before doing anything will prevent a lot of heartache. not only for the persons involved but also friends and family. 

i love you guys, be smart. 

Apr 25, 2012


对星巴克的最新策略有点懊恼。写名字会让顾客被重视?把personalize这个名词带到更高的境界?哈哈每次那个barista问:“may i have your name?" 时就有点怪异。不错啦,开始有buyonefreeone大家的日子都好过一些。呵呵呵。啊等下final第一张paper了。到底自己在读什么都不是很清楚。common sense 啊 common sense。 开始对读书失去热诚。什么masters梦回家耕田吧!我要读书去了。掰掰。

p.s: 这个周末是Bersih II! 好sad不能出席。
p.p.s: 我想家了。
p.p.p.s: 掰掰~

Apr 24, 2012

and the deed is done.

sudden fascination with wax seals. didn't know that there could be such lovely designs. any idea how to get one in Malaysia? for me, they are associated with everything in fairytales, royal decrees, phantom of the opera stuff...... now in the midst of planning publicity designs for the Golden Lecturer Awards. but kept getting sidetracked by hogwarts themed parties. or wedding invitations and stuff. too bad no harry potter fan is getting married anytime soon. 

look look look!

so pretty, don't you think?
fatigued with things. is it spring? or post-spring? love is in the air? broken robin eggs? one thing or other, throwing a whole bunch of young men and women together for any extended periods of time will inevitably spark something. some.. thing. add to it the fact that some of these young men and women are daamn hot. hahaha. i remember a textbook stating that one of the purposes of university is for youths to find romantic partners. again, when most of us have no idea what we want with our lives, that's when problems come, i guess. so many different things going on, my multi-tasking skills are tested to the limit. 

on the other hand, becoming an ICF commmittee, committing more to the worship team, also GLA and INTI Open, joining marathons, preparing for my second last semester here which is stuffed with stressful subjects, getting ready for internship, band, and upgrading myself on the general... ... and at the same time, having fun to the max. already a full plate for me. always admired those who can still work on the side. hoho. knowing what you want really makes a difference. i'm not going to any buffets. thank you very much. 

teehee. coursework for the semester is finally submitted. *clinks glasses with limp arms* and now for finals. 

 viel gluck! 

Apr 23, 2012

spring is here. santa turned up to say gong hei fatt choy!

ah. so many things happened lately. not in the mood to write them all down. emotions still relatively unstable, so can't trust my words at the moment. heheh. in order to keep the dust bunnies away, i have decided to blog about an event instead! quite a backlog of events i have had for sometime. this iz sed. time is no enough  so its inti idol 2012 for the time being:

this is rehearsal day. when celist asked me to play bass for her band, i have only properly practiced with her once. and that wasn't even full band. the second time i have met up with them is during rehearsal edi. exciting ah!
my artistic attempts of enthel and edmund. 
notice all the newspaper on the floor? result of my broken new bottle :(
was all tired out after assignments, meetings and such. waited few hours for a rushed 2 minutes of practice. all due to. lovely contestants please choose your songs before coming to the rehearsal. we don't need to witness your gloriously lame practice. no one wants to know how unprepared you were. eeeh. kinda worried after the rehearsal. which basically sucked. without the drummer. not full band also. @@ 

hakuna matata eh! 

the next day:
with enthel~ she said our outfits kinda matched. not bad lah, considering i spilled ketchup on her shirt loll
peeking at the audience. heheh.

[most of the time i felt like someone plonked me in the middle of some High School Musical set. drama types all together singing at the top of their lungs, dancing, jamming away, etc. seriously. once in a lifetime experience. try it.]
the contestants with their candles "yum-seng"-ing. 

last chillout before going onstage. 
karmen, me, jiunn harng & enthels. 
in the words of enthel: CF-ians! hehe with drummer rena.
showtime. LOL. i haven't viewed the video of our performance though. something wrong with my flash player. personally i think we did well. keke. tapi technical problems with the amp all i'm not quite sure. feedbacks so diverse and suspicious. HAHAHA. it's okay. i still prefer to believe in the positive side of things.  
this is the COOLEST thing. hahaha. those committees actually created this statue. it looked very solid. heard that they spent hours blowdrying the papier mache. *SALUTE*
bandmates! lol.

keke i won't go into details such as who won and all that. too tired to blog more.  
but here's the guest singer! juwita suwito next to me, she's a famous malaysian singer. and she sings really well lohhh. don't know why so many people are like "huhh who's that. ". get to know her! malaysia boleh! 

*abrupt ending WAHAHAH*

Apr 15, 2012


sho kewt. plus pugs are my all time favorite dogs. heehee.  

i don't know what is going on. what should i do? i don't like playing games. daaangg. ignorance is bliss. better don't think too much. hahaha. i prefer things just the way they are, tenjewberrymuds. bridge straight!!!


ngehehe. making good progress so far. time to stop and blog a bit. by the way, if you're free, do go over here and read a bit or click on the ads. she wud appreciate it very much. hehe. kinda freaking out week. working very hard and playing very hard. my perfectionist self is challenged. i'm disappointed in myself. 

siau li's blog says: 
"1. 一切积极出动!在还没有努力之前没有资格说放弃!
2. 一切尽力用心!在没有认真之前不准说不可能办到!
3. 一切不埋怨!在别人眼里,做十次功抵不了一次的怨言!"

very good advice. been trying to follow it. but it feels very shitty when you realize everything is too late and you have to pass up shitty pieces of work which you know is not up to standard. inner critic is working overtime. and every shitty bullet hit its mark. no choice but to shut up. those shitty bullets are truly well-aimed. anyway. made a very last minute decision to stay back this weekend. i miss home so bad. but deadlines are deadlines are deadlines. and that's my only choice :( 

blogging sikit before finishing up that piece of paper: 
spot me~! very 'si man' bassist wahahaha. performed "Stronger" for Celist in IDOL 2012. was quite a challenge. cause i'm not used to using the index finger to play. anyway, great experience. sandra got called onstage as VIP for her birthday present! lol.
april 11th adalah public holiday! spent mine in a very fruitful way. woke up 8am for volleyball. dang. you won't see me up that early for classes. some of the others didn't sleep the whole night .. they went for Battleship then hiked up Broga Hill. you guys are crazy. anyway, it was supposed to be a very stressful week. but i still see people up early going for a trip to A'Famosa. Intians ftw! haha went for dimsum after the volleyball game, and ah heng had to squeeze in the boot. poor guy. 

was supposed to do assignment with chiu ling after dimsum breakfast. but totally forgot about her birthday surprise. so here's me and liz, headed to the curve to pick up chiu ling's macaroons :) 
very pekcek driver. public holiday traffic iz no joke. 
got starbucks as a lil' something out of the trip. 
 liz also didn't sleep the whole night. spent the night at kl for some friend's 21st, and also cleaning up the party. HAHAHA. successfully got the macarons but no pictures of it :( IKEA was daaamn crowded. initially planned to study at starbucks but had to rush back due to the friendly match at klang later. badd stuff happened here. shall not say more. but anyway, me liz and suzanne were all emo over assignments and tests and didn't want to go klang with them. but 3 of us didn't communicate about this until we were on the way. so that's it. had kinda fun at kwang hwa but a very mempersiasuikan game cause we were kinda out of form. i'm still ok with it cause i've always sucked at volleyball in the first place. but for the others it's more of a very pekcek thing. pride on the line and all that. but those high school girls also not bad lar. then went for seafood dinner at boston's! good food to halau the emo-ness!
so funny cause the Indian bus driver ate with us. everyone was slurping up the yummy soup. so i saw him quietly tried a spoonful. after that he kept drinking his tea. lol. don't think he enjoyed the spicy ginger taste very much. cultural differences eh. 
volleyball club annual dinner wooh! welcoming liao sao (second from the left) :D

rushed back. time for assignments. 
 the project: creating a website. which we mass comm students are totally hopeless at. coding? html? whatt? 
so chiuling called up all the IT guys she knew to help us out. most of them were busy and can't help much. but bryant bought a whole bunch of his IT mates along. the sight of 4 of them staring at her screen and discussing the coding in earnest is damn funny. hahahaha. they also can't fathom why we did things a certain way. haih. mass comm ma. what'd you expect. anyway. managed to complete the website by 8 in the morning. phew. and straight went for presentation. magically lost my voice during the presentation. ergh. at least that's one thing done. 
lunchtime! attended a talk by essence communications HR director. PR seems like fun. was already thursday. slept for 2 hours, and had a meeting after that. any ideas for lecturer-loving?  

Friday. woke up. presentation. assignment. project. emo. goes to bubba gump for sandra's gigablastic birthday celebration! chose that place for the shrimps and their birthday treatments. 
"shake your booty, shake shake your booty! ahahahah" 
the rm3.90 birthday thing. i think its ice cream.  
force-feeding the cat. a messy affair. 
i find wandering alone to find remote study places quite therapeutic :B
disapproving cat desktop backgrounds also make for good progress on projects. 
"you could've done better."

and bad news for my wallet:
 advice taken.

hahaha. that's it folks. hope that blows the dust away from this blog for awhile. wish me luckk. and a thicker skin. bye :)