Mar 11, 2012


how to find out whether you're well again: 
getting hungry all the time. as always. 

hahaha. just had a very filling dinner just moments ago. now im starving again. ergh. i thought i lost some precious weight during my week-long sickness. now i think those fats will come back soon enough. 

first normal meal of the week:
looks like hospital food, does it not? hahaha. "scrambled eggs and toast" from Manga & Anime Club's cosplay cafe! quite a cute affair, i must say. got a few more manga-ish people, but this girl in kimono was the only one i dared to approach. good job guys, just kinda bad food. hahahahhahahahahahhaha. 

special cranberry pineapple tart given to me by janice after she found out that i liked pineapple tarts. heheh. who knew that a square of flour can make me so happy? for the record she didn't exactly find out, its more like i announced it to the world :P thanks jan :')

although many say Old Town was overrated etc, but i still love its kai si hor fun and domo toast. always good for a meal :D oh shit having hunger pangs now. I really am  better! woooh. you don't know how lovely it is to be feeling hungry. hahaha sadist much?
long time no do banana card. this one is for gemma. so that she can look at it everyday in nanjing. bleh. 
thank God for the invention of koko krunch!
ooh btw. so happy that sing han donated blood for the first time! heheh the story goes like this: i was sick and unable to donate blood. for your information people who are sick for a week before or consumed aspirin within a week are not allowed to donate blood actually. since i consumed aspirin by the cart load and was coughing my head off with a pounding headache on the way to become a thumping headache, i was in no shape to do so. anyway whoever got my blood in that condition would probably just die on the spot. so i was kinda sad that i didn't get to participate in this cycle's blood donation drive, and sing han was sitting there, the very picture of health and fresh blood. and he told me that he had a phobia of needles and blood. =.=

lol so here goes. my wonderful persuasive skills. I AM SERIOUSLY PROUD OF YOU MY FRIEND. teehee. 

have a lovely week ahead guys! gonna wear my cheap monday tee tomorrow wahahahhaahha


  1. "good job guys, just kinda bad food. hahahahhahahahahahhaha."

    I like this, so 'devilish'. Really sounds like you hahahahahahahahaha

  2. lol.. tenkew danni!
    apa devilish? :P