Mar 4, 2012

sandpapery throat.

Once again my theory of "procrastinating when i need time the most" is proven. Under deadline for 3 assignments,3 projects, rehearsals, video shootings, decisions to be made... ... Yet here i am, spending time with my deathbed ghost of a blog. send me wreaths! i like the yellow and white ones. The new header looks kind of cool, does it not? that's cause there's nothing warm left in my heart. for the moment.

There's a sort of state that i hate the most. i think the word to describe it is complacency. So... stagnant. flabby. pale. useless. cobwebby. procrastinaty. lol.

exactly what i am.

Assignment 2: conducting a motivational talk, motivational style. for 15 minutes. There's one thing motivational speakers have that i don't-- enthusiasm. They truly believe in their message and want others to start taking action and change their lives for the better or whatever it is. They bound around the stage with energy and... and... while i uh...... um... ah...  ..

[inserts excuses: i have a hell of a sore throat right now which seems on the verge of a full-blown flu and that is probably why i don't feel like talking at all, let alone motivate and inspire others with appropriate intonation and body language.]

see? what an excuse whore i am.

*deletes post, gets back to speech*

have a lovely monday, folks :)

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  1. will be having exam! hope this week will be awesome! :D