Mar 20, 2012

me. effulgent. hahaha.

mouldy-looking snare drum cheesecake grace made for sukkie's birthday. despite the mouldiness, it actually tasted very very CHEESE. cheese heaven in a bite. hahaha. and it wasn't mould. icing sugar or something. aah i miss home. so much lovely food at your fingertips. had a busy weekend. went to the hot air balloon festival in putrajaya, attended ensemble concert at hh, went to pyramid to buy hing's wedding present. should've spent more time rolling at home. :x

hehe here's my subway sandwich with egg topping and extra cheese. actually fried the egg myself. but i wonder whether subway offers extra egg on the sandwich. shall try to order next time. been a long while since i actually did something at the kitchen. must learn more cooking...

hmm. i think. females. are scary creatures. there's that saying... not sure whether i got it right but it goes something like "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". man.. whoever said these idioms really got it right. love gone wrong can really push a girl over the edge. i know the debate of whether the girl overreacted or the boy being a jerk will go on forever. but it's ..... disillusioning... when you see couples that take love in such a petty manner. guys, if you really love the girl, don't do things that you know will hurt her. girls, give your boy a little trust, but never 100%. hahaha. not sure where this ramble is heading. sometimes, problems in relationships happen because the beginning in itself was already rocky. i'm not saying things cant be smoothened over but these things take hard work. if you're not ready to give your best, then don't give it at all. just by doing so you're causing more hurt and hatred in the world, and it's already emo enough with the things going on around us.

do take care :)

i'm kinda happy lately. hahaha. having an appetite like a horse after my bout of sickness. stomach rumbling every 4 hours ... enjoying food like never before. still a little cough, but hey, i'll take that. just when things seem to be going really well, i realized that i'm screwed. big time.

procrastinating seriously brings a lot of shit in our lives. for the first time in my studies, i have faced such a feeling of shit. hahaha. something that i'm entirely unfamiliar with. damn does pride comes before a fall. needa to adjust my arrogance liao la. i'm sorry. seriously so.

alright back to slogging. may i survive this war, with the mortality rate kept to a minimum.

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