Mar 8, 2012

the lungs are out!

the other side of america. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

time for another completely self-absorbed post wallowing in self-pity? no way!

spent 4 days of the week coughing with a pounding headache and cemented nose in varying degrees of torture. it's a miracle i survived. lol seriously i was wondering the whole night whether i would survive to see the morning. health i appreciate you. i really am grateful for you. please come back to me. For the past few weeks when i was in the best form of health, i was unable to attend classes. now? i attend classes punctually when i am sick. because i was unable to sleep any longer. can't fall asleep with stuck nose, awakened by own coughing. Although i know these are minor minor stuff compared to many other more serious sicknesses, but yes this is a self-absorbed self-pitying post in a bid to get sympathy from you guys. so there.
got the gist of this post? ME SICK.

anyway, being sick doesn't mean you can't celebrate your dear friend's birthday, right?
went out for nico's megablastic birthday dinner last night. originally planned on ben's klcc cause i have had cravings for the blue cheese dip since forever. or maybe F concept in bangsar. but plans scrapped due to typical heavy rain resulting in flood, traffic jam, etc. a tree fell down. and managed to take out a bus, a 4 wheel drive and a sedan in the glory of its death. the bus cracked. that's kl for you :( the last call for ben's was 9:45. we were still stuck in the jam at 9:30! :(( so finally decided on Modesto's for dinner! nice ambience and all, but that place has weird taste in music videos: LMFAO, alvin and the chipmunks hahaha

 didn't eat anything for the whole day, yet not really hungry with the sore throat & co. being sick really does screw you up. whoever heard of joyce koh yin shi refusing food???? yesterday was the day :(  finally decided on antipasti. lol. basically rocket salad with raw salmon slices and baguette. les ordered the beef version. and both of us felt like sheep -.- food that no one else wanted to try. aih. 
almost group picture :D
gadis-gadis sekalian. 
"i don't wanna take out the candle with my mouth! no! you evil people! evil people!"
did you know the best way to enjoy tiramisu is actually through your nose? hehehe

went over to starbucks pavilion for moar food. whoah didn't know that place was so happening at that hour. where the rich kids are, it seems. happy birthday to you, nico. glad to have you as a friend and do enjoy the big 2-0! "the age of responsibility" oyea! continue to sing no matter what others say. they don't love taeyang, we do! :D 

on the way back, i noticed that a car was speeding reaaally fast and coming veryyy close to us, and it seemed kinda out of control. it was raining, the road was slippery, and a junction was coming up. it was a bit too late for the car to get to that junction. just a few seconds after i noticed the car, i heard the sound of the car slamming into the road divider of the junction, sideways. aagh i'm very bad at explaining stuff like these. the crash was really loud, and i don't think the driver could've survived the impact at that speed. it was my first time witnessing an accident. the divider rammed really deep in the car. anyway we were driving kinda fast that time so everything passed by in a blur and i couldn't see anymore. we were ahead of the car in the first place too. aih. dear friends, do drive safe. please do. 

i will too. 

p.s: modesto's? don't think i'll try that place again. 

alright. back to coughing my lungs out. better prepare new bedsheets. the amount of blood i'm coughing up is no joke. 

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