Mar 25, 2012

up to the neck.

you know there's that website... 1000 awesome things in life. or something like that. where everyone can contribute what they think are totally awesome, usually its not the luxe suite at the Ritz, just simple stuff, such as "the other side of a cushion when you flip it over", "getting in the elevator just before the doors slide shut #likeaboss", or "curled up safely in bed while a thunderstorm rages outside"... you get my drift? haha. anyway.. although there are some major disagreements i would have with our government, there's still one thing that i feel extremely grateful for at this moment. heheh. (with a thunderstorm raging outside, no less!) remember those rm200 book vouchers? just finished another book i got from the book shopping spree i had with the vouchers :D yew chose this:
always a happy thing when you discover a new and exciting series. not a very good book shopper since i almost always buy after reading reviews or depending on authors i know. hehe. the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld, go and try it! the setting was actually in World War I, but with a whole lot of interesting elements thrown in. how's merging animals with machines sound to you? since i've studied WWI in my history lessons and enjoyed it, the book feels familiar yet alien at the same time. so many fantastical characters and settings! well, i think you'd enjoy it if you're a science fiction fan. or fantasy books. Grace couldn't stand it. aih don't only limit oneself to chick lit bah..

anyway, the Hunger Games movie is finally out. might be catching it this Saturday. really enjoyed those books.. endless thanks to ethel for buying the series for me as my birthday present! :') over my years of reading, many friends knew of my habit, but they would always comment "eh you read so much, can recommend books to me ah?". sometimes i do try to help them out the best i can, but then again, some just meant it as a passing remark. coming from an independent Chinese high school with a reputation for bad english, it just irks me sometimes when people write off uec students as "english illiterates". Many aunties and uncles exclaim "aiyo uec ah, bad english one lah! tsk tsk tsk". what irks me even more is when my fellow uec-ians don't seem to want to improve and do away with that horrible reputation once and for all. I'm pretty fond of my high school English teachers. they really did a great job, it's the student's problem 99.9% of the time. anyway, i've taken spm, and the standard of English in SPM is like UPSR when compared to UEC's english paper. blehh.

"how to improve your English leh?"
(anyway if you ask me this question this is my reply)

get something you would enjoy. be it chick lit, newspapers, magazines, fiction, self-help, anything at all. as long as you can read it, stick with it, and enjoy it. nothing is instantaneous, so don't expect instant results. I myself took years of screaming mom to read my Peter and Jane. until the stage i started being able to understand it myself.

(really have to thank mom for this) she also brought me to the library about once every two weeks and i can choose whatever books i want. we used to borrow 24 books at one go, and i would finish all of them before the week is up. hehehe. that's also when my teachers would start complaining that i always read in class and not pay attention :(

it took trial and error to find the kind of books i liked, but since the choices are endless, i more or less got the hang of it. Anyway, if you think books are really expensive and you can't afford for "trial and error" books on rm35 each, ask me. or anyone else which you can borrow awesome books from. anyway, shah alam has this spanking new library. and borrowing is FREEEE! when there's a will, there's a way :D

anyhow, i think reading accounted for 90% of my English. I still can't speak very well. no accents and all that, but read on. lol

If you seriously hate reading, then

haha.. i don't really recommend it myself, but i've seen this method work quite well too. watching movies or shows, and try to get how the actors speak, helps quite a lot. try not to read the subtitling too much.

however, watching doesn't have the same disciplining effect on correct usage of grammar, vocabulary, and all that. watching is like a more instantaneous method of learning English, but it doesn't have the same basic foundation that reading gives you. I've noticed that people who learnt their English from watching television actually do speak very well, but when it comes to writing, there's something lacking.

no doubt about it, speaking can be more important than writing since people do judge books by their covers and you can be assured of being mistaken for a retard if you can't speak English properly. sorry i have go all cynical, but that's how things go.

i didn't have an ideal English speaking environment in my high school days, but i did find a few dear friends who came from English-speaking backgrounds. Try to find friends that would help you. more ideally, find bananas. that way, you can cut the inferior feeling since the friend can't speak chinese anyway. HAHAHA. chainis always have that feeling that they're being looked down on etc. isn't that kind of thinking quite unfair to your friends? :)

don't be afraid, take deep breaths, maybe translate the sentence from chinese in your head, then speak~ practice makes perfect, after all.


HAHAHA. no other methods liao. no easy way about it, just read. you can try plonking yourself in some English speaking country for a crash course in English Improvement 101. anyhow, (how did this post turn into an English improvement advice?) i'm not saying i'm barking good in english or what, you can ignore my post if you think its no help or i'm a simply too full of myself hahaha. it's just that.. this question has been posed to me so many times, i hope that this might be of help to you. and the above is what answer i would give. for me, there's no other way about it. anyway, my grammar isn't that good.

don't be afraid to try new things! was so heartening to find out that there are still people who enjoy reading in the bus or something. hahahaha. try that, its miles better than staring out the window.

"heng's wedding-24th March 2012"

let's see. 1 down, 7 more to go. i've also managed to get around to clean the fan, sweep and mop the floor... productive, eh? here's to a lovely week ahead!

Mar 22, 2012

my exact sentiments.

unforgivable mistakes. lame mistakes. shouldn't-have-but-done mistakes. i-expected-better-of-you mistakes. stupid mistakes. it's time you take responsibility, joyce koh yin shi. aight. back to work. time to do or die!

Mar 20, 2012

me. effulgent. hahaha.

mouldy-looking snare drum cheesecake grace made for sukkie's birthday. despite the mouldiness, it actually tasted very very CHEESE. cheese heaven in a bite. hahaha. and it wasn't mould. icing sugar or something. aah i miss home. so much lovely food at your fingertips. had a busy weekend. went to the hot air balloon festival in putrajaya, attended ensemble concert at hh, went to pyramid to buy hing's wedding present. should've spent more time rolling at home. :x

hehe here's my subway sandwich with egg topping and extra cheese. actually fried the egg myself. but i wonder whether subway offers extra egg on the sandwich. shall try to order next time. been a long while since i actually did something at the kitchen. must learn more cooking...

hmm. i think. females. are scary creatures. there's that saying... not sure whether i got it right but it goes something like "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". man.. whoever said these idioms really got it right. love gone wrong can really push a girl over the edge. i know the debate of whether the girl overreacted or the boy being a jerk will go on forever. but it's ..... disillusioning... when you see couples that take love in such a petty manner. guys, if you really love the girl, don't do things that you know will hurt her. girls, give your boy a little trust, but never 100%. hahaha. not sure where this ramble is heading. sometimes, problems in relationships happen because the beginning in itself was already rocky. i'm not saying things cant be smoothened over but these things take hard work. if you're not ready to give your best, then don't give it at all. just by doing so you're causing more hurt and hatred in the world, and it's already emo enough with the things going on around us.

do take care :)

i'm kinda happy lately. hahaha. having an appetite like a horse after my bout of sickness. stomach rumbling every 4 hours ... enjoying food like never before. still a little cough, but hey, i'll take that. just when things seem to be going really well, i realized that i'm screwed. big time.

procrastinating seriously brings a lot of shit in our lives. for the first time in my studies, i have faced such a feeling of shit. hahaha. something that i'm entirely unfamiliar with. damn does pride comes before a fall. needa to adjust my arrogance liao la. i'm sorry. seriously so.

alright back to slogging. may i survive this war, with the mortality rate kept to a minimum.

Mar 15, 2012

Mar 11, 2012


how to find out whether you're well again: 
getting hungry all the time. as always. 

hahaha. just had a very filling dinner just moments ago. now im starving again. ergh. i thought i lost some precious weight during my week-long sickness. now i think those fats will come back soon enough. 

first normal meal of the week:
looks like hospital food, does it not? hahaha. "scrambled eggs and toast" from Manga & Anime Club's cosplay cafe! quite a cute affair, i must say. got a few more manga-ish people, but this girl in kimono was the only one i dared to approach. good job guys, just kinda bad food. hahahahhahahahahahhaha. 

special cranberry pineapple tart given to me by janice after she found out that i liked pineapple tarts. heheh. who knew that a square of flour can make me so happy? for the record she didn't exactly find out, its more like i announced it to the world :P thanks jan :')

although many say Old Town was overrated etc, but i still love its kai si hor fun and domo toast. always good for a meal :D oh shit having hunger pangs now. I really am  better! woooh. you don't know how lovely it is to be feeling hungry. hahaha sadist much?
long time no do banana card. this one is for gemma. so that she can look at it everyday in nanjing. bleh. 
thank God for the invention of koko krunch!
ooh btw. so happy that sing han donated blood for the first time! heheh the story goes like this: i was sick and unable to donate blood. for your information people who are sick for a week before or consumed aspirin within a week are not allowed to donate blood actually. since i consumed aspirin by the cart load and was coughing my head off with a pounding headache on the way to become a thumping headache, i was in no shape to do so. anyway whoever got my blood in that condition would probably just die on the spot. so i was kinda sad that i didn't get to participate in this cycle's blood donation drive, and sing han was sitting there, the very picture of health and fresh blood. and he told me that he had a phobia of needles and blood. =.=

lol so here goes. my wonderful persuasive skills. I AM SERIOUSLY PROUD OF YOU MY FRIEND. teehee. 

have a lovely week ahead guys! gonna wear my cheap monday tee tomorrow wahahahhaahha

bombs away.

wah! i think. this is my very first wedding invitation. one of the milestones towards becoming an adult. giving ang paus and all that. didn't think that these would come so fast though. also. having to reveal my age naturally when meeting new people has become an ordeal. today's rehearsal had 3 guest horn players. and when i found out that one girl was actually only 17 years old, when i thought she was.... 20. then she asked my age. T.T took some swallowing before i could say it. eesh. ok back to my wedding invite. so, mr hing iz getting married! with a pretty wife, no less. still thinking of what wedding gift to get them. must be a good one. 

ah. the worries of adulthood. HAHAHAH. 



今天是星期天。是出concert前的最后一次彩排。所以只好出席咯。开始时确实有些的心不甘情不愿。想假假不要去。可是又有人载了,不好意思say no.之前听到终于要组校友团时还觉得有些恶心。因为这样还被伟衡骂 =.=
什么balancing,intonation, tonging, syncopation, articulation,phrasing,key signature,什么F# 啦,high do啦......遗忘许久的名词们再次出现在脑海中,发现自己的耳朵原来还没坏!
也遇到蛮多friend of friends. 马来西亚的音乐界,果然是不大。听到自己的朋友的名字,听到他们现在的发展,还不错。

我就是喜欢叙旧,吹啊? 哈哈挖了一堆旧照出来。其实还不算很旧。可是你都应该有看过。都怪我买相机买得太迟。或怪我小时候太不能见人,不想拿照片出来献丑。

巡回的其中一站concert彩排前。you raise me up :)

练习到累了就吃的冰 :D 不是冰就是冰淇淋~




Mar 8, 2012

the lungs are out!

the other side of america. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

time for another completely self-absorbed post wallowing in self-pity? no way!

spent 4 days of the week coughing with a pounding headache and cemented nose in varying degrees of torture. it's a miracle i survived. lol seriously i was wondering the whole night whether i would survive to see the morning. health i appreciate you. i really am grateful for you. please come back to me. For the past few weeks when i was in the best form of health, i was unable to attend classes. now? i attend classes punctually when i am sick. because i was unable to sleep any longer. can't fall asleep with stuck nose, awakened by own coughing. Although i know these are minor minor stuff compared to many other more serious sicknesses, but yes this is a self-absorbed self-pitying post in a bid to get sympathy from you guys. so there.
got the gist of this post? ME SICK.

anyway, being sick doesn't mean you can't celebrate your dear friend's birthday, right?
went out for nico's megablastic birthday dinner last night. originally planned on ben's klcc cause i have had cravings for the blue cheese dip since forever. or maybe F concept in bangsar. but plans scrapped due to typical heavy rain resulting in flood, traffic jam, etc. a tree fell down. and managed to take out a bus, a 4 wheel drive and a sedan in the glory of its death. the bus cracked. that's kl for you :( the last call for ben's was 9:45. we were still stuck in the jam at 9:30! :(( so finally decided on Modesto's for dinner! nice ambience and all, but that place has weird taste in music videos: LMFAO, alvin and the chipmunks hahaha

 didn't eat anything for the whole day, yet not really hungry with the sore throat & co. being sick really does screw you up. whoever heard of joyce koh yin shi refusing food???? yesterday was the day :(  finally decided on antipasti. lol. basically rocket salad with raw salmon slices and baguette. les ordered the beef version. and both of us felt like sheep -.- food that no one else wanted to try. aih. 
almost group picture :D
gadis-gadis sekalian. 
"i don't wanna take out the candle with my mouth! no! you evil people! evil people!"
did you know the best way to enjoy tiramisu is actually through your nose? hehehe

went over to starbucks pavilion for moar food. whoah didn't know that place was so happening at that hour. where the rich kids are, it seems. happy birthday to you, nico. glad to have you as a friend and do enjoy the big 2-0! "the age of responsibility" oyea! continue to sing no matter what others say. they don't love taeyang, we do! :D 

on the way back, i noticed that a car was speeding reaaally fast and coming veryyy close to us, and it seemed kinda out of control. it was raining, the road was slippery, and a junction was coming up. it was a bit too late for the car to get to that junction. just a few seconds after i noticed the car, i heard the sound of the car slamming into the road divider of the junction, sideways. aagh i'm very bad at explaining stuff like these. the crash was really loud, and i don't think the driver could've survived the impact at that speed. it was my first time witnessing an accident. the divider rammed really deep in the car. anyway we were driving kinda fast that time so everything passed by in a blur and i couldn't see anymore. we were ahead of the car in the first place too. aih. dear friends, do drive safe. please do. 

i will too. 

p.s: modesto's? don't think i'll try that place again. 

alright. back to coughing my lungs out. better prepare new bedsheets. the amount of blood i'm coughing up is no joke. 

Mar 4, 2012

sandpapery throat.

Once again my theory of "procrastinating when i need time the most" is proven. Under deadline for 3 assignments,3 projects, rehearsals, video shootings, decisions to be made... ... Yet here i am, spending time with my deathbed ghost of a blog. send me wreaths! i like the yellow and white ones. The new header looks kind of cool, does it not? that's cause there's nothing warm left in my heart. for the moment.

There's a sort of state that i hate the most. i think the word to describe it is complacency. So... stagnant. flabby. pale. useless. cobwebby. procrastinaty. lol.

exactly what i am.

Assignment 2: conducting a motivational talk, motivational style. for 15 minutes. There's one thing motivational speakers have that i don't-- enthusiasm. They truly believe in their message and want others to start taking action and change their lives for the better or whatever it is. They bound around the stage with energy and... and... while i uh...... um... ah...  ..

[inserts excuses: i have a hell of a sore throat right now which seems on the verge of a full-blown flu and that is probably why i don't feel like talking at all, let alone motivate and inspire others with appropriate intonation and body language.]

see? what an excuse whore i am.

*deletes post, gets back to speech*

have a lovely monday, folks :)